Jesse Ventura: “I despise these two parties. They’re ruining our country.”

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Former governor Jesse Ventura has been making the rounds on the various talk shows, promoting his new book. On Fox & Friends, the one-time pro-wrestler did not shy away from expressing his views on the Democratic-Republican two-party state. Transcribed from the video below:

Ventura: I’m concerned over these two parties because they don’t have the United States of America first, they have their party first. They vote for their party first and the United States comes second or third . . .

Fox&Friends: Who do you like in national politics today?

Ventura: Is there an independent out there? . . . to me you’re not really an independent unless you run as one . . . I just don’t like the parties . . . don’t get me wrong, it’s not individuals, I despise the two parties, despise them. They’re ruining our country.

At That Crashing Sound, BP finds Ventura’s position in this regard unsurprising, given that the two-party system resembles nothing so much as the choreographed spectacle characteristic of so-called “professional wrestling”:

my theory compares America’s so-called opposing parties to two professional wrestlers. The Democrats & Republicans are just like Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Savage, roaring and blustering and talking trash and throwing each other around the arena, all according to script, taking turns winning according to the script. After the big tussle they go backstage and pat each other on the butt or whatever, then they each take their cut of OUR MONEY and pass the major part on to The Man. We as the audience or as voters are left excited, entertained, and a little more stupid than before.

18 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura: “I despise these two parties. They’re ruining our country.”

  1. NewFederalist

    Too bad Ventura is such a tool. It would be nice to have someone with real credibility say such things.

  2. Michael Cavlan RN

    Jessie Ventura was my Governor.

    In Minnesota we had bumper stickers that said

    My Governor Can Kick Your Governors Ass

    Jessie is da man.

  3. Cody Quirk

    You know, we might not agree with all of his views, but Jesse Ventura ought to speak at an IAP meeting sometime.

  4. More Saint Louis, Huh ??????

    Dearest Cody, and your fascist religiousness: Keeping the formal non secular away from the secular and profain ???? And wouldn’t that be a great thing ????????? It sure beats beating down my personal spirituality by my own tax dollars ……….

    Hmmmmmmmmm Socialist nations like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Britain, and Greece ????? Countries whose flags [tribal banners] center around the crucifixion ?????

    It is one ting dat yous and paulie aint got much kkkollege, but each of you ‘shoot (wildly I might add) from the hip’ having crudely and errantly connecting, and often failing to connect, ‘the dots’ ……. Lake

  5. NewFederalist

    Cody- Having read all of Ventura’s books I think it would be unlikely he would be a welcome speaker at any group that openly mentions religion as any part of their political views. His views on religion seem to be more Marxist than I would imagine the CP or IAP or AIP would like.

  6. Jeffersonian

    Ventura is nothing but a pathetic opportunist. He has stated numerous times that he is in favor of obama care or various forms of government run health care. He went on and on about the virtues of the VA, which as most know, is a source of complete waste. No true libertarian would ever support any form of government run or controlled health care. Ventura is a complete fraud and always has been. His support base now is on the left, so he’s playing up to it, just like he was playing up to the libertarian base 10 years ago when he was swept into office.

  7. More San Diego County, Don Lake

    Jeff Baby: [assuming you are] a true ‘small government’ libertarian, would you like to espouse on the need to privatize failed programs aimed at former military ???????

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home approached California Libs OVER A DECADE ago to generally piss poor results. Some progress was made, primarily in San Diego County, but state wide and nation wide ‘the silence’ on this potentially sympathetic issue has been deafening!

    If you think USDVA is dysfunctional, take a look at the unholy [and LETHAL] alliance of CALVETS ‘rubber stamp’ board and the ‘worst agency in state government’ [CDVA]!

    Let’s talk off site! 619.420.0209 and or ………

  8. paulie Post author

    It is one ting dat yous and paulie aint got much kkkollege

    This is the second time I see you make this statement. What does it mean?

  9. Reply from Duopoly Central ..........

    Lake: it is my understanding that you [paulie] and the Nevada space cadet both flunked out of post secondary/ tertiary campuses. It is my observation that you two [as well as terminal degree holders George ‘Libs as the only 21st Century Peace Party’ Phillies and Donald ‘Aint No Evolution’ Grundmann] are SUPPOSE to have a suit case full of ‘street cred’!

    Well if you two [four ????] do have street smarts, then why do you, almost lock step, take OR MANUFACTURE, a word or a phrase to bounce off of ???????? If you, and what is your FORMAL back ground, do have street smarts, then why do you not recognize that [you in, and me, would not pay my $25 for love or money] we, are very simpatico on many levels ?????

    Do me [and your self] a favor. The next dozen stinging replies that you send, double check the seed of your bounce back. What was the other guy REALLY saying. Having personally interacted with Quirk, Phillies, and Grundmann since at least 2004, my general opinion is that they, and you, are ‘making it up as you go along’!

    Again, excellence is measured in many ways, academic, artistic, communications, but as I look for both IQ horse power and street cred, you seem to have bursts of glory and periods of clue lessness.

    Cory’s insistence on his FABRICATED imaginings of your ‘hidden meassage’ that never was ????? Don’t you think you are just as guilty ????? Other Libs have considered that!

    And if any group knows of straw man red herrings it is the Infinite Debating Society of the LP! [Not necessarily a great recruit tool, as the dead (Natural Law Party, 2004) and dying (gradual death spiral since Long Beach 2000, reform/ deform movement) have found out!]

    In California and even Nevada, Space Cadet Captain Cory Quirk’s zeal and enthusiasm are appreciated, altho suspect. In the South West, the refrain time and time again, including BOTH sides of the American Independent Party of California, is ‘Watts Wong Width Dat Boy ???????????’!

    So with Captain Cody, what is it: religious zeal [in secular American politics], ignorance [including lack of formal ‘edumation’], psychopathic, sociopath, playfull immature ‘Denise the Meance’ type, learning disability.

    And, there is a WHOLE LOT of Cody Quirk in paulie, as documented on IPR!

    As employed at the highest profile school system on the planet, I can tell you (on personal experience) that there are icons [Doctor ‘Ted Geiell’ Suess and Rodger ‘Global Warming’ Revell for two] whom are basically male bitches. Astronaut PhD Sally Ride comes off as a space cadet. And there are at least two ‘Nobels’ whom do not bring their own ‘bumber shoots’ to a down pour!

    IMO there is a lot of Captain Quack in you. If true, is that a good thing ????????

    My on going TPW and IPR mantra: “if I am wrong, plz correct me …………”

  10. paulie Post author

    Lake: it is my understanding that you [paulie] and the Nevada space cadet both flunked out of post secondary/ tertiary campuses.

    No, I’m a university graduate.

    I did not finish my Masters degree program. This was due to poor planning, not any inability to complete the program.

    The rest of your post is incoherent, so there’s not really anything to respond to.

  11. Reply from Duopoly Central ..........

    paulie // Mar 15, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    “……….. I’m a university graduate. I did not finish my Masters degree program. This was due to poor planning, not any inability to complete the program ………..”

    Lake: Oh, my life lived by another! [paulie as my brother from another mother ???????????] Exactly my stumbling bumbling path to oblivion! (And you are soooooooooooo much better looking ………. whom will play you in the ‘paulie movie’ ?????)

    “The rest of your post is incoherent”, so here’s another go ’round: you, paulie, come off as a chain smoking beauty school drop out. I AM HAPPY TO BE PROVEN WRONG, on both accounts! (and smokers should be allowed to smoke any thing they want at home away from children!)

    Formal education is not a cure all, look at all the MBAs whom were ruined in the obvious housing and financial melt down[s]! (Too smart by half ??????????)

    How ever, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of those folks whom slept thru class after class [while I did five years undergrad in four as an ROTC scholarship cadet!] and these stumble bums legally have the same vote as I and they go around spouting off misquoted facts by the hour!


    But you do not think that YOU, Captain Quirk, Grundmann, Barr, Phillies, Steve Gordon, Baldwin, Root, Steve Smokeman, Bruce Cohen, and any one associated with the money disappearing with disappearance of ‘Hammer of Truth, Part II’ occasionally AND REGULARLY come off as a second year kindergarten student ??????

    Sorry I was so oblique. But if you [like my self] as partial MA, can not keep from being illogical or uncommunicative, then why not [and the same goes in spades for Grundmann and Phillies!]

  12. Robert Hughes

    George Washington wanted the people to do what political parties do for us!!!! Therefore we would have a nonpartisan political county public service. This county municipality entity would have its own by-laws with someone elected to run it. That way the people can put conditions on those who run for office through this entity. email me

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