Charlie Crist’s Top Supporters May Not Stick Around for Independent Bid

Charlie Crist, the retiring Governor of Florida is running for US Senate in Florida. Only a year ago he was far ahead in the polls facing only token opposition from a virtually unknown candidate named Marco Rubio, the former Speaker of the House in the Florida House of Representatives. Rubio has since caught fire thanks to conservative organizations and tea party groups all over the nation and his polling numbers have surged. Recent polling numbers show Crist is no longer competitive in a GOP primary, but could maintain a slight lead as an independent. Chris is reportedly considering his options, but many of his highest profile supporters and donors are saying they will not follow him if he goes Independent.

If he abandons the GOP race, a group of his most prominent supporters indicate they will not follow him.

“I’m a Republican and I’m going to support the Republican candidate,” said John Rood, the state GOP finance chairman, a former ambassador to the Bahamas and one of Florida’s biggest contributors to Republican causes.

This is a problem that all high profile candidates face when they consider leaving a major party–party loyalty often trumps the individual candidate, for better or for worse.

6 thoughts on “Charlie Crist’s Top Supporters May Not Stick Around for Independent Bid

  1. Sean Scallon

    Which is probably why he hasn’t jumped over to running as an independent already. He knows he would be competitive but he also knows he may lose a chunk of change doing so.

  2. Thomas L. Knapp

    With Rubio well ahead in the GOP primary polls and the filing deadline less than two weeks away, Crist is at the “fish or cut bait” point.

    Up until about now, he could continue to raise GOP money and hope for a comeback in the primary.

    He’d probably have stayed GOP if he was leading, or even in a dead heat with, Rubio as the filing deadline came up.

    Now the guessing game is whether he goes independent or just drops out.

    My bet is that he runs as an independent — and that unless the Democrats turn out a particularly strong candidate, he wins.

  3. JR

    BTW it’s “Crist” — without the “h.” Charlie’s a pretty cool guy but he’s not quite divine. 🙂

  4. paulie

    Christ almighty!

    First TPID, now IPR.

    If he targets spelling-impaired, seriously religious voters, he may lock up a big chunk of the vote just through name confusion alone…LOL

  5. paulie

    01:26:46 He saved my life!
    01:26:49 So now you have to pay him with it?
    01:26:54 Jesus Christ, Charlie, you give me this whole song and dance…
    01:26:57 …about how you’re out of that shit, but you’re not.
    01:27:00 Song and dance? What does that mean, “song and dance”?

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