Florida Whig Party: First federal Whig Party candidate on the ballot in the United States since the 1850s

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Ocala, Florida (Thursday April 15, 2009) – Craig Porter of Miami made history on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 by becoming the first Whig to be qualified as a candidate for federal office since the 1800s.

Mr. Porter is a contractor, lifetime resident of Miami, 49 years old, married, and the father of three children, qualified to become the first Florida Whig and Whig in the nation to officially qualify to run for Congress from the 25th Congressional District.

Mr. Porter has over 25 years of business management and ownership experience, has been involved in several community projects, and is a man who has the core values of “We the People” where a “principles before party” view of government service will best serve the nation.

Upon being notified of Craig’s qualification, Chairman Truesdell of the Florida Whig Party responded with one word: “Fantastic!” Truesdell added, “Since the first day we spoke on the telephone about his ambition, goals, and vision for America, Congress, and his community, I knew we had a man who was humble yet determined, relaxed yet forceful, and savvy in business yet open to learning the practical side of political campaigns with maturity. I’ve liked Craig Porter since day one and am thrilled that he bears the banner of being the first Whig to qualify as a candidate for federal office since the 1800s. With this hurdle accomplished, there are many that lay ahead. Both Craig and I are fully aware of the road ahead, and so, each journey begins with the first step, we now begin the second.”

Upon being qualified, Porter took the opportunity to speak of the need for cooperation. Porter stated: ”Qualifying to be on the ballot in the August Primary or the November General Election begins shortly. Many of the candidates that you want on the ballot are regular working people like you. They need your support. Word of mouth, physical effort, donations and most of all, your vote and the vote of that person you’re bringing to the polls with you.”

In response to Porter’s statement, Chairman Truesdell observed: “There he goes again. Instead of making his qualification about him like the traditional politician does, Porter calls for the support of all Average Joe candidates. Porter is truly is a class act.”

Craig Porter is one of several registered voters of the Florida Whig Party who announced their candidacies for Congress and local office. The most recent addition was Dr. Douglas Shearer of Marion County who is seeking to become the first Florida Whig on the Marion County Commission.

Porter believes there are eight key issues in for the voters in the 25th Congressional District, they are:

1. Government Spending – Government spending should be brought to a level that can be maintained and also begin to pay down the debt. A country as great as the United States should be able to even build and maintain an adequate reserve.

2. National Defense- National Defense must be the first priority of our military. Funding for the protection of our soil must be number one on the budget.

3. Immigration- Legal immigration is necessary. Legal immigrants should be afforded the appropriate courtesy the United States government offers; however, illegal immigrants need to be handled differently. Legal is legal while illegal is illegal.

4. Government- The government has become larger than it needs to be. We the People will restore the republic and regain control of the government of and for the people.

5. Economy – Once upon a time the American entrepreneurial spirit was unbound from an overburdening government. For the economy to regain its health and resume its growth we must unbridle the business owner from the yoke of excessive and inappropriate regulation.

6. Foreign Policy – We should always deal with foreign nations in a manner that respects their wishes for self-government while always remaining strong for the self-interests of the United States.

7. Energy/Environment – We must balance the needs of the economy with the preservation and conservation of the environment.

8. Everglades – The Everglades is a critical state resource whose importance cannot be emphasized enough. The surrounding economy and ecology of South Florida depends upon the proper use, maintenance, and preservation of the Glades.

About the Florida Whig Party:

The Florida Whig Party (FWP) is a political party in the State of Florida that was formed in 2006; with voter registration affiliation and ballot access since early 2007. Florida is the first state with a Whig Party with ballot access since the 1800s. In 2009 the Board of Directors of the second FWP administration, revised and expanded the By-Laws and Platform to clarify and align the Florida Whig Party with the principles of Classical Liberalism, which is what the Founding American Whigs (founding fathers) built the nation upon through the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation, then replaced following the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 by the Constitution of the United States America and ratified by the States.

Florida is the first and only state in the nation to achieve ballot access for Whig candidates. It was recently reported by Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, “there have been virtually no minor party candidates for U.S. House in Florida in the last ten years. No minor party has yet had as many as five candidates for U.S. House in any election year. The Libertarians had two in 2004, and the Reform Party had two in 2000. The Green Party has not had any in the last ten years. The most the Constitution Party ever had in any one year was one (one in 2002 and one in 2004). The Socialist Workers Party has not had any.”


Jason M. Rogoski
Florida Whig Party Director of Communications

Paul Truesdell
Florida Whig Party Chairman
352-873-4141 ext.23

3 thoughts on “Florida Whig Party: First federal Whig Party candidate on the ballot in the United States since the 1850s

  1. Jason Rogoski

    Congressional candidate Craig Porter who is the Florida Whig Party candidate in the 25th Congressional District for Congress. Mr. Porter will be a guest today on Your World with Neil Cavuto.

    Mr. Porter will be on with Mr. Cavuto between 4:00 and 5:00pm

  2. Trent Hill

    Id be willing to bet Richard Winger or Darcy Richardson show up to show us that Whig candidates were on the ballot after 1859.

  3. Sqid

    Porter came across very unprepared. I know he’s not a professional politician, but he came across as lacking charisma and a real grasp at explaining what he or his party is about. Worse is that he had no clue about Whig history and completely got it wrong.

    Note to the Florida Whigs: while patriots were sometimes referred to as Whigs, the Whigs were not the first party as Porter says. Porter needs a history lesson.

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