LP of Texas: Libertarians Mobilize for Tax Freedom Day; Tea Parties: Gubernatorial Candidates Debate

Press release from Libertarian Party of Texas emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Libertarians Mobilize for Tax Freedom Day; Tea Parties
Rallies and Dinner Events Planned
LP Gubernatorial Candidates Forum

AUSTIN, TEXAS – April 14, 2010 – Libertarians across Texas will commemorate Tax Freedom Day and rally against the income tax in Tea Parties across the state this week. Today has been declared Tax Freedom Day by the Tax Foundation. Tax Freedom Day is remembered annually when the average American citizen has earned enough money to pay his or her tax obligations for the year.

“We Libertarians call for a complete an to the federal income tax. It is an unjustified theft, and is used for programs that many Americans do not support,” said LPT Executive Director Robert Butler.

Candidates for the Libertarian nomination for Governor will commemorate Tax Freedom Day by holding forums in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Grapevine. The media and general public are invited to meet our candidates. This will be the last candidates’ forum before Libertarians hold their state convention on June 12 in Austin.

Libertarians will meet at Saltgrass Steakhouse in Houston on April 14, in Austin on April 15, in San Antonio on April 16, and in Grapevine on April 17. Libertarians will also participate in Tea Party rallies scheduled all across Texas on April 15. Executive Director Robert Butler will organize outreach at the Austin Tea Party to be held on the South Steps of the Capitol on Thursday afternoon. The Libertarian Party of Illinois began the nationwide Tea Party movement when they invited CNBC’s Rick Santelli to participate nine days before his famous rant.

“When my grandmother was born in 1910, Tax Freedom Day would have been celebrated on January 19th because the total American tax burden was just 5% of income,” notes Butler. “In those days, hospitals were operated by churches and private charities. People were able to care for each other directly when they needed food or were unemployed. Today, there are so many state and federal regulations, and the tax burden is so high, that these forms of charity have nearly disappeared. The great tragedy of the 20th century is the government displacement of charitable good will and human kindness.”

About the Libertarian Party of Texas

The Libertarian Party of Texas supports more freedom and less government. We follow the Golden Rule: we treat others as we would like to be treated.

We seek to restore the great American free enterprise system that made us the strongest, most powerful economy in the world: lower taxes, free markets, free trade, less regulation, and less red tape for businesses big and small.

We respect your right to live your life the way you see fit, and expect you to take responsibility for the consequences.

Find out more at:

Pat Dixon, Chair

Robert Butler,Executive Director


April 14, 6:30PM at Saltgrass Steakhouse
8943 Katy Freeway, Houston Texas

April 15 12 Noon – 6:00PM Tea Party Outreach
South Steps of Capitol, Austin Texas

April 15, 6:30PM at Saltgrass Steakhouse
10614 Research Blvd , Austin Texas

April 16, 6:30PM at Saltgrass Steakhouse
11745 West I-10, San Antonio Texas

April 17, 6:30PM at Saltgrass Steakhouse
102 E. State Hwy 114, Grapevine Texas

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