Tight Race for Rhode Island Governor

A new Rasmussen survey in Rhode Island finds Lincoln Chafee (I) and Frank Caprio (D) running even in the race for governor at 33% each with John Robitaille (R) trailing at 21% support, while another 13% are undecided.


3 thoughts on “Tight Race for Rhode Island Governor

  1. Robert Milnes

    The whole “Independent” phenom. is a misnomer. Here for example, Chafee is an independent just to get in the race not through the usual manner-a party nomination or winning a party primary. He’s a RINO but still a republican. This is just like Lieberman in Conn. Extremely rarely does a real Independent get elected i.e. someone not affiliated with the dems or reps. & even if one such did get elected, what are the options? Vote with the dems or reps or not vote or have one’s vote be meaningless. The only alternative is to vote out a majority of dems & reps have a majority some other party-or coalition.

  2. clay

    Milnes, I think you’ve got it wrong. That Chafee and Lieberman, and Crist are going as “Independent” is a good thing. It shows that A) they see a reason for labeling oneself something other than republican/democrat, and B) voters may respond to a candidate they like who’s labled “Independent”. Also, if these guys win their races and are not embraced by there old parties they could theoretically band together to form a new party that would start of with elected members. Or they could possibly group like the Whigs, the Independence Party of America, or the old Reform Party. Even if one of these guys joins one of those parties, the state branch they be long to will see participation soar.

    They also do things like create “Connecticut for Lieberman”, which may possibly run against Lieberman, and that’s just plain funny.

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