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UK Green Party: ‘Clegg’s no Green’

From Ekklesia:

The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, whose party is enjoying a dramatic surge in support, has come under attack from the Green Party for promoting the Liberal Democrats as the environmental option in the election…

The spokesperson insisted that, “There is only one Green Party”.

Clegg said that the Liberal Democrat plan would create 30,000 jobs through the use of £3.1 billion that could be saved from public spending and invested in wind energy, energy efficiency in public buildings and bringing empty homes back into use through renovation

But the Greens say that their own “fully-costed job creation plan” would use a £44 billion investment package that would create a million new jobs across the UK.

Darren Johnson, a Green member of the London Assembly who is standing in Lewisham Deptford, insisted today that his party’s investment programme would “simultaneously tackle the three biggest problems we face – a failing economy, rampant inequality and catastrophic climate change”.

Announcing that there will be a Green candidate in every one of London’s 73 constituencies, Johnson added, “The Green Party is offering something very different to the other mainstream parties – a bold and radical set of policies that appeal to voters”.

The Green Party is fielding candidates in over 300 seats in the general election.


  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 20, 2010

    Mercy, mercy… how un-PC that last comment was! Absolutely true BUT un-PC!

  2. MN Indy MN Indy April 20, 2010

    Catastrophic climate change? Please. That Icelandic volcano has caused more of an effect on Europe’s environment than fifty years of alleged global warming. The Greens will go nowhere fast, anywhere, if they cling to fraudulent global warming instead of confronting real environmental issues.

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