Alexander Snitker, Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate in Florida, Congratulates Rand Paul For Primary Win

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Snitker Congratulates Rand Paul For Primary Win

Alexander Snitker, the Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate in Florida, congratulated Rand Paul for his primary victory in the Kentucky Congressional race yesterday. Paul, whose smaller government, more individual liberty platform closely mirrors the Libertarian philosophy, overcame challenges from the Washington establishment and strong resistance from within the Republican Party.

“Rand’s victory shows us that voters are rejecting party politics in favor of the best candidate,” said Snitker Wednesday, “Specifically the candidates that will fight for Constitutional government and individual liberty.”

While major party spokespeople and pundits are trying to spin the outcome, Snitker considers Paul’s victory as sign of the tea party movement’s influence in this election cycle. “The Democrats are trying to spin this as typical mid-term, anti-incumbent sentiment. The Republicans are trying to spin this as anti-Obama sentiment,” said Snitker. “The real truth is the American people are voting to defend themselves from an overpowering federal government created by career politicians in both parties.”

It may be unorthodox for Libertarian to voice support for a Republican, but Snitker has consistently urged Americans to vote for the best candidate, regardless of party affiliation. “Rand Paul is, without question, the best candidate in this race.” said Snitker, “It doesn’t matter whether there’s a D’, ‘R’, or ‘L’ next to his name.”

7 thoughts on “Alexander Snitker, Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate in Florida, Congratulates Rand Paul For Primary Win

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    I’ll mention that the mirror mentioned in Snitker’s release is either selective or distorted. While Rand Paul advocates limited government in some areas he has been muted as far as another area of egregious abuse by government (drug prohibition).

    I support any candidate who can be trusted to follow through on limited government promises. To claim that Rand Paul is any approximation of a libertarian is to exclude important libertarian positions.

    Rand Paul does not claim to be a libertarian. I think describing him and his positions as libertarian does damage to the philosophy I call libertarian.

    Rand Paul describes himself as a constitutional conservative.

  2. Gene Berkman

    Thane – Rand Paul has not endorsed drug prohibition. He has avoided the subject, but his opponents attacked him for advocating legalization of marijuana.

    I certainly disagree with Rand Paul on abortion, but his campaign for limited government still parallels the libertarian viewpoint on most issues.

    If you run a winning campaign against drug prohibition, I will praise you for it. In the meantime we have to look for hope where we can.

  3. Robert Milnes

    Constitutional conservative. Constitutional theocrat. Dixiecrat conservative. I stand by what I have said about Ron Paul & now his son is evidently following in his footsteps. The Pauls are just about the worst thing to happen to the LP. They ARE NOT LIBERTARIANS. They are reactionary/counterrevolutionary nationalists. Libertarianism is progressive/revolutionary. Mirror image indeed-exact opposites. Libertarianism is internationalistic, not nationalistic. Real libertarians are going to have to get their party back & reverse direction. The upcoming convention would be a good start. paulie, you could start by stop being a supporter/apologist for The Pauls.

  4. Robert Milnes

    The Pauls are BOTH going to go for 35 million-sucking the air out of the libertarian movement & stoking the Tea Party & GOP. Why shouldn’t they?

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  6. Rande Nweberry

    I’m historically a staunch republican.
    But somewhat dismayed at our over grown government, Bush real spender(s), and Bama, out of control.

    I’m going to change, and vote for any candidate that has a platform to reduce government size costs and spending habits…

    There was an article in the St Pete times (newspaper)…we all agreed with your platform..epically the flat tax (eliminate the IRS and billions)..but I got a lot of skepticism about eliminating the “department of education”.
    The St Pete times being liberal, might have published this their way indicating that Alex is against public funded education.

    I think you should clarify the publication…we don’t need a federal agency (and the costs thereof) for education, each state has its educational taxes and budget, they need balance this.

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