Chuck Baldwin: ‘Hooray For Utah; Boo For Indiana’

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The Tea Party in Utah flexed its muscle over the weekend and booted longtime establishment Republican senator, Bob Bennett, from office. Hooray! (Now, Arizona, please do America a favor and show John McCain the door!) Unfortunately, Tea Party activists were unsuccessful in Indiana, as longtime establishment Republican, Dan Coats, defeated the principled patriot, John Hostettler. Boo!

Predictably, mainstream Republican spokesmen are lamenting Bennett’s ouster, saying Bennett was a true conservative, touting an 80% ranking in the American Conservative Union (ACU) index. However, the ACU index is completely irrelevant to the true measure of a congressman’s fidelity to constitutional government. The index that people should pay attention to is the Freedom Index (formerly called the Conservative Index) at The New American magazine. This index is far and away more accurate in determining a congressman or senator’s fidelity to limited government. In this index, Bennett’s latest rating was a pathetic 50.

Bennett needed to go; the good people of Utah did America a great favor by showing him the door. I trust and pray that this is an indication of how the November elections will fare. I would have been extremely optimistic that this might be the case, except for the miserable election results recorded in Indiana. Dan Coats is merely another establishment neocon in the similitude of Bob Bennett.

In the 105th Congress, Coats’ final rating was a dismal 55 in The New American’s index. On the other hand, John Hostettler’s last ranking stood at 85. Hostettler deserved the enthusiastic support of Tea Partiers throughout Indiana. It is tragic that he lost to someone such as the neocon, Dan Coats. Therefore, what was gained in Utah was lost in Indiana.

And this is going to be the danger for the Tea Party movement this year: If Tea Party activists do not truly understand the issues of limited government, or if they are fooled by establishment politicians, or if they fail to materialize at the polls on election day, all that will happen is one Big Government neocon will be replaced with another Big Government neocon. And, as Sonny and Cher used to sing, “The Beat Goes On.”

Proponents of limited government already had a setback in Texas when establishment neocon Rick Perry defeated Debra Medina. Obviously, Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin campaigned hard for Perry, and another Tea Party “leader,” Glenn Beck, did a hatchet job on Medina on his TV show, characterizing her has a “Truther” (with the associated vitriolic condemnation that such a person must be awful). Now, Texas is stuck with the same old same old establishment neocon.

This is why I again warn Tea Partiers to be very cautious of Palin and Beck. They promote limited government on one hand and then turn around and promote Big Government candidates on the other hand. If Tea Partiers do not grow a large head of discernment quickly, Washington insiders will quickly neuter both their voices and their votes.

Perhaps the biggest threat to the Tea Party movement is Newt Gingrich. Be alert, Tea Partiers: Gingrich is not a friend to limited government. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He proved that in 1995 when he (almost single-handedly) destroyed the Conservative Revolution of 1994. He will do the same to the Tea Party movement in 2010, if he is given the opportunity. Avoid him like the plague!

There are scores (probably hundreds) of great constitutionalist candidates running for State and federal offices this year. It is critical that Tea Partiers learn who they are and turn out in force to support them in the various primary elections. If we wait until the general elections in November, most of the good candidates will already have been defeated, and we will be left with the same old choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. That was a big problem in Indiana: voter turnout was anemic.

Believe me, Big Government pariahs are watching the elections of 2010 intently. By electing solid constitutionalists en masse (at both the State and federal levels) this year, Tea Partiers could literally ignite a modern revolution–a revolution of freedom and constitutional government rivaling the Tea Party of 1773–that could continue right on through the 2012 elections.

On the other hand, if establishment types such as Gingrich, Coats, Perry, McCain, etc., are allowed to beguile Tea Partiers, the revolution for limited government will be dead by midnight on November 2. Furthermore, it is extremely important that Tea Partiers not be conned by the major media into neglecting their State elections. Electing principled constitutionalists to State office is probably more important than who we elect to federal office. State sovereignty and freedom issues are mushrooming all over America, and truly our liberties will ultimately be won or lost at the State level.

The elections in Utah and Indiana send mixed signals. While Utah heralds great hope, Indiana portends more Big Government–all the Tea Party hype notwithstanding. Which Tea Party will show up next time? It’s anyone’s guess. All I know is, the stakes could not be higher. Whichever way the elections go in 2010 will probably determine the rise or fall of freedom in America.

I pray the Tea Party of 2010 is worthy of the Tea Party of 1773.

10 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin: ‘Hooray For Utah; Boo For Indiana’

  1. republicanblack

    I am not one to say that all tea party members are racist or anti-government, but to also say there are no racists or just a tiny few is a complete and utter lie. I mean I don’t recall Martin Luther King marching with people in the crowds carrying signs that are even close to what I have seen at Tea Party protests….and to be truthful blacks had more of a reason because they didn’t have equal rights. I like Sarah Palin but she has to distance herself from this crowd check the story here:

  2. Greg

    It’s a shame that the Libertarian and Constitution parties are not melded into one and replacing the republicans.

  3. Gene Berkman

    Greg – Libertarians and Constitution Party members tend to disagree on immigration, free trade, abortion and non-discriminatory marriage.

    Libertarians should work with Constitution Party members in opposition to the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, and in support of candidates like Ron Paul. But we are actually stronger as two separate groups that can cooperate.

  4. Nationalist

    I may be the only atheist who voted for
    Chuck Baldwin in ’08. I found Baldwin’s
    platform to be the only one that is prosecutes
    illegal immigration and at the same time
    advocates for the working class.

    I would bet that Lou Dobbs voted for
    Baldwin as well.

    Neocons support illegal immigration while
    patriots do not. Some folks can see this.

  5. Spin, spin, spin, spin .......... Lake

    Why believe and guy (Space Cadet Captain Cody Banks Quirk) and his buddy (crazy Doctor Donald Grundmann) whom constantly ‘make it up as they go along’ ?????????

    And the national Constitution Party:

    [a] rapidly shrinking when the pool of ‘Decline To State’ grows every day.

    [b] ethics problems, in and out of California, for over a decade.

    [c] off ballot here, off ballot there ……..

    Hey Nationalist, ya registered California American Independent Party for the June 8th Primary ??????? Horrible candidates Lussenheide, Grendmann, King, and Nightingale need to be replaced with non insane and or non lazy folks!

  6. Nationalist

    Actually, I’m registered with a small new party
    in California called the American Third Position
    Party. Highly controversial due to some racial
    aspects, but they are fully intent on reversing
    the damage done from globalization. The media is
    afraid to touch that one as it could backfire
    like what happened with the British National Party
    and the BBC in Britain.

    What keeps billionaire Neocons up at night?

    The only thing Neocons like about the TEA party
    is their anti-tax position. But once Frankenstein
    came to life he was quite difficult to control.
    And now the Arizona situation.

    Patriotism. Sovereignty. Very, very scary words indeed.
    Perhaps this is why Neocons don’t like the use of

    Also, missing from the list of people the TEA Party
    should be wary of is Dick Army and Mark Skoda. One
    morning on CSPAN Skoda actually expressed his support
    for the H-1B visa.

    As the article states, TEA partiers had better grow a
    large head of discernment quickly.

    Patriot vs. Neocon. Nationalist vs. Globalist. I would
    keep it just that simple.

  7. ????????? .......... Lake

    Quirk, Breazeale, Lussenheide, King, Grundmann, plz respond, plz, plz, plz:

    “Bad Bad Chelene Nightingale (California flake)

    Four other reasons to be weary of failed actress Chelene Ward Nightingale.

    [a] dislodged as director of ‘Save Our State’

    [b] lost fraud case law suit

    [c] disturbing speech and action has gained primary party opponent (June 8th, 2010) American Independent Party state chair. Most of her 2009 proponents have grown into critics. Plz view both on

    [d] keeps spouting on ‘Constitution Party of California’ as an existing organization (not true, never was ………..)

    Don Lake, Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

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