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Daily Kos Excludes Third Party Candidates from Illinois Poll

From the Windy Citizen:

In the category of ‘Expected, but still Very Upsetting’ is the Daily Kos poll for Illinois Governor. They include Scott Lee Cohen (who is not yet on the ballot–but would like to be) and do not include established Green party candidate, Rich Whitney (who is definitely on the ballot).

One might further point out that aside from Scott Lee Cohen, all other third party and independent candidates are excluded from the survey.  Ross Levin recently provided some numbers on the Green candidates here at IPR:

A new poll from We Ask America puts Green Party US Senate candidate in Illinois LeAlan Jones’ support at 5.32 percent, while gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney (who received over 10 percent of the vote in 2006) at 4.81 percent.  In a similar poll just for the Senate race in March, 3.59 percent of respondants supported Jones (it’s also worth noting that there is a poll from mid-March in various swing districts in Illinois that includes Green candidates).

For previous discussion of the media “blackout” of the Green Party, follow the link.  See also this post on the GA Libertarian Party’s response to biased coverage in the AJC.


  1. MN Indy // May 16, 2010:
    “Dems are notoriously vicious toward third parties (even more so than the GOP). They would rather that they didn’t exist at all ……..”

    This has certainly been my experience, including the SUCESSFUL 1980 National Unity Party/ John B. Anderson fifty state effort!

    As a Reform Deform Party activist whom occasionally supported reform minded Dems
    and (less often) GOP types, I was barraged with snide comments of being a Dem Lover.

    This was inspite of the fact that these folks (these Dem candidates) were quite harsh on and other wise critical of the Dem Party pols. Later my detractors, almost to a person, disassociated and {re} registered GOP.

    Mean while, I, and millions of my closest friends, were instrumental in dislodging only the second recalled governor in USA history —- California Dem Gray Davis! Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  2. MN Indy MN Indy May 16, 2010

    No surprise. Dems are notoriously vicious toward third parties, even more so than the GOP. They would rather that they didn’t exist at all.

  3. Natale Straccuzzi Natale Straccuzzi May 16, 2010

    The Green Party is a major party in the state.

    The Green Party and all Green Party candidates should always be included in the polls

  4. d.eris d.eris May 16, 2010

    Perhaps they should cease polling support for Republicans too then.

  5. matt matt May 16, 2010

    well, what do you expect, they say it themselved, it’s a democratic website, not leftwing or liberal, democratic, partisan.

    Of course they are going to exclude whitney and cohen.

  6. Danny S Danny S May 16, 2010

    Cohen and Whitney are definitely competing for votes, so it would be worth it to include both.

    It is interesting that pollsters exclude third party candidates. If they included them, they would gain the appreciation of many in the third party movement (meaning it is good business practice).

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