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GA: Constitution Party Recommends Support for Libertarian Candidate David Chastain

From Bludgeon and Skewer via TPID:

ATLANTA, GA – Delegates to the state convention for The Constitution Party of Georgia unanimously passed a motion recommending that its members and supporters strongly consider supporting Libertarian David Chastain for the Office of Secretary of State in the 2010 Georgia elections.

Party chairman Ricardo Davis explained the reason for the recommendation: “David is the only candidate in the race who has worked for verifiable voting in Georgia, for removal of petitioning requirements that keep third party candidates off the ballot and for preserving Constitutional rights of the people during elections investigations. These are all issues of great concern to our party members. His efforts to date have also been on a volunteer basis at no cost to Georgia taxpayers.” . . .


  1. Timothy Yung May 24, 2010

    Christina Tobin is a great candidate for Sec. of State who should be endorsed by all third parties in California.

  2. Derek May 24, 2010

    Nice stuff!! Maybe there’s hope for a united third party alliance yet!

  3. And it does not always stem from the stubborn ‘right of center’ crowd. I have worked on the (Sandy Ego County) Balboa Park Anti War week end for years.

    The greens and Peace and Freedom Party types always had a booth. And every year they were allergic to others joining in. Especially non environmentalists and non socialists.

    The Democans and the Republicrats have been laughing at us for years ………..

  4. NewFederalist May 24, 2010

    Wow! This is the sort of coordination that all alternative parties should engage in. Good for the CP to have the courage to endorse a member of the LP for office. Cooperation between and among minor parties, especially for offices like Secretary of State, is long overdue.

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