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Mike’s 750G aide probed: (Bloomberg and Independence Party in NY)

(excerpt from) The NY Post
by David Seifman

A top campaign adviser to Mayor Bloomberg — who won’t explain how he spent $750,000 of the mayor’s money — is now the target of a grand-jury probe.

Sources said last night that Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. is summoning witnesses before a panel examining what John Haggerty Jr. did with cash funneled through the state Independence Party.

As The Post first reported, Haggerty set up a mysterious company — Special Election Operations LLC — to conduct a supposed poll-watching operation on Election Day 2009…

Haggerty’s $750,000 came by way of the Independence Party, which got $1.2 million from the mayor a few days before Election Day.

…[Independence] party officials would cooperate in the probe…

Sources said the mayor’s campaign is not a target of the DA’s investigation.


  1. paulie paulie May 21, 2010

    Kimberly, you consider the Independence Party to be a right wing party?

  2. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder May 21, 2010

    Oh. Hmmmm….not sure if that is exactly the correct category. In NY State, the Independence Party on paper is kind of value-less. They don’t say much, except that they pretend to want a couple of process issues such as Initiative and Referendum. After that, they are mostly a patronage mill and endorsement machine. But, since the high-profile folks of late are Bloomberg and Golisano, I think of it to the right. Maybe I will put “third party, general” or something. But, I don’t think I would dignify it with “neither left nor right”. It definitely leans corporate. And, it doesn’t lift a finger for justice.

  3. paulie paulie May 21, 2010

    I would say non L/R. 3 pg category is for articles not specific to one party, but generalized to all 3rd parties.

  4. paulie paulie May 21, 2010

    I wouldn’t say it’s uncategorized either, that’s for stories that don’t involve a party or parties/candidate.

  5. Trent Hill Trent Hill May 21, 2010

    It’s non-left/right.

  6. paulie paulie May 21, 2010

    My thoughts as well.

    I don’t see why that would be “dignifying” them, that just means they do not fall readily into left or right, …says nothing about how good or bad they are.

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