Rich Whitney On Statewide Tour of Illinois

Rich Whitney, the gubernatorial candidate for the Green Party of Illinois in 2010, is conducting a statewide tour of Illinois spanning nine days and 19 cities and towns.

Rich Whitney says his unofficial slogan is “Vote for the recumbent, not the incumbent.”The Green Party candidate for governor was in McHenry County on Friday as part of his 654-mile tour through Illinois using sustainable and public transportation. Recumbent bike in hand, Whitney exited a Metra train at the Woodstock station about 9 a.m. and shortly thereafter took a 3.7-mile ride to Other World Computing, a LEED-certified company with a wind turbine.

Other Green Party candidates in attendance included Bill Scheurer, who is running for representative of the 8th Congressional District; Scott Summers, who is running for Illinois treasurer; and Gus Philpott, who is running for McHenry County sheriff.

Whitney was scheduled to ride about 30 miles on Friday and, with the assistance of another train ride, end the day in Rockford.

“We need to stay away from the notion that public works is a synonym for road expansion,” he said. “If we’re going to have a capital bill, we need to have a green capital bill.”

Supporting sustainable transportation, such as walking and biking, is a public obligation and needs to be subsidized, Whitney said.

Whitney claimed, later in the article, to be for a state-owned bank and against video poker. Whitney ran for the same position in 2006 and scored 10.36% in that race.

3 thoughts on “Rich Whitney On Statewide Tour of Illinois

  1. jason

    The only guy who makes sense in this gubernatorial race. Wish I could vote for him.

  2. tiradefaction

    I wish someone like Whitney was running in California, I’d love to give my vote for him.

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