Wayne Root endorsements

Email from Wayne Allyn Root:

“I fear the LP is running out of time. The irrational want to keep the party small so they may appear to be ‘big fish’. Between now and 2012, the LP can gain power. People want smaller government and those governing they know they can trust. This is why I urge all right-thinking LP members to join me in giving the strongest support possible to Wayne Allyn Root, a high profile, dynamic, pragmatic voice for economic and personal freedom so desperately needed by the LP and USA.”

-John Hospers, First-Ever Libertarian Presidential Nominee

“Fellow Libertarians,

This is a time of significant opportunity for the Libertarian Party to elect Libertarians to office. But we must take advantage of it in order to be a catalyst for positive change as a political party. Wayne Allyn Root has demonstrated time and again his ability to promote Libertarian values and Libertarian principles to a large and wide group of receptive voters who know little about us. He understands focus and timing, quickly and efficiently directing his efforts towards voters who are finally ready to listen. He has the attributes, drive and talent to become a nationally known and positive figure in American politics. As the leader of the party, and with his talented team of supporters, he can make the Libertarian Party a major political force and set the groundwork to make it the major political party in America.

Wayne will lead the party to establish the foundation necessary to elect Libertarians in large numbers, thus driving our government in a Libertarian direction and causing the party to start to regularly fulfill its mission.

Wayne will lead the Libertarian Party to grow and flourish as never before, so that it can finally achieve the prominence in the National debate that our ideals on governance deserve. Please join with me and support Wayne Allyn Root for National Chair of the Libertarian Party.”

-Mark Rutherford
2010 Candidate for LP National Vice-Chair

Chairman, Atlas! Liberty PAC

Chairman, Libertarian Party of Indiana, 2000-2007

Member Libertarian National Committee, 2001-2006

“If there is one political party that stands for and advocates America’s founding principles, it is the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is America’s Party. Yet the Libertarian Party is failing to reach its potential to demonstrably expand liberty and freedom in the political arena. As chairman, Wayne Root will provide the energy, hard work, professionalism and commitment to smaller government that will move the Libertarian Party to new heights of political influence at all levels of government. I strongly support Wayne Root for Chairman of the Libertarian Party.”

-Bob Barr, 2008 Libertarian Presidential Nominee

Former 4-term United States Congressman

Former LNC Member

“As an elected Libertarian officeholder in the 12th largest city in the nation, I understand what it takes to get elected, so I am enthusiastically supporting Wayne Root for LP National Chair. Wayne is the BIG TENT Libertarian leader, spokesman, rainmaker and CEO we so desperately need. I believe Wayne Root has the passion, vision and game plan to lead us to lead a Libertarian citizen revolution. We can elect Libertarians to office under Wayne’s leadership. Therefore, I ask that you join me in voting for Wayne Root for LP Chair at this years National Convention”

-Ed Coleman, Indianapolis City-County Councilman,

Highest-Elected Libertarian Officeholder in U.S.A.

“The battle to maintain freedom is constant and everlasting. The strength required to stand fast for your principles can be immense. Having been a candidate for office, the chairman of a state party for four years, and a continuing volunteer, I am intimately familiar with what it takes to be successful. Friends have been lost, family has been alienated, money and time has been spent. These are some of the sacrifices that a defender of freedom makes. Wayne Root has made some of these sacrifices and not only has he continued to push forward but he has excelled. Wayne’s dedication and energy devoted to the cause of liberty is unparalleled. The LP needs a leader who not only communicates the Libertarian message well but one who lives it. A businessman, a home school parent, an independent thinker, Wayne is the ideal choice to head the Libertarian Party. My vote for Chairman of the Libertarian Party will be going to Wayne Root. The time has come for the LP to lead this nation and Wayne is the man to be out front.”

-Travis Nicks

Member, Judicial Committee of LP National

Former Chairman of Libertarian Party of Colorado

“As I continue my journey with the Libertarian Party, I meet a lot of very good people. They have principles, motivation, and a hope for the future. EACH AND EVERY ONE of them has a natural or God-given talent that can help the Libertarian Party. As a leader in one of the largest state affiliates (top 5), I also realize that we must place the correct people, with a specific skill-set, in correct roles. We have done just that in Ohio.

That is why I endorse Wayne Allyn Root for LNC Chair. He not only has the talent to take the LP to the next level, but his energy is like a magnet that will draw in more people with needed skill-sets. This is our time to “build and market the LP brand” in a manner that resonates with millions of Americans who are looking for an alternative to the two old major parties. Let’s do this not just for ourselves, but the future generations that will follow. Good luck to Wayne Allyn Root.”

Kevin J. Knedler

Chair of the Libertarian Party of Ohio Executive Committee

Lifetime member of the LP

*My endorsement is my personal opinion and not that of the Libertarian Party of Ohio. I encourage everyone to vote with their conscious, but to please think of the future of this country and its’ citizens.

“It is clear that liberty is in the hearts and minds of Americans, but in order to further our efforts, we need to have clear, viable, and well thought out solutions for America. Further, we need to increase the party’s recognition to Americans, make our platform and ideas available, and show that we are the clear solution to the issues that Americans are facing. I believe that the person most capable of accomplishing these goals is Wayne Allyn Root. I give my full endorsement to Wayne Allyn Root for Chair of the Libertarian Party.

-Alexander Snitker

For U.S. Senate, Florida


“In this time of economic and political crisis, the American people are looking for common sense solutions. Libertarians have the solutions the American people are looking for. In the past we have done a poor job of getting our message to the American people. Wayne Allyn Root will fill that void. There is no better person with the knowledge, energy, and charisma to promote the libertarian message to the American people. I strongly endorse Wayne Allyn Root for Chair of the Libertarian Party. “

-Edward M. Gonzalez

Candidate for Congress

California’s 16th Congressional District


“The opportunities presented to the Libertarian Party are enormous, more so than ever. The time is now to brand, market and expand the Libertarian message like never before to a broader audience. While I have great respect for all our candidates running for National Chair, one is uniquely positioned to build the party- to raise money-to lead the organization to a new and higher level. That individual is Wayne Allyn Root.

I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy for National Chair and it will be my privilege to cast my vote for him in St. Louis.”

Louis R. Jasikoff,

Chair Northeast Pennsylvania Libertarian Party, Former Chair New Jersey Libertarian Party

“I am excited to endorse Wayne Root to be the next chair of the LNC. I really believe that Wayne can galvanize voters in and out of the LP. And his commitment to winning elections is great news to those of us who have put it all on the line. Ed and I are carrying the flag forward into battle as Governor and Lt. Governor candidates, and I don’t want to turn around and see a debate club. I want to see political soldiers who aren’t afraid to actually conquer that hill. Don’t even think of telling me we can’t win. With Wayne Allyn Root at the LNC helm, Illinois will soon be Libertarian Country.”

-Lex Green

Libertarian Party Nominee for Governor of Illinois

“It is time for the LP to firmly and visibly take its rightful place at the forefront of the Liberty movement. To get there, we need leadership that can not only communicate Libertarian concepts, but which can get the stage from which to do so. Wayne Allyn Root has proven that he can attract the media’s attention, get the spotlight pointed at the Libertarian Party, and effectively communicate Libertarian ideas to the American people. The visibility that Wayne Allyn Root will bring to the LP and Libertarian candidates at this critical time will be invaluable, and he has my enthusiastic endorsement for the position of LNC Chair.”

-Ed Rutledge Chair, Libertarian Party of Chicago

Libertarian Nominee, Lieutenant Governor of Illinois


“Wayne Root brings a commonsense and pragmatic approach which is essential for party growth and candidate election…Wayne has the experience of raising significant funds. As National Chairman that will be unprecedented. He stands on the brink of transforming this party…and getting LP candidates elected. This year, this time, this public sentiment, and this national crisis, is the perfect storm to raise the Libertarian Party to national prominence…Wayne Root is the best candidate with the experience, drive, and motivation needed to bring the LP to the forefront. Please join me in my support for Wayne Root as the next Libertarian National Chairman.”

-Jim Prindle

Libertarian Nominee U.S. Congress, Texas District 4

“Wayne Allyn Root has supported the Libertarian Party of Indiana over the past 2 years by appearing at a kick off fundraiser in December, 2008 for our Secretary of State race and at LPIN State conventions in 2008, 2009 and 2010, In fact, we might make him an honorary Hoosier!

Wayne consistently presents the Libertarian Party as a valid political alternative to the two old parties and as Chair, will lead the LP to new levels of candidates, activism and fundraising. At the St Louis convention I will proudly cast my vote for LNC Chair for Wayne Allyn Root.”

-Sam Goldstein, Chair

Libertarian Party of Indiana

“Several years ago I was losing hope that the Libertarian Party would be the vehicle to return America to its libertarian roots of individual liberty and small government. I was willing to allow my Libertarian Party dues expire. Then Wayne Allyn Root announced the he was leaving the Republican party and joining the Libertarian Party. Watching Wayne working tirelessly to promote Liberty and the Libertarian Party, bringing to the Party his enthusiasm, energy and dedication to the cause of limited government and individual freedom has been one of the main reasons I have stayed with the Party. Wayne has pr oven time and time again that he can gain positive media attention for the Libertarian Party. For these reasons I endorse Wayne Allyn Root for the Libertarian Party National Chairman.”

-Wilbur N. Wood III

Chairman. Libertarian Party of Virginia

“Wayne Allyn Root has earned my support for LNC Chair. I must admit I’ve come late to the WAR party, but I don’t give my support easily. I’ve watched Wayne Allyn Root closely the past two years and he’s certainly earned my endorsement. I wish the LP had more activists like Wayne.

I’m excited to have such a powerful spokesperson leading the LP. Wayne Allyn Root will give the LP

a highly skilled communicator that will bring us positive attention, especially from media (where he shines). Already a daily presence (via his endless interviews and speaking engagements), WAR is what our party needs. I look forward to seeing his energetic and enthusiastic presence on TV next year as he leads our party to becoming the viable alternative we all want.”

-Joseph P. Silvestri

Chairman – Libertarian Party of Nevada

2010 LP Nevada Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 3

“I believe the next two years are crucial for the Libertarian Party. We need a strong presence to make the case that libertarianism, the Libertarian Party, and the thousands of hard working libertarian volunteers ARE the answer in American government. We need a persuasive cheerleader for our team as libertarianism continues to go mainstream! No other leader in the Libertarian Party has worked harder over the last two years to put our message in front of new audiences like Wayne Allyn Root.

I’ve also had experience working with Mark Rutherford on a daily basis to grow our Libertarian Party in Indiana. I can testify that the wealth of experience in party building that Mark will bring to the team is significant. Our national office will be greatly strengthened by his counsel. Together, Root and Rutherford will help all of us achieve the goal of a more libertarian society by increasing the professionalism and public profile of the national LP.”

-Chris Spangle,

Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana

“Wayne Allyn Root, is the person we need now in our Party to become National Chair. He is a very positive Libertarian, and wants us as a Party to move forward. To run candidates for office, and win. We need a spokesperson for our Party that can get out there on TV, Radio, and Internet to promote the Libertarian Party to its fullest potential. Someone that can sit next to a Democrat, or Republican, and get them to be quiet long enough to talk about the Libertarian Principles.

He’s willing to go to different States to help Fund Raise for our State Parties. Our country needs our Party now to push the other two to the side, in order to create a Libertarian Society, and return our individual liberties and economic freedom. We have come a long way as a Party in 39 years, and I know some people are afraid that our Libertarian Principles are going to be washed up, or diluted. What Wayne Allyn Root is doing is putting our Principles in user friendly format, once people get hooked they do more research into our principles, and find out they are more Libertarian then they first thought. I will be one that will make sure our Libertarian Priniciples will not be compromised. We need Positive Energy, and Growth.

The three most important duties of a National Chair are being a good Spokesperson, Fundraiser, and Campaigner. We hire an Executive Director, and Staff to take care of all of the Administrative Duties. Wayne is going to have the Vice Chair be apart of the team, that will work very closely with our National Staff, all the State Chairs, and himself.

This is very important to make sure we have the best team in place to move our Party in the direction for positive growth, winning elections, and making our Party known in every household in America. I support Wayne Allyn Root for National Chair, and Mark Rutherford for National Vice Chair.

One thing that I will ask all Libertarians is whoever becomes our new National Chair, we need to get behind them to move our Party forward, if we do nothing for two years where will that get us? Another 4 years of Democrats in the White House in 2012. This is the time for the Libertarian Party, so let’s make the best of it, we are making a very important decision on Memorial Weekend.

-Lupe Diaz,

State Chair, Libertarian Party of Illinois

“My Fellow Libertarians,

I write this letter to declare my endorsement and support for Wayne

Allyn Root in his bid to become the next LNC chair. In the way of

establishing my own credibility with respect to this endorsement, I

offer the following:

1. I have been a Libertarian since 1990. Since that time, I

have served on my State Committee in a variety of capacities

including State Chair, served six years as the Oregon party’s

Executive Director, and have served on the LNC.

2. I was my party’s nominee for Oregon governor in 1998,

managed several high profile Libertarian campaigns, and won five

local non-partisan elections to public office. I have helped

almost a dozen other Libertarians win election to office. I

currently serve as an elected commissioner and board president

for a water district serving 220,000 people and businesses like

the Nike world headquarters.

3. I have successfully lobbied three election reform bills

through the Oregon legislature which were signed into law,

served as a senior legislative aide in the Oregon senate, and

spoke to any number of policy makers as a substitute host for a

local talk radio show.

In doing all of the above, I have some to learn what it takes to build a

political party: One needs the ability to communicate effectively and

reach many, many, people. One needs the ability to build relationships

and extend a hand to many kinds of people. One needs an entrepreneurial

spirit a willingness to take reasonable risks, and the courage to put

their own name, reputation and fortune on the line. One needs

tremendous enthusiasm and the energy needed to turn that enthusiasm into

action. Finally, one needs a vision for success and some kind of road

map to take us there.

Wayne Allyn Root is the only candidate for LNC Chair who possesses

enough of all of these qualities to lurch our party out of the margins

and into the center of political discourse. As Americans, we are losing

our freedoms so rapidly that the LP can no longer continue to plod

forward at the rate we have. We’ve got to start moving, and Wayne Allyn

Root is the one to propel us to our next level of success.”

-Richard P. Burke

Libertarian Party of Oregon

“It is with great honor that I officially endorse you for National Chairman of the Libertarian Party. You have inspired me to run for office as a Libertarian and I look forward to you moving our party forward.”

-Michael J. Moon

U.S. House of Representatives Candidate

Michigan’s 5th District

“In today’s America, we in the Libertarian Party are presented with a

great opportunity. My generation, and the generation after mine, are large,

broad groups ready to hear and learn about the Libertarian message, in greater

numbers than we’ve seen in decades. Even the older generations are

more open to Liberty. People are starting to figure out that despite

the rhetoric, government only gets more intrusive, more wasteful and

more ridiculous every day; no matter who is in charge.

Since our inception, we’ve had the most consistent, freedom-loving

platform; rooted in liberty and based on the libertarian philosophy.

But, as we know from experience, philosophy and rhetoric alone simply

aren’t enough.

Republicans often run as Libertarians, but once elected they govern

like big-government Democrats. We know from the successes of 1994,

and 1980, that the libertarian message is appealing to the American

public. But having the best and most-consistent, liberty-loving

platform and philosophy just isn’t enough, as history has shown us.

We are poised to see a repeat of 1994 and 1996, or more probable a

repeat of 1980 and 1984, in national politics. Republicans are again

running on “Liberty,” but as history always repeats itself, they will

abandon any real semblance of Liberty in exchange for slush-funds and

back-room deals.

Therefore, while every candidate for National Chair has at least one

skill the LP needs to develop, it is my opinion that there is only one

candidate that can take our party to the next level. We need someone who

can market and sell the Libertarian Party; to sell our message to the

American people. We need someone with experience

and success at marketing and selling; with the charisma, energy and

the drive to see us to the next level.

We need our party to be taken seriously, so when the next Harry

Browne, Ron Paul, Ed Clark, etc. decide to make a run for President,

as a Libertarian in 2012 or 2016, that they are a political force with

a legitimate chance of winning.

We must take advantage of the prime situations currently presented to

us; to expand our numbers, expand our finances, expand our influence,

and expand our list of office-holders across America.We need to inform

the American public, through a modern sales and

marketing campaign, that America needs the Libertarian Party.

And that’s why the Libertarian Party needs Wayne Allyn Root as our next chair.”

Ken Moellman

Chair, Libertarian Party of Kentucky

“Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 Vice Presidential Nominee of the Libertarian Party, is without a doubt my pick for the chairmanship of the Party. Wayne excites me about the liberty movement, and he knows that the Libertarians need to be a party of action rather than a party of words and complaints. I serve as the communications director for Libertarian congressional candidate Jim Prindle, and I yearn for a proactive party to lead the nation towards the values of free enterprise and individual liberty. I saw Wayne speak at the Tea Party at Southfork Ranch, Texas, and I can tell you from experience that he knows what is most important and needed to ensure and even save our country’s future.

Wayne, I give you my full support in this race, and look forward to your strong leadership!”

-Kevin Crouch (college student)

The Activist Report

“I’d like to endorse Mr. Wayne Allyn Root. He is without a doubt the best candidate for the LNC national chairmanship. His book, The Conscience of a Libertarian, as far as I am concerned is already a classic. It lays out a Libertarian blueprint for VICTORY. I’m proud to support Wayne!!!!! We have no one who can come anywhere close to matching his enthusiasm!! Wayne’s hero, Barry Goldwater, was also my political hero growing up!!”

-John Anderson

Libertarian Party Candidate for Congress

Ohio, 7th Congressional District


“It was great to meet you at the LPO convention. My wife and I will be headed to St. Louis for the LNC next weekend. That will be 2 votes for you for sure. I know for a fact that you are the right choice for this party. You have the vision, the plan, and energy to step this party up to the next level. We are on board for Root in 2010 and Root for America in 2012. Thank you for stepping up and running you will be a great leader for the party.”

-Jacob Dawson

Secretary of Libertarian Party of Ohio

Libertarian Candidate

Ohio Representative 86th District

“The Libertarian Party must represent a balance to the Republicans and Democrats. Wayne Allyn Root understands that the Libertarian Party needs good communication with the media and the citizens of this nation if we are to start winning elections regularly, which must be our objective. His effort, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the Libertarian Party’s success make him the ideal choice for Chair.”

-Ryan Liedtky

Author of Wisdom: A Prelude to Liberty

Member of Libertarian Party of Indiana State Central Committee

“As Candidate for State House District 4 in the state of Colorado, it is my great pleasure to endorse Wayne Allyn Root for Chair of the National Libertarian Party. Wayne Root is a successful businessman, Libertarian activist and father. Without a doubt, Wayne is the ideal person to lead the Libertarian Party into the next decade. I will be proud to cast my vote for WAYNE ALLYN ROOT for NATIONAL CHAIR.”

-Marc Goddard 2010 Libertarian Candidate State House District #4

“To my fellow members, I am proud to announce my endorsement of Wayne Allyn Root for National Chair. Wayne has a proven track record of getting the media attention we so desperately need. At this point the LP is very much like a startup company and Wayne has a track record of bringing success to small business his whole career. The time for us to make our mark for freedom is growing short. We must do everything in our power to give America a new choice, a real choice, a choice for freedom. We can no longer be just a party of principle. But we must bring our principles to America’s mainstream debate. If you would like to bring freedom back to America then please join me in endorsing Wayne Root for chair.”

-Dana McLorn

Member at large, executive committee

California Libertarian party

Chair, Libertarian party of Ventura County

“Wayne Allyn Root has the enthusiasm, business experience, and vision the Libertarian Party needs. As a hard-core libertarian, I appreciate Wayne’s tireless efforts in spreading the message of liberty.”

-Adrian Galysh

Candidate for California State Senate, District 20

“For the last several years, I have been establishing election goals and building the Libertarian Party within our State. I have firsthand experience in what it takes to get people interested and dedicated to our purpose. It is with great confidence that I endorse Wayne Allyn Root for Chair of the LNC. Wayne has the necessary leadership and goal focused skills required to take this party to the next level. I offer my unwavering support for Mr. Root and encourage others to vote for him in the upcoming election for LNC Chair. The people in America are waiting for this Party to become all it promises to be. Wayne is the person to make this happen.”

-Danny Bedwell, Chair

Libertarian Party of Mississippi

“We are in a unique position this year, with American’s ready for a truly viable third party. If we want to put the Libertarian Party in a position to be that third party, we need a leader that not only understands how to get media attention and get our word out there, we need a leader that understands libertarian principles and can communicate them. Wayne is the ONLY choice to accomplish both of these tasks, and he has my full endorsement.”

-Mathew A. Erickson III

Public Relations Manager

Libertarian Party of Ohio

“I endorse Wayne A. Root for LP National Chair. I expect Libertarians to think and reach their own conclusions. This is Politics not Religion. We do not need “True Believers”… we need people of action who can think through situations efficiently and lay out a plan of action based on the changing landscape. We need warriors not believers. Wayne (W.A.R.) is such a warrior. I blindly follow no one. I blindly follow no creed. I am an independent sovereign. I expect no less from any leader. Wayne A. Root is the right man (W.A.R.rior) for the job right now. This is a fight for control of a country. We need warriors. We need feet on the ground, hands in the offices, and mouths at meetings. Let’s go to W.A.R. people!”

-T. Lee Horne, III

Chairman, Libertarian Party of Louisiana

“I am pleased to announce that I have decided to formally endorse Wayne Allyn Root for the Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. I have had the opportunity to get to know Wayne over the past year, as he has been extremely involved in Libertarian politics. The thing that has always impressed me about Wayne is his passion and dedication. I know that he would bring these same qualities to the LNC, which is in desperate need of them.

Despite the fact that Wayne has been busy traveling all over the country spreading the Libertarian message, he has always personally responded to my emails, which sometimes offer very blunt criticism or honest concerns. Wayne is the type of leader who is not afraid to confront criticism head on, and turn course when he sees a better path. I have reviewed the positions and credentials of each of the other four candidates for National Chair. Wayne is by far the most qualified to take the Libertarian Party from where it is, to where it needs to be.

I have been a libertarian for many years, but only recently joined the Libertarian Party. Before joining, I needed reassurance that there were people willing to take the Libertarian Party from 3% of the vote to 35%. Nobody has been as relentless as Wayne Allyn Root in promoting a vision for success. It is now time to give Wayne an opportunity to execute his vision. There is only one candidate for National Chair who is willing to reject the status quo and do what it takes to build a political party ready to challenge the Republicans and Democrats. That candidate is Wayne Allyn Root.”

-Matthew P. Cantrell

Libertarian Candidate for Ohio Treasurer of State

Member of the Executive Committee, Central Committee and Finance Division Director for the Libertarian Party of Ohio.

2010 Excellence Award winner for the LPO.

“Having met Wayne Allyn Root personally and having had the opportunity to learn more about Wayne’s vision for the the Libertarian Party, I can say without any reservation that I share his excitement and enthusiasm.

As both the Ventura County Libertarian Party Vice Chair and an At-Large member of the California Libertarian Party Executive Committee, it is my pleasure to extend my endorsement to Wayne Allyn Root for Libertarian National Committee Chair. “

-Flavio Fiumerodo

Vice Chair – Ventura County Libertarian Party

At-Large Member – California Libertarian Party

Small Business Owner

“Policy differences between LP members are minute compared to the infighting of the R’s and D’s, because we all believe in liberty and the Constitution. Getting caught up in those differences is a mistake. To get to the next level–winning statewide and national elections–will take a leader with the ability to grow a brand on the national stage. Someone with leadership experience. Someone who will push our message with unrelenting energy and passion. Someone who can get the LP and our beliefs some much needed exposure. I know that man, and his name is Wayne A. Root.”

Todd Grayson

Editor, The Buckeye Libertarian

LP of Ohio

“Wayne Allyn Root has the organizational skills to be an effective leader and the charisma and communications skills to effectively present Libertarian ideas to the general public. He will make a truly outstanding LNC Chair.”

-John Fockler,

Secretary, Ohio LP Central Committee and LP Candidate for OH Senate, District 33.

“As a member of the National Libertarian Party Platform Committee and an active volunteer with the Libertarian Party of Ohio, I fully believe Wayne Root is the most qualified person to lead the Libertarian Party out of the political basement. With his energetic personality, constant media attention and pragmatic Libertarian views, the Libertarian Party needs Wayne Root as the LNC chair.”

-Paul F. Campbell

Member National Libertarian Party Platform Committee

Libertarian Party of Ohio volunteer

“I am proud to support Wayne Allyn Root for National LP Chair and I will cast my vote for him at the Libertarian Party’s National Convention, which is scheduled to take place in St. Louis, Missouri over Memorial Day Weekend. Of all the announced candidates for National Chair, I am convinced that only Wayne Allyn Root has the personality and energy to take the Libertarian Party to the next level. He alone can take advantage of the discontent currently being expressed against incumbents everywhere and to bring many of these individuals into the ranks of the Libertarian Party.”

-Alden Link

New York State Lt. Governor Nominee

“I am proud to endorse Wayne Root for LNC Chair. Wayne has been a tireless promoter of liberty, reaching out to millions of voters and working to bring them into the Libertarian Party. I have personally watched Wayne accept advice and criticism, then internalize it to become a more effective promoter of liberty.”

Michael Johnston

Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Ohio

Political Director of the Libertarian Party of Ohio

Ohio House candidate – 19th District

“In my opinion Wayne A. Root is the most desirable candidate to lead the Libertarian Party in these troubled times. Libertarian principles are the ideal antidote for the problems that are vexing our nation, and our party must be more than a tiny footnote in history for our country to survive. Wayne has the vision, the energy and the talent that our party and our nation requires. I heartily and proudly endorse him.”

-Charlie Earl

Communication Director LP Ohio

Candidate for Secretary of State

“I am the candidate for TX CD 27 and feel I have an excellent opportunity for success. Nevertheless, the challenge is tough and fundraising is difficult, as too many potential donors just don’t faith in our seriousness or potential. Hence, my appreciation for your objectives and plans. Like many, I’m new to the political arena but my political foundation was set and defined by Ronald Reagan, when I met him and heard him speak many years before he entered politics. I think the LP needs a Ronald Reagan-like communicator. I look forward to working with you, and heartily endorse Wayne Allyn Root for National Chairman.”

-Ed Mishou, Libertarian Nominee U.S. Congress, Texas District 27


0 thoughts on “Wayne Root endorsements

  1. Chuck Moulton

    Most of these endorsements were expected.

    I was impressed by the Travis Nicks and Lou Jasikoff endorsements. They were less intuitive than the Root support from region 3 and other well known Root allies.

    I was a little surprised Root doesn’t have a Kevin Takenaga endorsement. Which candidate will get his blessing?

  2. Joey G. Dauben | The Palmer Post

    The Palmer (TX) Post will endorse Root eventually, in print, as will The Ellis County Observer, one of the most widely read conservative-libertarian blogs in Texas.

    The ECO has already endorsed Steve Nichols for the LP gubernatorial nomination.

  3. Jose C

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    I agree with this. Though I am a supporter of George Phillies for Chair I feel some are afraid of success. They are not willing to go all out and do what needs to be done for us to be successful. Tinker around the edges somewhat, raise the dues, establish a floor fee to attend the national convention, . . . That is their recipe for success. Where is the hard work that needs to be done?

  4. Joey G. Dauben | The Palmer Post

    Interesting note about Ellis County, Texas: other than Travis County, it has more LP candidates on the Nov. 2 ballot than any other county in the 254-county state (six.)

    It’s also 20 percent Libertarian Party-friendly, as the two countywide races that were contested (vs. a Republican) by LPers each came away with 20 percent and 18.9 percent, respectively.

  5. Big fishes

    Looks like from the libertarian prospective, we got the Big Fishes endorsing Wayne Root. People are you paying attention. don’t get left behind with the rest.

  6. Vaughn

    Seems that Ohio likes him a lot.

    Do the caucus groups within the LP make endorsements? Like the Outright Libertarians?

  7. LP watcher

    Looks like Ohio must have woke up from some funk they have been in like forever. What’s up with that? They never have done much at the national convention. They do appear to have grown larger and stronger. And Indiana is doing the same thing I hear. They must be working together or something.

  8. Michael Seebeck

    The answer to Chuck’s question is most likely, “none.”

    As for myself, I specifically, speaking for myself only, do NOT endorse Root. I question his hucksterism (if he’s so good for the LP, where’s his financial backers he promised and the boom in membership and funds he promsied?), his adminsitrative ability (running his company into a $30M deficit before defuncting it), his gavel skills (never seen them), his ability to adhere to the libertarian philosophy (well documented), and in general his leadership skills (can he lead the LNC? I doubt it.). I do not question his enthusiasm (he’d make a good power plant somewhere). But if that were all it took to be Chair, I’d be running, and I’m not.

    But as I said with Hinkle, endorsements mean squat, unless people are swayed by such meaningless things. Unfortunately, some people are.

    Bottom line, results matter, and Root’s results leave much to be desired, much more talk than walk.

  9. spin, spin, spin, spin .......... Lake

    Big fishes // May 20, 2010:
    “Looks like from the libertarian prospective, we got the Big Fishes endorsing Wayne Root. People, are you paying attention[?] don’t get left behind with the rest ……..”

    any one else take a college level course on Propaganda {Journalism, ethics, communications, Political Science, Psych, Anthro, Sociology} ??????


    group belonging

    herd behavior

    limited quantities

    limited time

    personal endorsement

    status [Big Fish…….]

    …….hey folks ……… eyes wide open!

  10. Danny S

    Ed Coleman may have experience at elections and may be a Libertarian, but he wasn’t elected as such. He switched later on, once in office.

  11. Jeff

    Does anyone know who ALL the candidates are/websites for each?

    I know my good friend and LP-Georgia Delegate Jason Pye has endorsed Mark Hinkle today.

    I myself am on my second year on the LP-Georgia Executive Committee and was the Chairman of the local (Albany Ga) affiliate last year, and I honestly have no clue who to support – though I won’t deny it: Jason’s recommendation goes a long way with me, though I have been known to disagree with him if I think he is wrong (and vice versa, obviously).

  12. paulie Post author

    I know my good friend and LP-Georgia Delegate Jason Pye has endorsed Mark Hinkle today.

    At http://www.jasonpye.com/blog/2010/05/an_endorsement_for_chair_of_th.html

    An endorsement for Chair of the Libertarian Party

    Over the last few years, I’ve watched the longstanding internal disputes that have plagued our party prohibit us from moving forward. It’s in our nature to point fingers, lay blame while we continue to function more like a social club than a political party.

    I don’t want a social club, an advocacy organization or a party built out of a cult of personality. I want someone to chair our party who is willing to step up for the right reasons and will take on Democrats and Republicans.

    We need leaders that are willing and, more importantly, able to work the different view points that make up our party. These leaders need to act professionally, promote the interests of the Libertarian Party and its membership and ensure that the office has the resources it needs to let the electorate know we are actively seeking there votes.

    At our convention in St. Louis, I will proudly be casting my vote for Mark Hinkle, who I believe is the only candidate running for chair with the ability to unite our party.

    Yours in Liberty,

    Jason Pye
    Legislative Director
    Libertarian Party of Georgia

  13. Eric Dondero

    Of all the endorsements above, the most impressive comes from Ed Coleman, Indianapolis City Councilman.

    Although I would bicker with a minor point. Wound’t Dan Halloran be the “highest elected Libertarian official” in the US? New York City’s population is 8 million, Indianapolis less than 1 million. (just a very minor point.)

  14. Gene Berkman

    “The irrational want to keep the party small so they may appear to be ‘big fish’.”

    That is just bogue. I do not know any Libertarians who want to keep the party small. I do know many Libertarians who can’t seem to understand the obstacles in our way, and have not figured out a way to overcome those obstacles.

    Face it. Politics is about using the power of government to rob from some and give to those with influence. That is why so much money goes into political campaigns. For someone seeking favors, a contribution to a candidate is an investment. For libertarians, a contribution is a sacrifice.

    Wayne Root is neither talented enough, articulate enough or charismatic enough to make up for literally billions of dollars in special interest money that go to the pro-government politicos.

    Accusing people who oppose Root of wanting to keep the party small won’t change any of that. Neither will supporting George W Bush, as Dr Hospers did.

  15. Jeff

    Q: Is Myers *currently* running for Congress?

    Secondary Q: If he is, would he suspend his campaign if elected LNC Chair?

    If John reads this (and I see he has commented on other LNC Chair threads here), you can contact me directly at jeff.sexton@lpgeorgia.org.

    If any other candidate would like to contact me there, they may feel free as well, since mostly what I am going on at this point is talking to people and reading websites.

  16. No One Is Afraid of Success

    Some people are afraid of diluting the party’s principles in the chase after success.

    First the Diluters coined the phrase Big Tent, to imply that if you opposed watering down LP principles, you were for a small tent. Now they want to coin Big Fish.

    They’re neither Big Tenters, nor Big Fishers. They’re Diluters.

  17. Matt Cholko

    Jeff- Myers is running for Congress right now. I’ve not heard any comments about suspending his campaign. I certainly hope that he would not do that though.

  18. Jeff


    From what I’m seeing so far, I like what he is saying the best – but I’m also concerned that one position could compromise the other. I think he would be good at either, but I don’t see how he can be truly effective at both. The two are simply too high profile.

  19. John Jay Myers

    Jeff, In Texas we run Paper Candidates, Educational Candidates and “real” Candidates.
    Though we have raised $5000 and are having fun spreading the word, I signed up to be an educational candidate.

    We plan to use the money raised to educate people about the party through radio and newspaper ads during the election.
    Which is why we continue to raise money.

    I didn’t realize that we would raise enough to do the FEC filing.
    The odds are extremely stacked against me, but if I won the election as an educational candidate I would suspend my position as chair.

  20. Jeff


    I guess my biggest question is this, and I’ll admit up front it is a double edged sword (I also admit I don’t know the date of your Congressional election, sorry!):

    If you were the LNC Chairman and an issue came up during your campaign such that one answer would benefit the LP as a whole, but another answer would increase your chances of winning your Congressional race, which answer do you give?

  21. Nicholas Sarwark

    From what I’m seeing so far, I like what he is saying the best – but I’m also concerned that one position could compromise the other. I think he would be good at either, but I don’t see how he can be truly effective at both. The two are simply too high profile.

    As a historical data point, Bill Redpath ran for office at least once during his tenure as Chair. If I recall correctly, Jim Lark did too. So there is precedent for a national Chair running for office while serving.

  22. Chuck Moulton

    Nick Sarwark wrote (@25):

    As a historical data point, Bill Redpath ran for office at least once during his tenure as Chair. If I recall correctly, Jim Lark did too. So there is precedent for a national Chair running for office while serving.

    Bill Redpath ran for U.S. Senate in 2008 and is running for U.S. Congress this year. (I’m in his district and have helped him petition.) On the one hand it puts a strain on his time to wear so many hats (LNC Chair, candidate, employee, husband, etc.). On the other hand he is leading by example and can make a better pitch when he encourages other Libertarians to run for office.

    As far as I know, Dr. Lark was not a candidate for public office while LNC Chair. I don’t think he has run for public office before, though I could be wrong about that. Dr. Lark would make an incredible candidate.

  23. John Jay Myers

    Jeff, see my article on immigration… I live in Texas. (that should clear up most of that)

    The point of being an educational candidate is simply to get the Libertarian message out there.

    It just happens that I like to do things a little over the top. I may kick the campaign into over drive if it continues to grow.

    If I feel that one is getting the way of the other, I will ask for more help. If that doesn’t solve the problem, I will do the best thing for the party.

  24. Tom Blanton

    There seems to be a “tradition” in Virginia for libertarians to write in Jim Lark for governor if there is no LP candidate running.

    He does not campaign as a write-in candidate and he doesn’t really address this at all in any public way.

    I think it may even make him blush when he hears about it. I don’t think he really wants to be a candidate or he would have done it by now.

  25. Tom Blanton

    The big fish that Hospers imagines is actually a chunk of meat loaf floating in his drool bucket.

    As for the other folks endorsing Root, I think there will come a time when they are sorry they embraced this guy.


  26. Root Ruins Lp

    Root comes off like a third rate used car salesman. He is for himself. A hustler. Look at me. Look at me. Root is a Republican.

  27. Root Re-ignites Lp

    He # 30. Have you ever taken a test drive in that used car with Root? You might come away with a different impression. Much different off-camera– just an average guy.

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  30. Carol Moore

    Will Wayne Root put it in writing he’s not running for LP President candidate in 2012 – and promise to donate $100,000 to the party if he decides to run for it – or somehow ends up running for it at the last minute, win or lose??

  31. Trent Hill

    Root has repeatedly said how rich he is and how he can bring in the money–I would expect him to make a decent sized contribution to the LP like..say..Bill Redpath has.

  32. sane LP member

    Interesting the state Chairs in the Midwest that have endorsed:
    Region 3– all states: KY, OH, IN, MI
    Plus IL and WI.

    Root and Rutherford have made the connection in the Midwest.

  33. Chuck Moulton

    Michigan? I must have missed that one…

    I haven’t seen an endorsement from Emily Salvette (chair of the LP of Michigan). I haven’t seen an endorsement from Bill Hall either, who is also a prominent Michigan activist and former state chair.

  34. paulie Post author

    I think they are from Indiana, not Illinois. You can get a copy of the delegate list from national hq

  35. LibertarianGirl

    I endorse Wayne Root… duh:)

    Debra Dedmon

    Clark County LP Vice Chair

    LPNevada At Large Rep

    former LPNevada Vice chair and Jud Com member

    former Clark County LP Secretary

    10 year hardcore activist

  36. paulie Post author

    Well, a whole state does not endorse someone AFAIK, but Indiana leadership/prominent members have endorsed Root.

  37. LibertarianGirl

    that table should be interesting , i dont believe any Duensing is a Root supporter , but I could be wrong . Looks like Jim Duensing will not be on our delegation , I have mixed feelings about that. He is not registered Lib anymore , altho has pledged to change back at the convention which I thought would be against bylaws , which it isnt. While I believe on one hand any qualified delegate should be accepted , on the other hand I sure wont miss the embarrassing shenanigans he pulled at the last one ,my god , EVERYONE was mad at Nevada , plus I think he just wants to be a thorn in Waynes side , so its my understanding he’ll be signing on w/another state:) dodged that bullet…LOL

  38. sane LP member

    Midwest states are feeding off each other. Lots of networking going on and sharing of best practices. Look at LP stuff affiliate program– most are Root supported states. These guys are trying to market themselves.

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  40. paulie Post author

    Michigan? I must have missed that one…

    I haven’t seen an endorsement from Emily Salvette (chair of the LP of Michigan).

    “It’s time the Libertarian Party had a horse in the media race. After almost 30 years in the LP, I’m ready to stop talking to ourselves and start talking to the world. That’s why I’m endorsing Wayne Root for LNC Chair and Mark Rutherford for Vice Chair.”

    -Emily Salvette

    State Chair, Libertarian Party of Michigan

    2010 LP Credentials Committee

    2006 and 2008 LP Credentials Committee Chair

    2004-2008 LNC Alternate and Representative, Region 3

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