Working Families Party Concerned for Baseball Player

The Working Families Party of New York has indicated their opposition to the Anti-Illegal Immigration Law in Arizona in a unique way–by expressing concern about a Yankee pitcher.

“Will Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera have to show ID to take the mound next year?” wonders the Working Families Party in email calling for the Yankees and Mets to boycott the All-Star Game in Arizona next summer.

“If Mets or Yankees players attend the All-Star Game, they could be subjected to the same suspicion, profiling, and harassment now threatening thousands of Arizonans — both immigrants and citizens,” writes Dan Cantor in an email sent to the group’s 130,000-person mailing list, asking them to sign an open letter that will be presented to the owners of both teams.

The WFP exists in New York, Connecticut, South Carolina, Oregon, and Delaware.

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