Constitution Party of Wyoming Misses Ballot by 388 Valid Signatures

The Constitution Party of Wyoming narrowly missed the ballot according to Ballot Access News, by a mere 388 valid signatures.

The Constitution Party petition for ballot access in Wyoming was due June 1, and it needed 4,988 valid signatures.  The Secretary of State has checked the petition and says the party only submitted 4,600 valid signatures.  The raw number of signatures submitted was 6,276.

If the petition had succeeded, this would have been the first time the Constitution Party had been on the ballot as a party in Wyoming.  The Green Party has never been on in Wyoming.  The law requires a number of signatures equal to 2% of the last U.S. House vote.

The only ballot-qualified party in Wyoming now, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, is the Libertarian Party, which has been on continuously starting in 1994 because the Libertarian Party always meets the 2% vote test to remain on.

The validity rate of the Constitution Party’s petitions were near 73% if these numbers were correct.

12 thoughts on “Constitution Party of Wyoming Misses Ballot by 388 Valid Signatures

  1. Another Green Party Conservative

    A great thing. This means that the Constitution Party members and voters in Wyoming will be more likely to go towards the Green Party, and this will grow the Green Party conservative movement by some insignificant but still exciting amount.

  2. Andy

    I inquired about going in to Wyoming to work on this but was told that they had it handled with their volunteers. Well, it looks like they did not have it handled as well as they thought they did.

  3. Trent Hill Post author

    Maybe not, Andy, but I sincerely doubt they had money to pay you.

  4. NewFederalist

    #1- According to Ballot Access News the Greens are not on the ballot in Wyoming and have not started a petition drive for 2010 as yet. I don’t see the point of your apparent jubilation.

  5. Northern Exposure

    The CP has shown some amazing naivete when it omes to gaining and maintaining ballot access. If this decision stands ( it shoud be appealed), then perhaps it will motivate CP leadership to pay more attention to ballot access issues. The CP cannot affor a cavalier approach to such a fundamental obligation to its’members.

  6. Richard Winger

    The Constitution Party ought to sue Wyoming over the June 1 petition deadline. New parties in Wyoming nominate by convention, so there is no reason why the deadline has to be so early. The Wyoming independent candidate petition deadline is August 23. Wyoming legislature set that June 1 deadline back in 1984 when all qualified parties nominated by primary. Then in 1991 the legislature changed the law to provide that new parties nominate by convention, so at that time the legislature should have improved the deadline. I am hoping the Constitution Party sues.

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