Constitution Party of Wyoming Turns In 7,000 Signatures

The Constitution Party could become the fourth ballot qualified party in Wyoming according to this news article. Today they submitted over 7,000 petition signatures for a requirement of 5,000.

Supporters of the Constitution Party turned in thousands of signatures Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to get the group’s candidates recognized alongside Republican, Democrat and Libertarian candidates in Wyoming’s general election.

Petitioners say they submitted about 7,000 names, well above the nearly 5,000 valid signatures needed to become a provisional party.

The article goes on to say:

Western States Area Chairman Frank Fluckiger joined Wyoming petitioners in front of the Laramie County Governmental Complex on Tuesday to gather signatures from Cheyenne residents. He said the party is finding strong support in Wyoming, the only Rocky Mountain state not to have a state affiliate.

“We’re what the Republican Party was 40 to 50 years ago,” Fluckiger said. “People like our message. It’s another option.”

It should take about a week for the Secretary of State’s Office to confirm that the party has enough valid signatures to start an affiliate in Wyoming, Fluckiger said.

If a Constitution Party candidate for a statewide or congressional race receives at least 2 percent of the votes cast in the general election, the party would be designated as a major party for the next election cycle.

Fluckiger said Wyoming’s Constitution Party would announce candidates during its August convention. Candidates backed by the Constitution Party have won seats in Montana’s state legislature and in local government races in Nevada and Utah.

Rex Fitzler, a rancher in the Glendo area, said he volunteered to collect signatures for the party because he was drawn toward the Constitution Party’s platform emphasizing the “right to life” and the sanctity of marriage. He said he also liked the party’s platform on the importance of state rights.

The only ballot qualified third party in Wyoming currently is the Libertarian Party, which has 1335 registered members, according to the Secretary of State’s June report.

4 thoughts on “Constitution Party of Wyoming Turns In 7,000 Signatures

  1. ......... Don Lake

    Good luck and best wishes

    in general, Citizens For A Better Veterans Home believes in ‘more parties, more democracy’ and ‘got problems with democracy ???????? the solution: more democracy!’

  2. "What have you been smoking ????" ......... Don Lake

    Steven wilson // Jun 3, 2010:
    “……. Multiple choice in a time of top two is a victory for everyone here ………..”

    [a] where is ‘here’ Is there any ‘here’ here ??????

    [b] what is the logic behind such a broad brushed state ment ????????? (Art wise, Serrate and the post expressionistic ‘pointalism’ would be flabbergasted! John ‘Jack (son) the Dripper’ Pollack, pouring house paint on canvasses on the floor, would probably under stand —– better than I!)

    [c] politics as usual ???????

    [d] I (and my little cohort) have already voted against, but as I pitched the ‘no vote’ to them, I readily admitted that it can be a confusing issue —— as I did not want to will fully, purposefully, pre meditatively mis lead others, unlike over half the posters on this and most alternative party sites.

    Like viewing the side walk from a dizzying height, thinking about ‘top two’ gives me a head ache!

    [e] “We are no worse than the Democans and the Republicrats!” (ah, there’s a slogan and recruiting tool for the ages ………..)

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