Edgar Steele, Attorney for White Supremacists, Is Rejected by Constitution Party of Idaho

Edgar Steele is an attorney who has represented various racist groups and white supremacists in court. His claim to fame amongst that community is that he defended the Aryan Nations in the lawsuit that eventually put them under. Apparently Edgar Steele has political ambitions, too.

“I have defended and provide legal advice to probably more of the politically incorrect than has any other attorney in America today,” Steele said in a May 2009 essay available on his website. “Always, I have required that they be fundamentally decent people … and always they must be innocent, regardless of how things might eventually turn out in court.”

Steele’s last major publicity came in 2005, when he appeared on national news talk shows defending two young girls in a music group called Prussian Blue, which promoted white supremacy.

His last speaking engagement was at a militia and Constitution convention in Georgia called the Jekyll Island Project in May 2009, but he “was a bit of an oddball in the sense that he was the only serious racist and anti-Semite,” said Berich, of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Steele’s online writings say he planned to run for governor of Idaho in 2010 but was angry with the Constitution Party for rejecting him.

“He sort of progressively got angrier and more anti-Semitic over time,” Berich said. “I don’t know if he was starting to go off the rails with all this hatred. It seems like he was on a slippery, downhill slope after losing the trial.”

The Chairman of the Constitution Party of Idaho apparently rejected Mr. Steele’s membership application. Mr. Steele rants about the rejection here. Mr. Steele suggests that Venable rejected his application because Venable is African-American.

22 thoughts on “Edgar Steele, Attorney for White Supremacists, Is Rejected by Constitution Party of Idaho

  1. Ken

    Can somebody name explicitly all the White Supremacists that Steele has defended?

  2. NewFederalist

    Good for the CP in turning this guy away. When one is so full of irrational hatred it cannot be good for anyone.

  3. LibertarianGirl

    while i certainly abhor racism and there is no place for it in my life I am reminded of the quote “I may not like what you have to say , but I will defend your right to say it”
    Im not sure being an attorney for haters makes you a hater, however in the land of politics being associated with that would LOOK bad , so good decision CP

  4. Gimmethetruth

    When a man’s only tool is a hammer all the world is a nail. You hacks never change.

    Just one time I’d like to see what the man says dissected and proven wrong with logic, reason and REAL facts. But, you never try to do that. Why? Because you can’t.

    So, you attack with the only weapon you have- BS. That anti-semite white racist crap is worn out. Try something new, like the truth.

    And, to all you people who get sucked in by this nonsensical tripe like what you’ve read above, do yourself a favor and go to Steel’s website and read it for yourself. You know, get it from the horse’s mouth.

    These self appointed keepers of the “truth” parading as journalists aren’t telling you the way it is. Get it for yourself and then decide.

  5. LibertarianBlue

    I read some of his rant, Christ what a whinny bitch. The part how he rants that the CP denied him his rights is funny. Last time I checked the CP was a private organization which means they can reject or turn away whoever they want. Then his rant on Venable about him being black, does Steele think he is gonna get praise/sanction from someone who he thinks shouldnt have the same rights under the US Constitution as he does? Common Sense people!

  6. John C Jackson

    It is obvious from his rant that Edgar Steele does not understand the Constitution. at all.

  7. ........ news: Glimmers of hope ??????? (Lake)

    but, remember these types [Idaho’s Ruby Ridge, the Wackos from Waco (Texas) ] were KILLED by federal employees. Olympic quality marks men, military tanks, ect.

    This, is / was not Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, this is the fascist, imperial, global empire called the USA on the verge of the 21st Century!

  8. John C Jackson

    He thinks he has a Constitutional “right” to belong to a political party and run for office under the banner of the CP and that the CP is violating his “right” to free speech,etc. right….

    His support of Aryan Nations and other racist groups obviously has nothing to do with Constitutional principles. Even if it did, a political party would be stupid to run him.

  9. LibertarianGirl

    my point exactly , i support his right to free speech and to defend whoever he chooses , i also support the CP in their choice to send him packing .

  10. Trent Hill Post author

    That’s what the article that is linked is about. I just pulled on that one statement to find the third party angle.

  11. Ken

    First the Democratic party, then the Republican party, and now the Constitution party. Well it makes sense, where did the member of the Constitution party come from but the Democratic and Republican parties? Does anybody here deny that the King of England would have set-up the writers of the the document your party is named after if the King had the means?

  12. Gary Odom


    Did something new happen? All of this actually transpired a year ago, I believe. Just curious about what gave rise to the article now. Certainly it is an interesting story, but I was wondering what was new?

  13. Trent Hill Post author

    I never reported on this story, I don’t think, and it is being mentioned in the news now because of Steele’s arrest.

  14. ........ news: Glimmers of hope ??????? (Lake)

    # 8 …….. news: Glimmers of hope ??????? (Lake) // Jun 22, 2010 :
    “…… federal employees: Olympic quality marks men, military tanks, etc …….. the fascist, imperial, global empire called the USA on the verge of the 21st Century!”

    # 9 LibertarianGirl // Jun 22, 2010:
    “dont compare that dude to Randy Weaver”

    #18 Lake: “oh, could it be that Lake is comparting the government to the government ??????? Does Lib Grrl EVER think B4 the typing begins ??????”

  15. NewFederalist

    Geez Don… lighten up. BTW, if you choose to attack Libertarian Girl you might want to use spellcheck. 😉 comparting?

  16. Cody Quirk

    What a piece of shit.

    -Take away his racism, and his attitude and extremist views mirror those of Marvin “Pro Life” Richardson and other ex-CP religious nutjobs that tried to take over the Constitution Party.

    John Lofton is another comparable example.

  17. Gary Odom

    “it is being mentioned in the news now because of Steele’s arrest.”

    Ah. Ok, I get it. I wasn’t aware that he had been arrested.

  18. Les Baer1911


    Sounds like a set-up that only the feds can
    get away with. Not familiar with Edgar Steele
    but I am familiar with David Duke, bought his
    books, followed his career. He, too, was set upon.
    Walk softly and carry a big stick; Edgar needed
    a bigger stick.

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