Independents: the Major Parties are Part of the Problem not the Solution

Independent candidates for Congress across the country are making the case that the Democratic and Republican parties are part of the problem, not the solution.  In Maine’s Augusta Free Press, Chris Graham reports:

Republicans are talking tough on federal spending and the national debt right now, but where we they just a few years ago when they had control of Congress and the White House?

“Both parties, Republicans and Democrats, have left these issues unaddressed,” said Jeff Vanke, an independent on the ballot for Congress in the Sixth District who will challenge incumbent Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte in November.

Vanke is making the budget and the national debt a central focus of his campaign. The 40-year-old former college professor proposes tying federal income taxes to the national debt to ensure that everyone, from the working class to the middle class to the wealthy, contibutes toward paying down our debt, within a simplified system stripped of or reducing many existing tax deductions.

“Not one single person in Congress will propose in specifics how to change the course we’re on, but I do,” said Vanke . . .

In South Dakota, B. Thomas Marking is striking similar tones in his independent bid for Congress.  Marking explicitly describes his party affiliation as “None of the Above,” and explains:

In the current proclamations of both the G.O.P. and the Democrats, I find no coherent philosophy; other than whatever one is for, the other is most surely against. This relationship is as irrational and destructive as the famous feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families. For many, it seems the feud has become more important than doing the people’s business, sometimes more important than the objective truth.

Our major political parties are now more a part of the problem than of the solution. They routinely act irresponsibly, and consistently produce bad answers to the wrong questions. In addition, both parties have acted to further centralize power in Washington, one just a bit faster than the other. I have therefore sworn my fervent independence from both.

Following an interview with Marking over the weekend, South Dakota’s Press and Dakotan has published an editorial urging readers to consider the candidacies and proposals of those who are working outside of the two-party system:

the two major political parties do not have a monopoly on ideas and solutions for this nation. There are other ideas that lurk outside the two-party mainstream who have a few ideas, too. Listening to them does not mean you embrace them or endorse them. They won’t infect you or destroy you. But they just may make you think about other answers to the questions we face and about just how limiting and self-serving our two-party institution seems to have become.

Adapted from a post at Poli-Tea.

12 thoughts on “Independents: the Major Parties are Part of the Problem not the Solution

  1. ........ Calling for Rational Thot, [Lake]

    Amen, brothers and sisters, amen.

    Suspicious of Duopoly starting with Nixon v JFK

    Pretty much 100% gave up by Anderson 1980!

    Side bar: any one know more of the Aaron Russo and ‘friend’ photo on google, bing, yahoo ???? Is Don Lake that ‘friend’!

  2. pete healey

    I don’t know what political ideology any of these three candidates advocate, but I agree they each have it right that one of the fundamental problems is that the two parties are the problem. Now, if we could only get to the point where all of us who are outside the two party system and active in politics can find a way to create political space for each other…

  3. ........ Calling for Rational Thot, [Lake]

    As endorsed by stinkin’ liar Nightmare Nightingale / Chelene Ward Nightingale in 2010. [This CONVICTED fraud defendant and her ‘Huckster’ spouse (HIS words!) and her buddies (Gruntman, Cody Banks, Lussenheide and other political thugs) are real good on commendations —— from dead people! ‘Gypsies, Tramps and Thiefs!’

    “Award-winning filmmaker and political activist Aaron Russo succumbed to cancer Friday at age 64. (Lake: 2007!)

    Russo was best known for his films, [Trading Places] like The Rose, which won three Golden Globe awards in 1980!

    ……….. also instrumental in bringing musical acts to the United States in the 1970s, including Led Zeppelin.

    In 1996 he produced and starred in a film, Mad as Hell, where he criticized many government policies such as the national ID card, the war on drugs, and government regulation of alternative medicine.

    …….. he produced a documentary film [America: Freedom to Fascism] showing a quest to discover which law requires Americans to pay federal income taxes and finding something quite different.

    Again, INDEPENDENT Political Report continues to fail to corral long term Nightmare Nightingale agent Cody Banks Quirk. IPR looks away as Gruntman and Lussenheide continue to promote lies and liars, especially Chelene Ward Nightingale.

    Lake does not have much in this world, but he does have the truth! Apologies any one, or do you support an alternative political structure which is just as corrupt as the Duopoly Establishment ??????

    California American Independent Party, are you going to allow a documented convicted fraud case and a team that gets nominations from dead folks to besmearch the AIP ballot ????? Her ardent supports, like Gruntman and others, are just an other indication of the lack of sanity of the entire enterprise!

  4. ........ Calling for Rational Thot, [Lake]

    pete healey // Jun 29, 2010:

    “…….. [we] who are outside the two party system and active in politics can find a way to create political space for each other …….…”

    and may be starting with icons and symbols ???????

    [a] so much alternative political mascots glorify the enemy! ‘Third Party’ after third party grabs the Eagle / Eagle Head of the federal government as their own symbols!

    [b] Libertarians, after the disastrous ‘No Free Lunch’ Era locked on to Thomas Jefferson, the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell! Good for them!

    [c] On the other extreme, the greens, even those not tied to Kansas, use and abuse the sun flower.

    ‘Spokes person’ ?????????? Johnny Appleseed, Ansle Adams, Teddy Roosevelt ????????? Nope, too ‘smart’ (by half ????????) for that!

    May be these folks want to scare away the average Joe and Jane by holding hands around the camp fire and singing ‘Kumbi Ya’ ??????? May be greens want to gather on street corners and yell out ‘Effeminate Gardeners’ ????????

  5. Jeff Vanke

    @PH: Instant runoff balloting may be the best way for extra-duopoly candidates to make room for each other. Electoral reform is my second issue (after balanced budgets), including on my Project Vote Smart questionnaire. Jeff

  6. Jeff Vanke

    Range voting is in theory great. In our country, with substantial adult illiteracy and innumeracy, it seems to be more or less impracticable on a large scale. (It would be interesting to see it in practice in a small place where almost everyone understands the math.) So under the circumstances, I prefer IRV. Thanks!

  7. Michael Cavlan RN

    Part of my spiel on this issue is simple but direct.

    There are two groups of people who are destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    They are called Republicans and Democrats. They are the problem, not the solution.

    I am on the ballot as an Independent Progressive running against a “progressive” Democrat for the 5th district congressional seat.

  8. pete healey

    IRV or PR is the issue facing the British at the moment. I’m on the side of PR. If you maintain single-member districts, you get gerrymandering and two dominant parties. Neither is acceptable to me.

  9. Clay Shentrup

    @Jeff Vanke,

    IRV tends to cause about 7 times as many spoiled ballots, whereas Score Voting and Approval Voting experimentally REDUCE the rate of spoiled ballots.

    The voters themselves attest that Score Voting is simpler than IRV — they screw it up less often.

    Score Voting is also simpler to implement and tabulate. IRV is not even precinct summable, which is why if you went to the San Francisco government website to seek results of their 2008 November 6th ranked-choice voting elections, you STILL got this message for many months:

    “Due to the requirement that all ballots must be centrally tallied in City Hall and not at the polling places, the Department of Elections has not set a date for releasing any preliminary results using the ranked-choice voting method.”

  10. NJ Centrist

    There is no doubt that Instant Runoff Voting would be a better way. However, the Democrats and Republicans know it dilutes the ‘wasted vote’ argument they use to discourage third party voting.

    I agree with Jeff Vanke that financial responsibility is the first priority. However, neither the Democrats or the Republicans will make that hapopen. They have too many incentives to be fiscally irresponsible, namely the legalized bribery called campaign contributions.

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