Kansas Reform Party Gubernatorial Candidate Travels the State

The Kansas Reform Party is one of the few remaining active Reform Party state affiliates. The party has consistently run candidates, even after the collapse of the national Reform Party. The party’s gubernatorial candidate made the Leavenworth Times a few days ago.

Leavenworth, Kan. — Ken Cannon acknowledges his campaign doesn’t have as much money as those of other candidates. But he thinks Kansas voters will turn to him in November when selecting their next governor.
“People are ready for a change,” said Cannon, who is running on the Reform Party ticket.
Cannon and his wife, Connie, are in the process of selling a home in Salina. They are traveling in a recreational vehicle as part of what he calls a grassroots gubernatorial campaign.
“We’ve literally been crisscrossing the state of Kansas,” he said.
Cannon, 59, said he recently visited Leavenworth during the Kansas Sampler Festival. He also returned to Leavenworth as he completed a cycling trek as a participant in this year’s Biking Across Kansas.
He plans to return to the county later this summer to campaign.
Cannon, a retired educator, believes in offering incentives to promote small business opportunities.
He also supports what is referred to as a fair tax, which would rely on sales tax revenue in place of income taxes.
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6 thoughts on “Kansas Reform Party Gubernatorial Candidate Travels the State

  1. Jake

    Ken Cannon might be one of the better Reform Party candidates this year; actually Kansas has a few solid candidates running in 2010.

    Ken’s website is http://www.kencannon.net . Judging from the few conversations I have had with their team and reading his Journal it seems like they do it correctly.

    He has been receiving media coverage in multiple local/county newspapers, radio interviews, and attending fairs/festivals throughout the state.

    He reminds me of Rich Whitney a bit (how is campaigning is moving) of the GPIL during his first run for governor.

  2. ........ Lib Grrl alert, Lib Grrlo alert [Lake]

    Cody Quirk // Jun 28, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    I could swear the Don Lake finally started getting his grammer right.

    Cody Quirk // Jun 28, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    By sticking it up your ass, Mr. Lake

    [and this illogical twit is not in the same league as Doctor Goo Goo ????????????]

    [Hey, I helped get Governor Gray Davis out of office and helped to get Kiddie Porn King Wade Sanders and corruption czar Puke Cunningham into prison! It can be done!]

  3. John Smith

    Ken Cannon is a mental midget that lives in a delusional world that calls reality.

  4. John Smith

    Ken Cannon is a mental midget that lives in a delusional world that he calls reality.

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