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Mississippi Libertarians Hold Event, Mull Forming Local Party

The Libertarian Party of Mississippi held an event on July 18th in Pearl County, Mississippi, which received press coverage in the Picayune Item.

Mississippi Libertarian Party chairman Danny Bedwell and Libertarian fourth congressional district candidate Tim Hampton both appeared here on Thursday afternoon at a rally at Cafe Amore on East Canal Street, and both told attendees thatfor those fed up with the Democrats and Republicans, the Libertarian Party offers a “viable alternative.”

About 40 people attended the rally, and party officials said they plan another rally at Cafe Amore  on Thursday, July 22, at 5:30 p.m., and hope it catches on.

Apparently local tea party members and Libertarian Party members are considering the creation of a local party which will field only local candidates.

Bedwell said he estimates that there are 2,500 members in Mississippi registered as Libertarians.

Besides Bedwell, two other state Libertarian Party officials were at the political gathering.

Libertarians had planned to form a Pearl River County party, affiliated with the state and national group, but decided not to form a party locally right now, said Zack H. Allen, a local Libertarian Party member.

“We might form one in the future, but we need to see if we get a good response here before we expend the time and resources to form a local affiliate of the party,” Allen said.

The Libertarian Party of Mississippi’s website can be found here.

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  2. David Colborne David Colborne June 22, 2010

    Good for them! You don’t start local affiliates top-down; you start them from the bottom-up. That said, I hope the Mississippi LP has some of their numbers and is encouraging them to make that final leap.

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