New Registration Numbers from California and Alaska

New voter registration numbers have been reported in both California and Alaska. Third parties made gains in

In California: The percentages from April are listed first, then the new May numbers.
Democratic 44.57%, now 44.49%
Republican 30.79%, now 30.80%
American Independent 2.31%, now 2.34%
Green .66362%, now .66357%
Libertarian .506%, now .511%
Peace & Freedom .3325%, now .3333%
Reform .132%, now .140%
other unqualified parties besides Reform .559%, now .560%
independents 20.14%, now 20.17%

These numbers indicate that every partisan designation gained percentages except gained registrants except the Greens and Democrats.  The biggest gains were made by the American Independent Party and by independent voters.

In Alaska: Percentages from May are listed first, more recent numbers from June are listed second

Alaskan Independence: 2.91%, now 2.93%
Democratic: 15.48%, now 15.45%
Libertarian: 1.915%, now 1.92%
Republican: 25.94%, now 25.93%
No-Party: 16.00%, now 16.00%
Undeclared: 36.30%, now 36.31%
Green: 0.49%, now 0.49%
Republican Moderate: 0.60%, now 0.60%
Veterans: 0.37%, now 0.36%

The Republican Moderate Party, Green Party, and No Party designations remained basically neutral. The Veterans Party and Republican Party lost small percentages. The Democratic Party lost the most registrants by percentage and number. Undeclared voters and the Libertarian Party made slight gains while the Alaskan Independence Party made the biggest gains by percentage.

New voter registration numbers from Nevada and New York are to follow.

18 thoughts on “New Registration Numbers from California and Alaska

  1. Ross

    If the horrible Prop 14 passes in California, that ~5% of minor party voters will be pretty much disenfranchised.

  2. Week End Down Memory Lane......... Don Lake

    #2 Cody Quirk // Jun 4, 2010:
    “Looks like the AKIP is the fastest growing Party in Alaska, percentage-wise. Congrats.”
    #3 Henrik Hansen // Jun 5, 2010:
    “growing ? 2,93 to 2.91 !”

    #4 Don Lake
    Mister Hansen, yar gotta realize that Cody and Grundmann and King and Nightingale and Lussenheide kinda make it up as they go along.

    I mean when you are an immature ideologue (Pastor Chuck Baldwin is gonna be the only ‘Callifornia Constitution Party’ (a non existent entity) ballot ticket in P2008, promise, promise, NOT!) whom insists that he is the victim of anti LDS discrimination —- by Mormons………

  3. Week End Down Memory Lane......... Don Lake

    Enough to warrant congratulations ?????

    Even enough to be statistically significant ????

    Come on paulie, isn’t there too much hype and spin on this site as is ??????? I am reminded of Cody’s ‘California Constitution Party’ —– ‘for legal reasons’ (bull shit, a great fertilizer for corruption!)

    This is some thing the steer manure activists of the Dems and the GOP would get into! Shame!

    You may be ‘technically’ right, but according to ‘LP as the only Peace Party’ Phillies and Knapp —– they are ‘technically’ correct, and I say full of ‘bovine escrecia’!

    Don’t you know the body language of LOTS of folks when you mention ‘Libertarian’ ??????????

    You do know the facilities of the CP ‘Veterans Association’ whose one and only function is to be a corrupt and cynical ‘bate and switch’ recruiting tool for the ‘we ain’t got no problems’ CP.

    This is the same ‘congratulations’ Cody Quirk whom knew EXACTLY the location and number of unhappy CP fellow travelers the very second he claimed that they did not exist!

    (and then my sexual orientation, family situation *, medicine intake, pelling ability, and IQ are taken in to question as a ‘red herring’)

    This is the same Quirk Boy whom screams spell my name right, when his name is spelled right!

    Kinda reminds me of mentioning to girls / women that rape / sexual assaults are statistically use less (due to the great numbers of unreported cases!)

    This was in the 60s (the 1860s !) and I realized they were emotionally wrought; but I was and am logically right!

    * Don Lake is not a bastard (per Cody Banks Quirk), his Mom and Dad were married —– eventually!

  4. citizen1

    2.91 to 2.93 is .69% that is in one month. That is an annual rate of 8.25%. If they keep it up that will be very impressive.

  5. Trent Hill Post author

    To answer you, frankly ridiculous, question Lake–yes, that is a statistically significant number. As citizen1 point out, it represents an annual growth rate of 8.25% if they keep it up.

  6. Cody Quirk

    growing ?
    2,93 to 2.91 !

    = You have it backwards you moron! And no other party in Alaska grew as fast as the AKIP did in that time period!

  7. Don Lake: come on folks

    Let’s deal with facts:

    [a] big recruiting timing, the run up to an election ……..

    [b] Alaskan Independents, an increase of 2 units out of 10,000! Hello, hello! Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but ‘congradulations’ ???????????

    [c] California, a dysfunctional Israel First Zionist cabal deform movement which will never get ballot access again, 8 points out of 100,000! Come on!

  8. Don Lake: come on folks

    Cody Quirk // Jun 6, 2010:
    “You have it backwards you moron! And no other party in Alaska grew as fast as the AKIP did in that time period!”

    [a] you are absolutely correct, UNTIL you offered ‘congrats’ for next to nothing! (LITERALLY!)

    [b] spin, spin, spin —— hype and bovine escrecia!

    [c] aren’t you tired of being no better than the Democans and the Republicrats ??????

    [d] how come every one is of Room Temperature IQ except for you?

    [e] and Doctor Coo Coo Grundmann

    [f] and convicted fraud defendant Nightingale

    [g] and fake veterans advocate Brazeale (sp)

    [h] and Orange County extremist loon Lussenheide

  9. jerry

    Prop 14 WILL PASS IN CA!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN No more assinine third party fighting….

  10. Northern Exposure

    The AIP is gaining about 75 members a month right now. Here’s the numbers:

    11/3/2009 487,132 (100%)
    6/3/2010 483,652 (100%) -3,480 (-.715%)


    Alaskan Independence:
    13,656 (2.803%)
    14,180 (2.931%) +524

    75,639 (15.527%)
    74,732 (15.451%) -907

    8,914 (1.829%)
    9,288 (1.920%) +374

    126,437 (25.955%)
    125,420 (25.931%) -1,017

    77,420 (15.893%)
    77,381 (15.999%) -39

    177,673 (36.473%)
    175,628 (36.053%) -2,045


    2,524 (0.518%)
    2,377 (0.491%) -147

    Moderate Republican:
    3,092 (0.634%)
    2,884 (0.596%) -208

    1,777 (0.364%)
    1,762 (0.364%) -15

  11. Cody Quirk

    As Northern Exposure points out above, I was right about the AKIP.

    So Henrik and Lake are morons here.

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