Peter Allen Re-Enters Gubernatorial Race in Florida

Peter Allen is the founder of the Independence Party of Florida and was a gubernatorial candidate until last Thursday when he abruptly dropped out. Apparently, Allen has reconsidered.

Peter Allen, who pulled out of the gubernatorial race on Thursday, is back in the race.

The founder of the Independence Party said this morning that he had decided to run. He filled out his paperwork and sent it off to Tallahassee.

Allen, a small-business owner, founded the Independence Party as an alternative to the two major parties. While the Independence Party of Minnesota, best known for backing Jesse Ventura, helped with some of the paperwork at the founding, the Independence Party of Florida is not affiliated with any national parties.

Allen’s campaign website can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Peter Allen Re-Enters Gubernatorial Race in Florida

  1. Justin Payne

    I am glad Peter made it back into the Gov race, We need someone to speck up for us, I say let go Peter, or Run Peter Run he says he is running for We the People and I think he is,
    Justin in Florida

  2. Mackdaddy

    Can’t vote for Alex Stink, she is screwing up my State of Fla Retirement. Can’t vote for Rick Scott, he already stole millions from Medicare. I guess I will have to go with Peter Allen. Can’t possibly worse than those other two candidates!!!

  3. Norman A. Pischke

    How about letting we the voters know who you are i.e. education, age, where you live and a Bio.We in Fla need someone to vote for and it’s not Scott or Sink. Give us a look at you . Can you handle yourself in a verbal fight. I’m registered republican but I can’t bring myself to vote for a white collar crook who we might see on American Greed. You don’t have alot of time, lets get with…you have my vote., Good luck.

  4. Kathleen butterworth-Ropele

    Peter Allen, You have my vote and my husband’s vote(Dr Michael Ropele) Best of luck to you.

  5. Dee

    I wish there was more exposure for candidates such as you, Mr. Allen. What a terrible shame that the voters in Florida have had constant barrages of Scott and Sink. I have to say those ads and debates alone would have convinced me to cast my vote elsewhere! Praying for the best for Florida on November 2nd. You have my vote.

  6. Max

    I wish he had stayed out of the election. Him and 4 others. All that an independent or NPA does is skew the elections…or is that your intent? Idiot! I bet you don’t post this…

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