Political Hip Hop Editorial Mentions Green Party Candidates

This editorial at AllHipHop.com contends that Hip Hop is, and always has been, political in content. The question of the editorial is whether Hip Hop will remain political in the future.

The editorial mentions several of the most prominent members and candidate of the Green Party.

Lastly we’d have to talk about Dr. Jared Ball out of Maryland who is best known for his political mix tapes “Freemix radio” ran for Green Party nomination for president in in ’08 and long time activist Rosa Clemente who made history by securing the vice presidential nomination for the Green Party. She and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney had their name on the ballots in all 50 states and garnered impressive numbers even though their historic bid was overshadowed by Barack Obama’s run for the White House which definitely brought out and politicized many in the Hip-Hop generation.

McKinney and Clemente did not have their name on all 50 state ballots in their 2008 Presidential run. She was on 32 ballots and was a write-in in 18 others.

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