Professor Colia Clark for US Senator from NY

Professor Colia Clark for Senate

Colia  L. LaFayette Clark
Candidate for US Senate
June 6, 2010 New York City

I am making it official that I am running for the US Senate from the State of New York. I make this decision after much deep thought and contemplation.  I make this decision because I am deeply concerned about what the future holds for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

We live in a time when all about us disaster spring up threatening the lives, land and planet. We live in a time when hope is dashed and destroyed by economic recessions, wars and rumors of war, threatens the very planet from human waste and carelessness. We live in a time when humans settle their differences with bombs that shatter lives, homes and land.  Forests disappear before our eyes. River and streams which once were resplendent with fish and all manner of life are poisoned. We live in an hour when planet earth, our only home, is threatened with death.

We can ask why. We can sit back and criticize what others are not doing to meet this urgent challenge. Or we can take our place as adult citizens’ ready willing and able to meet the challenges head on. When you see a thing that is not working, fix it.

There are an abundance of issues that need fixing: immigration, education, housing, energy, employment sector, critical infra structure for town city and rural. The farm sector of the economy needs urgent assistance. I will be wrestling with all those issues concerning the people of New York State that are to be addressed at the national level.  One of the first issues that I propose tackle as Senator is the failed education system in New York State. I will be proposing legislation designed to promote democratization of our colleges.

Every student in New York and the nation must have a right to 4 years of college without fee. Public colleges must provide full access. Every student in the medical profession, doctors, nurses and related degrees student must have access to complete degrees without incurring debt. America should not have to turn to a small nation like Cuba or import doctors from Asia. It’s an embarrassment. We must grow our own.

Outstanding student loans accrued for the first four years of a college education must be canceled. As Senator from New York, I will work to find the money required to finance the costs of removing this student loan debt for New Yorkers and the nation.

How do we make education for all affordable? We can begin by immediately withdrawing our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Ending these wars will return to the national treasury more than 800 billions dollars annually for use in funding our domestic priorities in the areas of education, housing, health and critical infrastructure.

I will fight with all my heart and soul to restore the 500 million dollars lost by New York State public schools which will result in at least 16,000 teachers being laid off and thousands of other teachers and employee lost through attrition.

The cutting of student metro cards threatens to deny tens of thousands of students in New York access to school. This would be disastrous for students and their families in New York City. I find this unacceptable. I will lobby every area of the Congress in a quest for funds to cover the costs of student transportation in New York City.

I am pushing for education because I believe that education is a vital national security issue that must be addressed immediately. Education is a vital National security issue that must be addressed. An ignorant population is a push over.

When visiting the Eleanor Roosevelt historic estate at Val-Kill, New York, I was particularly fascinated by a statement from the Great Lady. Mrs. Roosevelt said of her role as wife of the president of the USA, “I invented Mrs. Roosevelt.  I invented myself.”  In that spirit of creativity, I invent myself, Colia Clark, Senator from New York State.

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  1. Kimberly Wilder

    I don’t think Colia reads this list.

    But, if she does…

    Colia, my dear friend, please ignore the nay-sayers. Some people here have agendas and choruses that they repeat over and over again. Nothing personal.

    Of course, winning for you, me, and the Green Party would mean your campaign educating the public, putting some pressure on the other candidates and on politicians, etc.

    And, if the law changes, and 50,000 votes works for all statewide offices, wow! that would be some potential win.

    And, if you really, really won…pretty cool.

    But, if not, of course, you are not the “L” word.

    With love and support,

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