Scott Lee Cohen Turns in 133,000 Signatures

Scott Lee Cohen is the former Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor of Illinois. He dropped out under pressure from Democratic party leaders in Illinois. Cohen appears to regret his decision to drop out and is now running for Governor of Illinois as an Independent.

Cohen turned in over 133,000 signatures in his attempt to get on the ballot–well over the 25,000 valid signatures that are required.

Scott Lee Cohen says he’s done it.

The would-be independent candidate for governor has had teams of signature collectors out of the streets for weeks, trying to gather the required 25,000 by Monday’s deadline.

Just before a Sunday afternoon news conference at his campaign headquarters, Cohen spokesman John Davis said they have the 25,000 — plus more than 100,000 to spare.  In total, the campaign says they have 133,170 signatures — more than 5 times the required number.

Cohen and his lieutenant governor candidate, former campaign staffer Baxter Swilley, showed off by helping their team do the heavy lifting to get all the petitions on a truck Sunday, so they could be delivered to the state Board of Elections on time.

The Cohen campaign also pointed out that incumbent Governor Pat Quinn would need only 5,000 signatures. Thanks to Richard Winger for the news.

8 thoughts on “Scott Lee Cohen Turns in 133,000 Signatures

  1. Paul Baresel

    Scott Lee Cohen certainly has my vote. It is shameful how he was railroaded off of the Democratic ticket simply because he won a primary. What is even more shameful is that the Democrats then selected Quinn’s running-mate in a smoke-filled room of old stolen straight from 1920.

    Cohen’s campaign is a surprisingly effective grassroots movement. He stands to take upwards to 5-6% of the vote in my humble opinion. My only fear is that he may siphon votes from Green Party nominee Rich Whitney and cost the party ballot recognition in Illinois.

  2. Ross

    Illinois is interesting this year. I don’t mean to minimize the other people running, but there are 4 candidates for both the open Senate seat and the governorship that are considered at least somewhat viable. For governor, it’s Democratic incumbent Quinn, the Republican, Whitney the Green, and now Cohen. For Senate, it’s the Democrat (who is hated because he’s an establishment figure and a banker), the Republican (who’s oretty hated because he lied about his record as a teacher, iirc), LeAlan Jones the somewhat famous journalist and Green (plus, he’s black, which neither major party nominee is), and now some conservative independent has filed and he says he’s guaranteed over $1 million in funding.

    So it should be interesting.

  3. Trent Hill Post author

    The conservative independent didn’t get enough signatures–more on that later.

  4. Did Cohen refile paperwork?

    Did he file a second ‘Statement of economic interest’ form which is filed seperately from the petition in Illinois (a filing recipt must be attached to the petition). I question this because his ‘Statement of economic interest’ form filed for the Republican primary does not count now that he is running as an independent candidate (a new form had to be filed prior to the petitions being turned in), its minor stuff like this that has kept many a candidate of the ballot in the past, so despite turning in far greater then the nessacary signatures he may still may not appear on the ballot if challenged.

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