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The Return of Daniel Imperato

Readers who have been around since the 2008 election may remember our occasional reporting on Daniel Imperato, who tried to attain the nominations of several nationally organized parties, including the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party. Now Publisher Emeritus Austin Cassidy reports that Imperato is running for Governor of Florida.

Daniel Imperato has filed to run for Governor of Florida as a candidate with No Party Affiliation.Some may remember him from his hilariously offbeat campaign for President in 2008.  He was, at various stages, claiming to seek the nomination of the Libertarian, Green, Constitution and Reform parties.  Eventually he decided he was an independent candidate, but he never actually got on the ballot in any state.

Imperato claims to be a lot of things.  He says he’s a Papal Knight and a Knight of Malta, and also claims to be a knight of the Orden Bonaria. Whatever that means.

He’s also got ties to the Pope, the United Nations and numerous billionaires and celebrities.

Imperato’s one real trick is his ability to issue poorly worded press releases and have them picked up by search engines. So a simple search of his name will turn up all sorts of crazy stuff. At one point he issued a press release that he’d been spotted eating at a restaurant with celebrities. He also claimed to be involved in numerous film and television projects and, if memory serves, claimed that a company wanted to make him the start of a reality show.

Imperato filed to run with No Party Affiliation.


  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist July 17, 2010

    Whoa phil… I don’t think most posters here are “haters”. There is lively discussion and some major disagreements at times but very few people who post here are people with evil intent. We may have our share of “crazies” but even they are generally not full of venon. I think you must have IPR confused with someplace else.

  2. phil phil July 17, 2010

    well at least he’s a Dreamer, not a Hater like most of you are…

  3. Ralph K. Swanson Ralph K. Swanson June 20, 2010

    I’m not sure about President, but he would make a hell of a UN ambassador.

  4. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton June 19, 2010

    Imperato is in fact a Papal Knight. The last time the Pope and I were just shooting the shit, we got into a discussion about the Papal Knights and Danny’s name came up. The Pope calls Imperato “Danny Boy”.

    The Papal Knights don’t do much these days except put on the uniform and march in the Annual Roman Sausagefest Parade.

    Imperato would make a great President.

  5. Carolyn Marbry Carolyn Marbry June 18, 2010

    Imperato is mostly harmless, indeed, and he’s a very sweet man, even if his conception of pretty much everything is a bit unorthodox. I don’t think he’s running a scam on anyone deliberately. I think he genuinely believes what he says, that he’s a Papal Knight and a Knight of Malta and Bonaria.

    When I was campaigning for a rival presidential campaign in ’08, he and I crossed paths many times, and he was always pleased to see me and was very friendly, and he never had a bad thing to say about anyone. I remember finding it rather amusing that he and Root were wearing the same tie when they debated in Atlanta… 🙂

    During the 08 convention, Imperato went so far as to “bless” my son and me, and while we don’t share his beliefs and while my son found the “blood of Christ washes over you” part a bit creepy, we accepted his blessing in the spirit in which it was offered.

    Point is, Imperato is in some ways like Starchild in that he adds color to the proceedings, wherever he goes, which tends to upset the easily upset, as we saw in the Munger thread. And just as I’ve defended Starchild’s privilege to be himself at our conventions and elsewhere, I likewise defend Imperato’s right to be his eccentric but well meaning self.

  6. IPR Reader IPR Reader June 18, 2010

    Welcome back Imperato!

  7. I, Donald R. Lake, not having Mister Trent Hill’s private electronic mail address, do apologize for boring the average viewer to state and spot light the obvious. Mister Hill is not only not a used car sales person in Los Angeles County [California] but is hereby and here to fore to be known as the ‘“Louisiana Loose Cannon”

    I more over, suggest that he formalize the Loose Cannon moniker and use Trent Hill as a nick name!

    I more over, do appreciate the (my subjective opinion) the good things that LLC, Cody Quirk, and ‘paulie’ have done. I am sadden by the short fall with LLC and ‘paulie’ in (so called) ‘fair and balanced’ IPR presentations.

    With a higher IQ, Space Cadet Captain Cody Banks Quirk could be a threat to our life and liberties bordering on Doctor Coo Coo / Donald Grundmann. Inspite of sneakie, unobjective, self service, misleading state ments, Quirk is still a commentator. First at TPW and now at IPR. A danger to us all!

    But what do I know ????????? After all, Mister Quirk considers me a ‘Maroon’!

  8. #11 LibGrrrl // Jun 18, 2010:
    “……. he’s eccentric , but I had occasion to eat lunch with him ……… just he and I, and he had a super large wad of money , and he was polite and entertaining , kooky for sure , but entertaining”

    [Lake: Daniel Imperato ???????? Adolph Hitler ?????]

    #9 Shawn Levasseur // Jun 18, 2010:
    ‘As far as kooky candidates go, Imperato gets filed under “Mostly Harmless”…….. ‘

    [Lake: Well not only do I get him and Eric Dumbo mixed up, and have attempted to talk to GOP mole prick Dumb ass on the tele phone, but I would take either one over future Leavenworth resident and or mass murderer in training Doctor (‘You’ve got to be kidding’) Donald Grundmann. ]

    [Lake: You talk about crazy: Mister Millennium Martyr (Cody Banks’ favorite Chiropractor …….) whom sends potential allies scurrying faster and farther than a scruffy Asian guy in a ‘Mao’ jacket yelling ‘Socialist’ or ‘Communist’! ]

    [Lake: Grundmann, as a guy begging to destroy his own personal political campaign and or getting a free ticket into Corcoran (prison) ]

  9. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | June 18, 2010


    Thanks and you’re welcome =)


    Can that be my new nickname? Trent “Louisiana Loose Cannon” Hill.

  10. wolfefan wolfefan June 18, 2010

    Hi Trent –

    That may be the best single comment I have ever read.

  11. NewFederalist // Jun 18, 2010:
    “…….. bet you couldn’t say that three times fast!”

    ……. blind folded and one hand behind yer back!

    Trent Hill Alert: any one else notice that the notorious Louisianna Loose Cannon is less than objective on thread number twelve ???????

    just saying ………

  12. NewFederalist NewFederalist June 18, 2010

    I bet you couldn’t say that three times fast!

  13. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | June 18, 2010

    If I could, I wouldn’t. It’s just irresponsible to allow one crazy to get in contact with another so that they can organize a trip to another crazy’s house to discuss crazy.

  14. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl June 18, 2010

    Mark , I dont know him that well , I just had lunch with the man 1 time and felt bad about all the teasing he got . perhaps someone else like Trent can point you i that direction. sorry:)

  15. Mark Seidenberg Mark Seidenberg June 18, 2010

    To LibertarianGirl

    I would like to know what Mr. Imperato is doing.
    He said he would try to meet up with me in either
    Greenland or Ireland in May, 2008 at the Kansas
    City Convention of the Constitution Party.

    My plan was to have him after the Law of the
    Sea meeting on the Arctic Issue join me on
    “birther” record search in London for Obama’s
    records. He had a family issue that prevented
    making that trip.

    I have no idea if he is still intereested in that issue of Obama’s birth on Mombasa Island in
    the Indian Ocean or having a meeting with the
    Sultan of Zanzibar in-exil at Portsmouth, England, over his father’s subject from birth, Barack Obama II, viz., Barack Obama’s Grandfather was naturalized in 1919 by the current Sultan’s grandfather under a Zanzibar Naturalization Decree, which made Obama at
    birth a British Protected Person under the
    British Nationality Act 1948.

    Therefore, how would I contact him.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party

  16. Shawn Levasseur Shawn Levasseur June 18, 2010

    As far as kooky candidates go, Imperato gets filed under “Mostly Harmless”.

  17. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl June 18, 2010

    ya , he’s eccentric , but I had occasion to eat lunch with him in LV at the state chairs , just he and I, and he had a super large wad of money , and he was polite and entertaining , kooky for sure , but entertaining , YES:)

  18. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | June 18, 2010

    Course he does! He’s a-freaking Daniel Imperato!

  19. NewFederalist NewFederalist June 18, 2010

    Does he still have the endorsement of the Pope?

  20. George Phillies George Phillies June 18, 2010

    Mr. Imperato has for some time had a ‘draft Imperato’ facebook page for this race.

  21. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | June 18, 2010

    Lake might be crazy–but he isn’t under the delusion that he’s this totally awesome celebrity, politician, diplomat.

  22. Nate Nate June 18, 2010

    Had a very similar thought when I read that. 🙂

  23. Timothy Yung Timothy Yung June 18, 2010

    The article forgot to mention that Daniel Imperato likes to comment under the alias “Don Lake.”

  24. Curious observer Curious observer June 18, 2010

    “He also claimed… that a company wanted to make him the start of a reality show.”

    Has anyone seen him & Wayne Root in the same place at the same time?

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