Arkansas Green Party Nominates Jim Lendall for Governor

Ballot Access News:

On July 24, the Arkansas Green Party held its state nominating convention. Jim Lendall is the party’s nominee for Governor. If he gets 3% in November 2010, the party will enjoy qualified status automatically for 2012. Lendall will be the only person on the ballot for Governor, other than the Democratic and Republican nominees.

Lendall has served in the state legislature in the past. In 1988 he was elected as an independent, and later he was elected as a Democrat. He was also the Green Party nominee for Governor in 2006. He polled 1.63% that year, but that was a four-candidate race, with independent gubernatorial candidate Rod Bryan polling 2.04%.

The party also nominated John Gray for U.S. Senate. He has been campaigning for that office for several months. Also, it nominated candidates for U.S. House in the 1st, 2nd and 4th districts, for three state legislative races, and for two partisan county offices. One of the partisan county offices is Saline County Collector. The Green nominee, Joy Ballard, will be the only candidate on the November ballot for that office, although four write-in candidates are running.

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