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Independent Green Party of Virginia endorses candidates for all eleven Virginia US House seats

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11 Indy Green endorsee/nominees for congress lead by doing. Thanks to the Indy Greens and their allies, who collected thousands of signatures to get on the ballot, every Virginian will have a third option for congress this year. They have a record number of congressional candidates on the ballot. Indy Green congressional candidates urge citizen action to improve participation in American democracy. Save positive policy from apathy.

INDEPENDENCE, VA Independent Green congressional candidates Dave “for Rail” Gillis, Janet Murphy, retired Navy Captain Ron “for Rail” Fisher, retired U.S. Air Force veteran John Kelly call for Virginians to join their campaigns. Indy Green endorsees Kenny Golden, Jeff Clark, and Jeremiah Heaton believe this is the year they can be elected. They invite concerned citizens to get involved. Visit neighbors door to door. Make calls. Be a fundraiser. Write letters to the editor. Be an Independent Green precinct, or block captain.

About 50% of all elections in the United States today, whether local, state, or federal have only the incumbent on the ballot.

“We need More Candidates, and Less Apathy.” Says Floyd Bayne the Independent Greens 7th Congressional District Chairman, and candidate for congress.

“Join our campaigns this year. Get on the ballot, and run yourself next year!” – Retired Navy Captain Ron Fisher.

“The Indy Greens are Virginia’s Original Tea Party. We’ve been advocating for fiscally conservative policies and balanced budgets for years. There is enormous positive energy this year.” Carey Campbell, (IG) State Chairman.

“A Green world is possible. Where every citizen votes. Where every citizen steps forward and runs for office, and most important keeps an eye on how their tax dollars are spent. Elected politicians keep spending your money. So better you vote, and run, and keep a close eye on them.”

“The time is now. The place to make a positive difference, and offer positive solutions is on the ballot as a candidate.” John Kelly, Independent Greens 3rd congressional district Chairman, and candidate for U.S. House of Representatives.

Joe Oddo is Virginia’s Independent Green’s campaign coordinator adds.

“The Indy Greens believe every citizen has the potential to be a great
candidate, and government watchdog. We run for congress this year to urge other Virginians to pick up the Independent Green Tea Party pro republic, pro democracy banner, and run next year for 2011 for House of Deleagates . Join Us Today.”

“It’s time for the bold to take action. Your support for my campaign will send the message that politics as usual will no longer be tolerated.” Kenny Golden

Virginia’s Independent Green endorsee/nominees:

1st District, retired U.S. Air Force officer Gail for Rail Parker
2nd retired Navy Commodore Kenny Golden
3rd retired U.S. Air Force vet John Kelly
4th realtor Janet Murphy
5th businessman Jeff Clark
6th Harvard grad, Professor Jeff Varne
7th businessman Floyd Bayne
8th retired Navy Captain Ron “for Rail” Fisher
9th businessman, U.S. Army veteran Jeremiah Heaton
10th accountant Bill Redpath(L)*
11th realtor Dave “for Rail” Gillis


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  1. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder July 28, 2010

    My personal opinion:

    I am not even a Green Party member anymore. But, it offends me to have the name “Independent Green Party of VA” posted here. I am sure that it confuses people with the Green Party.

    This is a kind of rogue group, that does not espouse (or care about) at lot of what most green activists and Green Party members care about.

    This group is in not affiliated with the Green Party of the United States.

    The Independent Green Party of Virginia is mostly a one issue – high speed rail – party. I question where there funding comes from, I believe it is from corporate type folks with an agenda on one or two issues, and/or perhaps from folks with an agenda to replace the real Green Party.

    I am saddened to see Independent Green Party of Virginia news reported here without commentary on their deceptive name.

  2. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative July 28, 2010

    Kimberly Wilder,

    You are offering sadly, silly remarks above…

    The Independent Green Party of Virginia has been in existance for years…

    Members of the Central Committee helped put Ross Perot on the ballot both in 1992 and 1996.

    Indy Greens have run hundreds of candidates…helped and gathered petition signatures for hundreds of independents and other third party candidates.

    Indy Greens have recruited, collected signatures for Independents, Constitutionalists, Libertarians. In 99% of thoses races the Indy Greens volunteered their time, labor, experience and knowledge.

    In a single local board of supervisors race Indy Greens knocked 40,000 doors in 2009.

    What is a real Green Party?

    One that puts full slates of candidates in a state on the ballot year after year, knocks thousands of doors, sends candidates to a few hundred debates…

    Or a Green Party that is lucky to run one candidate every year in an entire state.

    Any sane person surely recognizes the truth. It’s the Independent Green Party of Virginia that is doing the difficult disciplined work here.

    But how could you know the facts on the ground in Virginia?

    You do not. You live in New York.

    Are you saying the Green Party founded on the principals of grassroots action and democracy does not advocate helping put all those people on the ballot.

    Indy Greens have put conservatives, centrists, and progressives on the ballot.

    The Indy Greens have easily recruited more Independents and helped put them on the ballot in Virginia for the last decade, than any other Independent or third party group…bar none.

    Without the Independent Greens of Virginia the Green Party would never have put Nader on the ballot in 2000. They collected nearly 19,000 of the 26,000 signatures that year.

    Look Ralph – while a great American – is just one of hunreds…and one of several Indy Green Presidential candidates. They span the ideological spectrum.

    You have every right to utter, and write whatever foolish nonsense you’d like…

    But it is foolish nonsense indeed…

    Where would funding for High Speed Rail come from… Indy Greens also advocate light rail, heavy rail, and traditional rail. Rail saves lives.

    If you’d just bother to look at http://www.VoteJoinRun.US you’d see the policy articulated in depth. Even with videos.

    First cut the subsidies for auto, oil, asphault…

    Cut spending where else…install and auditable accounting system at the pentagon. Stop no bid uncontested contracts. Count the Taxpayer dollars wasted.

    Surely you’ve noticed…No wait clearly you’ve ignored it because it doesn’t fit your little pigeon hole paradigm…..

    The Independent Green Party of Virginia is the FIRST state party in the nation to join the Coalition Against War Spending.

    As the Indy Greens wrote…”Save $100 billion tax dollars. Bring home the troops from Germany. Save $100 Billion more tax dollars by bringing troops home from Japan, and Korea. Save another f$200 billion by bringing the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    Are you really claiming that’s not Green?

    The recent Green Party platform calls for cutting U.S. military spending by 70 per cent.

    The Independent Greens beat that. Indy Greens are real fiscal conservatives. They call for cutting military spending by 90 per cent.

    Then the U.S. would still spend more money on the military than any nation on earth..

    Are you really claiming that isn’t green?

    Is your beef that most Independent Greens are retired military flag officers?

    It is in fact a Green Party tradition. Remember Major General Gert Bastian was one of the first Green Party members elected to office.

    Or is that the Independent Greens have worked closely with Virginia’s faith community?

    Both successes.

    Do you really believe that isn’t just what Peta Kelly had in mind in the original Green Party founding with the principles of Nonviolence?

    What about when Petra Kelly wrote about Jesus and the sermon on the mount…

    I knew Petra Kelly. I know. I can tell you – the Independent Green Party – it is exactly what she had in mind.

    Perhaps you are upset that every year the Green Party national affiliate runs one candidate in the entire state, and the Independent Greens of Virginia endorse that candidate without fail…

    Meanwhile the Indy Greens run full slates of Independent and Independent Green candidates..

    Kimberly Wilderly you are sadly, and purposefully uninformed, and spreading misinformation.

    That the Indy Greens advocate “More Trains, Less Traffic”,
    “More Candidates, Less Apathy”
    “Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible”
    Balance the Federal Budget. Pay off the Federal Debt, would be enough.

    But there is MUCH more. Look at retired Navy Captain Ron Fisher’s second run for Congress highlighting “Jobs, Justice, Peace”

    Or look at the web page and visit any of the Indy Greens 11 candidates…with conservative, centrist, and progressive campaigns…all in one Independent Green Party…

    That’s right Green Party…

    stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  3. paulie paulie July 28, 2010

    I am saddened to see Independent Green Party of Virginia news reported here without commentary on their deceptive name.

    You’ll noticed that I filed it under Non Left Right Parties, not under Green Party. However, if you want to add a note that they are bot affiliated with the GPUS, please go ahead. I have a bunch of other stuff I’d like to post, so I’ll probably forget to do it, but you can do so if you’d like.

  4. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative July 28, 2010

    One other thing.

    Green Party founder Petra Kelly’s father was retired Col. John Kelly.

    I note that the Independent Greens of Virginia have John Kelly running for Congress this year.

  5. Green Party curious Green Party curious July 28, 2010

    Just curious.

    Howie Hawkins and the Green Party of New York are working to get 15,000 signatures now to get on the ballot.

    How many signatures has the former Green Party member Kimberly Wilder collected?

  6. paulie paulie July 28, 2010

    If she’s a former member, why would she be collecting signatures?

    BTW, your name link is to the Georgia Pacific corporation, not the Green Party. LOL

  7. realpolitik anarchist realpolitik anarchist September 25, 2010

    10th accountant Bill Redpath(L)*


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