Irregular Times reports on Unity12

Articles at Irregular Times looking into the shadowy group “Americans Elect,” AKA “Unity12” (formerly Unity08);

Unity12 Changes its Name and its Goals, Dropping BiPartisanship

Who is Paying Unity12′s Rent for its Top-Floor DC Beltway Suite?

Where Does the Unity12 Task Force Dwell? Receipts Say the DC Beltway

Before Going Public, Unity12 Task Force Starts Ballot Efforts in California

Maze of Websites Brings Unity12 Operation Back to GOP Consultant Jim Jonas

Unity12 Task Force Wholly Funded by 1 Man: Investment Executive and Takeover Artist Peter Ackerman

2 thoughts on “Irregular Times reports on Unity12

  1. Ross

    These are some really good posts. I suggest that anyone even slightly interested in Unity12 or Unity08 take a look because it’s the best reporting I’ve seen on the thing.

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