NC First Party Will Attempt to Qualify in 2012

The North Carolina First Party, which failed to qualify for the ballot in 2010, is going to attempt to qualify for the ballot in 2012.

The union-backed group first attempted to collect enough signatures to form a third political party but fell short. It then collected signatures to put a candidate on the ballot as an independent.

Fant said he decided not to run for family reasons. Kissell’s office had recently fired Fant – alleging he misused a computer for personal reasons – and filed an ethics complaint against him.

N.C. Families First apparently will abandon efforts to run a candidate against Kissell, saying it likes the way he has been voting lately.

In a statement, the group said, “Since we’ve started our effort, we’ve noticed that Congressman Larry Kissell stood up to Wall Street, stood up against Big Oil and stood with working families who lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

“In spite of our tremendous disagreement with him on his vote against health care reform, we applaud him for those votes.”

The group said it would continue organizing to form a third party for the 2012 elections.

The Service Employees International Union is the driving force behind the attempted qualifying of the party. The effort arose out of the SEIU’s displeasure with Democratic congressmen who voted against the recent Healthcare bill.

6 thoughts on “NC First Party Will Attempt to Qualify in 2012

  1. Green Party Conservative

    Let’s just hope they have the wisdom to work with the excellent and disciplined Green Party people there in North Carolina..

    The North Carolina Green Party and this group could form a successfull and strong alliance.

  2. Green Party Conservative….really I kid you not…’s editorial board writes tonight about the Texas Green Party…

    The editorial board says being required to get 44,000 petition signatures – just to be allowed on the ballot – is “..a healthy process”..

    Would like to see them do that…gather all those signatures…and still write those absurd words…

    here’s their tall tale…

    To get on the November ballot this year, it takes about 44,000 signatures from registered voters who did not cast ballots in a primary. The Green Party submitted 92,000 signatures for its ticket, topped by gubernatorial candidate Deb Shafto.

    It’s a healthy process, but it must include full disclosure of the source of money used to hire companies that specialize in gathering petition signatures. In this case, so far, we don’t really know the source of the money that benefited the Green Party

  3. Doug

    Green Party Conservative, you write the same comments on just about every post. You and Robert “PLAS” Milnes should buy ad space on this site or something, to spread your message. It would probably save you a lot of time.

  4. Doug

    I meant to say “messages.” While you are both equally redundant, you say different things.

  5. Green Party Conservative


    thank you for showing the interest. Perhaps.

    Posts are similar in that they attempt to always offer something positive and constructive.

    Seems different to me. Normally I attempt to give thanks for all posts I find worth reading.

    Green Party candidates on the ballot are what my years of pollyticking have proven to me have value. Those are the stories of interest, and greatest import.

    Then I try to add something to the string…as in another Green Party story from the same day, I’ve found elsewhere on the web.

    normally, not much deeper than that.

    Here’s a site worth reading…

    Ron Fisher’s green campaign site focus is on
    peace, jobs, justice, and accountability..

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