Palmer, TX Tea Party endorses Kathie Glass, Libertarian for Governor

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The Palmer, Texas Tea Party has issued Endorsements for 2010.

We are happy to Announce that Kathie Glass has received our Endorsement for governor. I do believe this is the First endorsement from a Tea Party for her Campaign?

Palmer Tea Party endorsements

Palmer Tea Party

PALMER – The Palmer Tea Party has issued its 2010 endorsements for the upcoming general election.

Due to our Tea Party consisting of mainly a group of the “Core 13” in and around Palmer, Bristol, Rockett and Ferris, choices for several races were difficult.

The endorsements were not without heated debate. The Palmer Tea Party will issue endorsements in the 2011 Palmer City Council and Palmer School Board election.

(Publisher’s Full Disclosure: The Palmer Post originally launched the Palmer Tea Party several months ago, and due to interest from Republicans, independents, Libertarians and newcomers, the paper facilitated several meetings and provided candidate lists and explanations for each. While Jon Box is a columnist for the paper, the Palmer Tea Party does not necessarily reflect the entire viewpoints of The Palmer Post)

Palmer Beer & Wine

U.S. Congress | 6th District
Republican Joe Barton

Ellis County Judge
Libertarian Brandy L. Owen

Ellis County Clerk
Republican Cindy Polley

Ellis County District Clerk
Libertarian Shannon Hunter

Ellis County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1
Libertarian Terri Delgado

Ellis County Commissioner Precinct 2
Libertarian Daryl Ray Spence

Ellis County JP Precinct 2
Libertarian Amy Sierra

Libertarian Kathie Glass

Lt. Governor
Republican David Dewhurst

Attorney General
Republican Greg Abbott

Republican Susan Combs

Land Commissioner
Republican Jerry Patterson

Ag Commissioner
Libertarian Rick Donaldson

Railroad Commissioner
Republican David Porter

State Supreme Court Place 3
Libertarian William Bryan Strange

State Supreme Court Place 5
Republican Paul Green

State Supreme Court Place 9
Republican Eva Guzman

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2
Republican Larry Meyers

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 5
Republican Cheryl Johnson

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 6
Republican Michael Keasler

The Palmer Tea Party is a non-partisan organization devoted to restoring Constitutional government at City Hall and Congress. Anyone in the 75152 area code can join, or take part. Residents also welcome from Bristol, Ferris, Ennis, Trumbull and Rockett. For more information, contact Jon Box at

Outside the Box
Jon Box
The Palmer Post

9 thoughts on “Palmer, TX Tea Party endorses Kathie Glass, Libertarian for Governor

  1. tim wilson

    How can you support Susan Combs for comptroller? She is using our tax dollars to bring a racetrack to Austin, in lock step with Democrat Kirk Watson sd 14 (Travis County). $25 million per year for a racetrack? How is that within the Tea Party lines? Me thinks you should do some research…
    Here is Mary Lou Serafine (R), speaking at a Bastrop Tea Party about wasting tax funds on this boondoggle. Cheers!

  2. Joey G. Dauben | The Ellis County Observer

    I can tell you that after all the stuff about Combs’ only opponent in November, Mary Ruwart, why my guys decided not to endorse anyone other than Combs.

    Would you like for me to show and tell you why they backed Combs and not Ruwart?

    PS: I’m the publisher of that paper, but only “consult” with the Tea Party guys in town.

  3. Jeff Daiell

    I am glad to see that the TEA Party in Palmer is standing up for taxpayers in so many races. Both Beltway parties have damaged taxpayers so badly that neither deserves our support, and the Palmer TEA Party’s endorsements of several Libertarians will serve notice on politicians in Ellis and surrounding counties that they cannot expect to abuse taxpayers and still draw TEA Party support.

    Jeff Daiell

  4. To idioots every where ..... Lake

    Palmer Tea Party is a non-partisan organization devoted to restoring Constitutional government at City Hall and Congress. Anyone in the 75152 area code * can join ………. and the Mass Greenie DOCTOR Jill Stein award, for not knowing the day of the week or the

    *postal ZIP [Zone Improvement Plan] code ……. duh!

    next ??????????

    [a] number of US House offices up for election this year **

    [b] ATM machine, as in ‘automatic teller machine machine’

    [c] GOP moles of the TEA Movement as a ‘non-partisan organization’

    [d] INDEPENDENT Political Report as Fox News ‘fair and balanced’

    [e] a bid on a tower in France any one?

    [f] a bridge in New York?

    [g] a wall in Germany?

    ** ALL OF THEM, 435, every two years, and about a third of the 100 US Senators [every six years]

  5. paulie Post author

    Unlike Faux News, IPR actually is fair and balanced.

    For proof, you need to look no further than the fact that while Mr. Lake accuses us of right wing bias (I guess), Mr. Dondero just as frequently accuses us of left wing bias.

  6. To idiooots every where ..... Lake

    “Agricultural Commissioner, Libertarian, Rick Donaldson”

    ……….. fine, but please tell me that independent icon and my favorite Jewish Cowboy, Richard ‘Kinky’ Friedman, hilarious author, irrevalent commentator, was at least considered for Ag Com,

    ………. after all, Kinky, big time pet shelter advocate, has ‘gone to the dogs’ many moons ago!

  7. To idioooots every where ..... Lake

    The operative word being ‘I guess’ —— and while ‘paulie’ and others are to be lauded for their volunteer work against the Dem – Rep machine, I have never ever argued, begged, reguested for partisan ship, never, not once.

    I have only asked for fairness and truth, and usually get a lot of grief for my efforts …….. [no good deed goes unpunished]

    Fact: IPR brags of it’s range and popularity [and that is fine, as well they should]

    Fact: IPR would not up date factual information on Nightmare Nightingale [my words] with rationale like, it is not the most [the one and only most?] views and or commentated.

    Supposition: with hits nearing FIVE HUNDRED, it [the July 2009 Nightingale Announces piece] held SOME interest and SOME influence on the actual June 8th California American International Party Primary,

    Supposition: Tons of potential voters could either conclude the lie [that Nightingale was still the director of California’s ‘Save Our State’] OR wade thru HUNDREDS of updates to find the new found truth, that the wicked witch of the west had been ‘let go’ for malfeasence and that her spouse describes him self as both ‘Hustler’ and or ‘Huckster’ and that her staff claims endorsement from dead people and that she had been CONVICTED of fraud and that she does not know how many children she has ………..

    And wait, all I wanted was ONE truthful, non partisan, non directive update. ‘What a difference a year makes’ ——— namely that she was involutarily NO LONGER an excutive in the SOS organization.

    Is that too much to ask ——- apparently so!

  8. To idiooooots every where ..... Lake

    paulie “while Mr. Lake accuses us of right wing bias (I guess), Mr. Dondero just as frequently accuses us of left wing bias …..”

    Hmmmm, like my spot lights on the gross incompetence of ‘slightly left of Ganhdi’ confirmed lefties, Camp Cindy Sheehan tour guide and Doctor Duh Jill Stein!

    These are two ladies whom could easily mess up a two vehicle parade!

    The truth, the truth, the truth

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