Peace and Freedom Party Candidates, Voter Information Guide Statement

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Peace and Freedom Party Candidates

All of the Peace and Freedom candidates have pages on our campaign website. Most also have their own campaign websites (and more will have them soon). Links to both are provided here.

Statewide Propositions

Here is a summary of our positions on the ten statewide propositions on the November 2, 2010 ballot. Note: we have taken positions on five of the ten, and will take positions on the rest at the July 31 state convention in San Francisco. Click on a proposition to see our analysis.

This is the Peace and Freedom Party’s statement in the 2010 statewide Voter Information Guide.

The Peace and Freedom Party is a working-class party in a country run by and for the wealthy and their corporations. We should not have to sacrifice our health, our livelihoods and our planet for our bosses’ profits. We can tax the rich, whose wealth is entirely created by workers, to pay for the people’s needs. We favor:

* Bringing all troops home now.
* Ending all discrimination.
* Full rights for immigrants.
* Free health care for everyone.
* Good services for disabled people.
* Restoring and protecting the environment.
* Real democracy and fair political representation.
* Free education for all from preschool through the university.
* Decent jobs and full labor rights for all.

As long as our system puts the wealthy first, we will suffer war, police brutality, low wages, unsafe workplaces and pollution. We advocate socialism, which we see as the ownership and democratic control of the economy by working people. If we join together to take back our industries and natural resources, we can work together democratically and cooperatively for the common good, rather than being slaves to the rich and their corporations.

Vote for those who speak up for your own needs, the candidates of the Peace and Freedom Party.

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  1. Let's spread the word, the truth ..... Lake

    will election official / Secretary of State wanna be Marylou Cabral be more of a consence builder than piss poor disappointment, Libertarian Christina ‘Fair and Equal’ Tobin?

    ‘Good on ya’ ctweber, in getting every one to construct a web site, now get them noticed by …….

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