Tea Party to Libertarian candidate: Non-Republicans need not apply

Excerpted from an article in the Libertarian Examiner by Garry Reed:

The Rockwall County Tea Party staged a big event on Saturday called “Taking Back the House Floor” and (Libertarian candidate Jim) Prindle had wanted to be a part of it.

Maybe speaking, maybe setting up an outreach booth to promote his candidacy, maybe just to show up and pass out campaign literature.

So Prindle, who is running against the 87-year-old incumbent Republican Congressman Ralph Hall, inquired about all three possibilities.

He received a reply via email:

“Regarding you[r] question about literature, if it’s Republican literature and/or promotes Ralph Hall, literature is welcome. Literature for opposing candidates will not be permitted. If you have TEA Party literature promoting conservative values, that will be welcome, also. Thanks, John White.”

Prindle told the Dallas Libertarian Examiner, “The letter from John White was upsetting as it came from the head of the Rockwall Tea Party, a non-partisan group that does not endorse or support candidates….riiiiiight!”

6 thoughts on “Tea Party to Libertarian candidate: Non-Republicans need not apply

  1. Patriot-X

    This is precisely the problem with collectivism. “I’m of Apollos! I’m of Cephas!” Stand on your own two damn feet and work with everyone you agree with on the things where you agree, and don’t work with even the same folks on things you disagree. Unions are for sheep, and parties/movements are unions.

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