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Uncovered Politics ‘Oddball’: Pro-Life (formerly named Marvin Richardson)

Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics:

Today’s oddball in the spotlight is Pro-Life.

Yes, that’s the man’s name.

Marvin Richardson legally changed his name to “Pro-Life” after an Idaho court refused to allow him to be listed on the ballot with the label in a 2006 race for Governor as the Constitution Party candidate. The Constitution Party of Idaho eventually tried to distance themselves from him and in the end, Richardson finished third, essentially tied with the Libertarian nominee for 1.6% of the vote.

In 2008, he appeared on the ballot for U.S. Senate as an independent with the name “Pro-Life” and polled 1.3% for fifth place behind the major party candidates, independent Rex Rammell (5.4%) and the Libertarian nominee, Kent Marmon (1.5%).

The article goes on to say

I can almost guarantee you he’s the only candidate on the ballot this election cycle who shares both his birthday and the date that he was “fertilized” by his parents. (Seriously, he lists the date on his website…)

In fact, his whole biography is worth a read. He’s farmed strawberries, mined coal in an open pit, been a sportswriter, worked as an accountant and had 15 children.

Pro-Life’s website is

Cassidy’s full article.

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  1. A Different Green Party Conservative A Different Green Party Conservative July 28, 2010

    Pro Life should join the Green Party. He could become one of the growing number of awesome and brave Green Party Conservative candidates which are rapidly changing our world.

  2. HumbleTravis HumbleTravis July 28, 2010

    There was a lengthy interview with this candidate on Third Party Watch, but I guess that text has disappeared into the memory hole now.

  3. as posted on United States Senate / Governor campaign site:

    The guy with the ‘bumper sticker’ vehicle I met at the Veterans Park in Bosie in the summer of 2006 was shoddily dressed, did not speak in complete sentences and did not hold a responsive gaze for long. Just saying ……….., California

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