Warren Redlich, Kristin Davis disagree on “Mosque” in New York City

NY Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich writes:

There’s been a lot of misleading information about Cordoba House, the Islamic Community Center proposed for New York City, not too far from the World Trade Center site.

Let’s be clear about one thing. It’s not a mosque. It’s a community center. Yes, it will have a large room for prayer. That doesn’t make it a mosque.

Another thing: I detest radical Islam, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. I strongly support Israel. I’m Jewish. If I’m in a group of people captured by violent Muslims, I’m first in line for beheading. So don’t think for a second I’m soft on Islamic terrorists.

I’ve read some comments recently have been irking me.

First, some compare this community center to the Japanese building religious institutions near Pearl Harbor.

Reality check: Japan Airlines flies from Honolulu International Airport. The airport is about 1000 feet from The Mall at Pearl Harbor. There are a number of Japanese religious facilities in Honolulu some of them very close to the harbor, even encircling it – Waipahu Soto Zen Temple Taiyoji, Wipahu Hongwanji Mission, Rissho Kosea Kai Buddhist Center, and Aiea Hongwanji Mission Hall.

Demographics show ethnic Japanese to constitute somewhere between 16 and 25% of the population of Hawaii. Honolulu and Pearl City have a dramatically higher percentage of Asians and thus, most likely, of Japanese descent.

So let’s move past that stupid argument.

Second, Rick Lazio has called for an investigation into the financing for the community center. He suggests that the money may come from sources linked to Islamic terrorist groups.

Mr. Lazio, you are on leave from your lobbying job at JP Morgan Chase. Your employer does business in the Arab world, with facilities in Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. Saudi Arabia was home to most of the 9/11 terrorists, and remains the home of the bin Laden family. Does JP Morgan Chase do any business with the bin Laden family? That might be worthy of an investigation.

Third, I have asked some people if they would object if it was a synagogue, church, Jewish community center, or YMCA. All of them say that wouldn’t bother them. So the reason for opposing this facility is because it’s associated with the Muslim religion. That violates freedom of religion under the First Amendment.

Fourth, some compare this to how the Saudis would not allow a church in Mecca. That’s the whole point of American exceptionalism. Our country is better because we support freedom. Any Jew should be disturbed about this argument. If the US follows the Saudi model, we would become a Christian country and synagogues would not be allowed.

People associated with the Tea Party movement often invoke the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment and the Tenth Amendment. If you support the Constitution, then support the whole document. Too often, so-called conservatives tout the 2nd Amendment but disdain the First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Many are not keen on the Fourteenth either.

Liberals suffer the same problem. They often dismiss the Second and Tenth Amendments, and ignore the limits of the Fourteenth Amendment and the Commerce Clause.

If you support the Constitution then support it fully, not just when it’s convenient for your ideology. Jews supported the right of Nazis marching in Skokie. That doesn’t mean we don’t hate them.

Meanwhile, Libertarian Republican reports that Anti-Prohibition candidate Kristin Davis holds a differing opinion:

Fireworks erupted at the Birthday Party of Kristin Davis, Anti-Prohibtion Party candidate for New York Governor, last Saturday night.

Davis interupted her prepared remarks to make a special statement on the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero controversy.

“If I can ask you to be serious for one minute in a night which is supposed to be a party I want to talk about something I feel very, very strongly about- I do not want a Mosque built near the 9/11 sight. I think it is wrong and would be held up as an important propaganda victory by radical extremist Islamics. The people of New York, the families of those murdered oppose this monument to the attack on this country.”

54 thoughts on “Warren Redlich, Kristin Davis disagree on “Mosque” in New York City

  1. d.eris

    “I do not want a Mosque built near the 9/11 sight.”

    I guess Davis is still working through the whole ANTI-Prohibition thing.

  2. Eric Sundwall

    The more important distinction is between Paladino. Warren’s getting more traction there than anything Davis hopes to accomplish.


    It’s clear now that the LPNY made the right decision with regard to the candidate of reason and tolerance. It’s also worthwhile to note the bravery of the position in comparison to so called tea partiers.

    Warren has stated his position regarding the mosque on two other recent radion interviews.



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  4. paulie Post author


    This week, Sarah Palin posted Twitter comments urging Muslims and New Yorkers to put a stop to a proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero because the pain from the 9/11 attacks “is too raw, too real.” But as Steve Chapman explains, Palin’s position is hard to reconcile with the reverence she and her fans claim to hold for the Founding Fathers, who gave the highest protection to religious freedom.

  5. Andy

    What difference does it make if a Mosque is built near Ground Zero? It is not as though Muslims were behind the 9/11 attack. 9/11 was an inside job. Anyone who hasn’t had their head shoved up their ass for the past 9 years and 10 months knows this.

  6. Andy

    And of course there is also the property rights arguement that says that if these Muslims purchased this land and they want to build a Mosque on it that is their right.

  7. Thomas L. Knapp

    “9/11 was an inside job. Anyone who hasn’t had their head shoved up their ass for the past 9 years and 10 months knows this.”

    This is amazing! Since you’re back to making the “inside job” claim, it must mean that after nearly 10 years, you’ve finally found some evidence to support it.

    Probably not a lot, but even a little — a crumb, an ort, an iota, i.e. more than you’ve ever been able to provide before, which is zero, zip, zilch, nada — would be pretty dramatic. So please, share.

  8. Gene Berkman

    Thanks for Warren for communicating some rational thought on this.

    As Warren says, what makes America exceptional – and different from Saudi Arabia etc – is the principle of tolerance.

    As an atheist I am totally opposed to the Islamic concept that religion should control all aspects of society. And our philosophical fight against Islam must continue – within the context of freedom of conscience.

    Building an Islamic center close to Ground Zero appears to be tone deaf. But clearly they will have to be on their best behavior because everyone will know the connection between Islamic extremism and the crimes of 9/11.

  9. Truthteller

    Warren Redlich advocates sex with under-age girls. He has been disciplined by the NY Bar 5 times. The man is an embarassing low-life.

    He is not electable and will not win 50,000 voted for the libertarians.

    He was running for the Republican nomination but could get no one to nominate him at their convention and couldn”t collect enough signatures to get on the GOP ballot.

    Now he will try to submit over 15,000 fraudulent signatures to get on the ballot as a Libertarian which he is not. The Disrict Attorneys in the Capital district will be poised to prosecute any fraud the Board of elections finds and refers in those petitions. By next week the DA’s in the NY Area will be on board to do the same.

    Redlich? Traction? In what Universe. His petitions will be challenged. He wont be on the ballot.

    He’s a joke.

  10. SPO101

    All this talk about racism is complete bulls***. I can’t believe at THIS SHAKY TIME in US history that ANY of this nation’s so-called LEADERS or news media would be wasting the Public’s time with this pitiful madness. F*** YOU @$$****’s. The likes of Andrew Breitbart and this evil cabal at FOX News needs to be stopped, NOW! Find them at their places of business and END THIS PATHETIC BULLSHIT before they incite anymore of the mental deficient’s to strike out. (right Byron Williams/Joe Stack III? …you demon m*****ers)

    Is there just ONE of you pathetic sworn oath mofo’s that KNOWS what your doing? PLEASE tell me your plan… y’know, what PoliticHo’s are going to do about the SAD state of this nation?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Republicans are f***’n INSANE! I preach that because the American PEOPLE are suffering through the results of 8 miserable years of Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled congress (1994-2006)… and the SHAMELESS, HYPOCRITICAL b*****’s refuse to take RESPONSIBILITY!

    Criminals in Congress (such as Tom Delay) created a system of politician/lobbyist collusion that’s ILLEGAL in most civilized western nations. The set themselves up SWEET at the expense of the American PEOPLE!

    Waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, sexual deviancy, corruption, lies, incompetence, job outsourcing, off-shore tax evasion, reckless economics, welfare for the rich, deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations AND a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions…. The WORST looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of MANKIND!

    NOTE: (Where was the Tea Party anger THEN? Ya #*~/ ignorant hypocrites)

    AND these crazy, paranoid, hateful right-wingers are making a big deal about WHAT? TWO Black Panthers?? I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole voter intimidation thing was paid for/set up by some racist fanatic GOP operative. (like the whole Alvin Greene fiasco in SC and the 2000 Presidential election) Republicans love their “DIRTY TRICKS”, don’t they?

    Here’s the thing… Republicans are TERRIFIED the American PEOPLE are going to RISE UP and DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY! So ANY divisive tool they can find will be used to keep the public focused on BS. It doesn’t matter Black VS White, White VS Hispanic, Men VS Women, with a side of severe ideological/religious superiority complexes, etc…

    The point is to BURY or DIVERT attention from stories about Republican Party crimes against humanity. The main thing Republicans seems to be striving for is to remain UNACCOUNTABLE for everything. QUIT WASTING the TAXPAYERS TIME!

    You know what, I‘ll be the blame guy? Maybe THEN these so-called representatives of the American PEOPLE can get some WORK DONE. If the cowards just blame ME for all the low grade thought processes, warped policy, closed minds and incompetence. Here I’ll make it EASY for you stiffs. You want racism, I’ll give you sarcastic racism.

    You WASP m*****’s, the problem with America begins/ends with White Anglo Saxon Protestants. With their f**** blue eyes, freckles and Sean Hannity. Nothing but a bunch of vain, self-serving, greed stricken, power mad, celebrity worshipping, holier-than-thou, silver spoon con artists.

    For GOD’s sake, even Pat Robertson/700 Club is criticizing the regulatory reforms of Wall St. In Biblical times, these whacked out, so-called Christians would have been in the Temple protecting the money changers from JESUS.

    AND you Mormons, Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney… NEED I SAY MORE?

    #*~/’n Gays and Lesbians… WHAT, you spoiled fags ain’t got enough, already? All the best, good paying jobs, movies, theater, style, fashion and West Hollywood wasn’t enough for you, right? (lol) NOOooo you spoiled basterds have to have the EQUAL RIGHTS too! #*~?’n crybabies…

    Hey, lets not forget about trouble making Niggers who want to use all that money for Corporate subsidies on HELPING POOR PEOPLE. #*~/’n Eggplants are kissing up to the Crackers… Watching their TV commercials, buying all their plastic crap in many pretty colors or getting hooked on CSI Miami. The world’s gone completely mad. Crackers acting like Niggers, Niggers acting like Crackers… everything is all mixed up and divisive, right?

    All that White Collar Crime and Republicans are blaming Mexican laborers and the POOR? 40 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level, 2 million illegal immigrants and 2 Black Panthers are the REAL threat, right?

    And those f*** Saudi Arabians. I know those sneaky bastards are up to something evil, right? You’re making a GIANT suicide bomb in the Gulf, aren’t you. Those aren’t dispersants, that’s fertilizer that mixed with all the spilled oil. You Muslim ****’s want to WIPE OUT most of the USA in one big environmental catastrophe, methane gas BLAST! Worse than any nuke, RIGHT?

    And the Jews… JESUS Christ, where do I start? (lol) Goldman Sachs and Lehman Bros alone is enough, right? The banks, Wall Street, the broadcast news media, TV and that @$$**** Joe Liebermann? What the f***… Is making outrageous profits REALLY worth screwing over your fellow Americans/human beings for?

    Ok, I think I covered all the RACISM bases… (sorry) Now BLAME ME, and then move on to SOLVE ALL THE DIRE DISASTERS our great nation is facing. Ya waste of Tax Payer dollars mofo’s… NOW GET TO WORK!


  11. Wiseburn

    Truthteller is a Democratic Party Operative from Albany County.

    His lies show how scared they are of Redlich and how much traction he is gaining.

  12. Eric Dondero

    Knapp would be perfectly fine with the Japs building a “Cultural Center” at Pearl Harbor.

    Or, the KKK building an Outreach Center at Gettysburg.

    And you know that WWII Graveyard at the Beaches of Normandy that’s for American soldiers killed in the invasion, well, Knapp and his leftwinger kind would just luuuuuv for the NeoNazis to gain control of the half a square mile of US sovereign territory on French soil and set up some sort of “Hitler Rememberence” Museum.

    America’s Enemies? Why Knappy and his merry-band of Lefty followers embrace them, with big hugs and kisses.

  13. Eric Dondero

    Redlich’s right in one regard. It’s not a proposed “Mosque,” exactly. It’s better defined as a Muslim Terrorist Training Center.

    Libertarian Pamela Geller has all the details. The “Ground Zero Mosque,” is actually slated to be a headquarters for Islamo-Fascist incursions into the United States and Terrorist attacks on NYC.

    You could almost say, anyone who endorses the NYC Islamic Terrorist Training Center at Ground Zero is aligning themselves with America’s Number One enemy – Al Qaeda, and is guilty of the highest of Treasonous acts.

  14. Eric Dondero

    Redlich’s so worried about protecting the Constitution. Note – Redlich IS NOT A VETERAN OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY.

    If he was any sort of Defender of the Constitution as he claims to be, he would have served his Nation in uniform.

  15. Starchild

    Kudos to Warren Redlich for his principled libertarian stand on this issue. New York candidates face greater incentives than most to pander to anti-Muslim bigotry rather than upholding Constitutional rights. I’m glad to hear that the Libertarian Party’s gubernatorial candidate will not be among them.

    Note to Eric Dondero – Supporting the Constitution and working as a uniformed employee of the United States government are totally unrelated.

    Delusional notions about terrorist training centers aside, if that is really what you believe, you should welcome the development — keep your enemies in plain view where you can keep an eye on them, as they say.

  16. Thomas L. Knapp

    “If he was any sort of Defender of the Constitution as he claims to be, he would have served his Nation in uniform.”

    I’m not sure why you think your three years in uniform, much of it on detached duty in support of Saddam Hussein’s regime, are such a touchstone of patriotism that they must be applied to everyone else.

  17. Eric Dondildo is a Racist

    Did Dondildo really just say ‘Japs’ in reference to the Japanese?

    Fuck you, Dondildo, you racist piece of shit.

  18. Thomas M. Sipos

    Dondero: “Knapp would be perfectly fine with the Japs building a “Cultural Center” at Pearl Harbor.”

    “the Japs”? You still use that term? You think that’s acceptable?

    “Or, the KKK building an Outreach Center at Gettysburg.”

    You can’t compare the entire Japanese or Muslim peoples, to the KKK.

    I’d explain why, but it’s late, and it’s hopeless explaining anything to you, Dondero.

  19. George Phillies

    To say something nice about Dondero, his Libertarian Republican web site gives an accurate impression of Republican ‘libertarian’ thinking, and makes very clear why Libertarians who support Republican candidates are bad people.

  20. Lora

    Thanks Roger. I now have your ip address. To impersonate another on the Internet is a crime in New York, even if you post from Miami.

  21. wolfefan

    Hi Eric –

    Is military service really the only way one can serve the country?

  22. AroundtheblockAFT

    Someone please tell Eric Dondero that someone has appropriated his name and is embarrassing him here.

  23. d.eris

    “Libertarian Pamela Geller has all the details. The “Ground Zero Mosque,” is actually slated to be a headquarters for Islamo-Fascist incursions into the United States and Terrorist attacks on NYC.”

    Well, if the plan goes through, then you can fight them here so you don’t have to fight them “over there.” Will save a lot of money on transport and logistics.

  24. lora

    Nice try— I broke with Stone ages ago– and Redlich is still a perv……Lora

  25. paulie Post author

    This latest lora appears to be the same person as the original comment by lora, not the same person as the Lora that posted later in the thread.

  26. Lora

    The dead giveaway is that I didn’t use his last name in my post; he did in his second post as me.

  27. To idiooooooots every where ..... Lake

    Truthteller // Jul 22, 2010:
    “Warren Redlich advocates sex with under-age girls. He has been disciplined by the NY Bar 5 times. The man is an embarassing low-life………”

    Ask Doctor Gruntman, Jim King, Nightmare Nightingale, Cody Banks advocate and FORMER attorney Gary Odom ’bout his ‘rosy’ relations with the unusally lenient California State Bar …..

  28. Thomas L. Knapp


    Not even Sir Isaac Newton can turn the WTC 7 collapse into “the speed of gravity.” That collapse took about 3 hours and 20 minutes from observed beginning to completion, so unless the building was several thousand miles tall, no dice.

  29. paulie Post author

    That depends on what you are calling “the collapse”. The structure was still erect until the last few seconds. Some people claim that the fires that were going on before that were a stage of collapse. Others disagree.

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  35. Bruce Barron

    Just simply drop about 10 or so pigs with their blood on this moslem or islamic terrorist cell site and that will put an end to it.

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  40. Peace

    No Controversial Buildings near Ground O and find another location. See the Logan Act and where is the money coming from to build and develop ?

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