DC Statehood Green Party primary garners attention from the LGBTQ press

On September 14th, voters in the DC Statehood Green Party primary will decide between two candidates running for city council, at-large.  One is David Schwartzman, self-described “professor, scientist, ecologist, human rights and peace activist, and fair tax advocate,” while the other candidate is Darryl Moch, the Executive Director of the Labor Heritage Foundation and ordained minister.  He is also gay, which prompted the following article (the full thing can be read here) from the Washington Blade:

But in a little-known development, Mendelson could face yet another gay challenger in the November general election. Darryl Moch, an ordained minister and assistant pastor at D.C.’s gay-oriented Inner Light Ministries, is one of two candidates running for the at-large seat in the Statehood Green Party primary on Sept. 14.

If Mendelson wins the Democratic primary and Moch defeats rival David Schwartzman in the Statehood Green primary, the two will go against each other in the general election. No Republican candidate is running for the seat.

Moch told the Blade earlier this month that he’s running as an openly gay candidate with a focus on his party’s longtime mission: to secure congressional voting rights and eventual statehood for the District of Columbia. He said he would be an aggressive supporter of LGBT issues on the Council and is a strong backer of the city’s same-sex marriage equality law.

4 thoughts on “DC Statehood Green Party primary garners attention from the LGBTQ press

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party of America endorses all the efforts of the DC Statehood Green Party, despite its rivalry with the national Green Party as a whole. Making DC a state would help the Democratic Party and Catholic Trotskyism in the long run.

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