Delaware Independent Party, Blue Enigma Party Nominate Candidates

Ballot Access News:

On August 25, the Independent Party released the names of its nominees for U.S. Senator and U.S. House. Also the Blue Enigma Party released the name of its nominee for U.S. Senate. See this story, which also covers the Constitution Party’s failure to regain its spot on the ballot this year.

The Green Party is ballot-qualified in Delaware but has no nominees this year.

The Libertarian Party had already turned in the names of its nominees.

2 thoughts on “Delaware Independent Party, Blue Enigma Party Nominate Candidates

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Not sure what you mena by that Jamie, but I have to say I would like more coverage of the Blue Enigma Party. Maybe I’ll email them and ask if someone from there could ask to post here. Or at least start commenting here. It would be great to get the Blue Enigma perspective to balance out my Catholic Trotskyist perspective, the PLAS perspective and whatever else we have here.

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