Glenn Wilson: The $2 Million Man

From the Petoskey News-Review:

Glenn Wilson, an independent candidate and Rose City business owner who filed to run in the 1st Congressional district, pledged to spend $2 million in an attempt to shatter two-party politics.

“I’m looking forward to sending the message from Northern Michigan voters to the entrenched power in Washington that principle is more important than party loyalties,” Wilson said in a statement announcing his active campaign.

Running for the 1st Congressional district is the first political venture for Wilson, who owns a telephone and Internet provider service called M-33 Access in northeastern Michigan.

Thus far, Wilson has raised a little over $26,000. Few minor party or independent candidates reach a level of fundraising of $2 million. This cycle may feature quite a few, including Tim Cahill in Massachusetts and Charlie Crist in Florida, but these candidates recently left major parties for largely electoral reasons and have a past history of appearing on statewide ballots. In addition, these candidates generally face much more expensive media markets than the 1st district features.

You can see¬†Wilson’s campaign website here. Michigan’s First District has been in the news alot lately, as it is being vacated by the infamous Bart Stupak.

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