Libertarians meet on Murkowski; keep their girlfriends in the dark…

….According to Sean Cockerham in the Anchorage Daily News

A decision was reached but the board members apparently swore secrecy.

”I can’t discuss that right now with absolutely anyone. Not even my girlfriend,” Party Vice Chair Harley Brown said.

For background, see:
Alaska: Will The Libertarian Party Sell Out Its Principles To Win A Senate Seat?

Murkowski As Libertarian Polls 34%

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  1. Just Say NO!


    Party of Principle


    party of whores ?

    tune in for our next episode …

  2. Steven wilson

    November 3rd, LP is no longer valid. Brothel no. 3, Slaughter house no. 5, The rose above the door no. 1…post hoc.

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  4. Michael H. Wilson

    Sen. Lisa Murkowski Concedes Alaska Republican Primary for Senate

    Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska conceded late Tuesday in her
    Republican primary race to Joe Miller, a lawyer from
    Fairbanks backed by Tea Party activists, Sarah Palin and
    other conservatives.

    Mr. Miller shocked the political establishment here and in
    Washington last week when he emerged with a narrow lead,
    1,668 votes, after the primary vote, on Aug. 24.

    Mr. Miller, who had trailed badly in local polls in the weeks
    before the election, benefited from a last-minute flood of
    advertisements, mailings and automated calls casting Ms.
    Murkowski as a Democrat in disguise. An abortion-related
    ballot measure also brought conservatives to the polls.

    Read More:

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