Michael White: What does the Illinois Republican Party stand for?

From Michael White,
Candidate for Governor of Illinois
Constitution Party

The End Justifies the Means
What does the Illinois Republican Party stand for?

The Illinois Republican Party, a party that claims to support “less litigation*,” retained attorneys and a private investigator to limit your choice in the November 2nd election. Thus far, they have attacked the candidates, the petition circulators and challenged the intention of Illinois voters.

After candidates and volunteers for the Constitution Party spent 4 grueling days analyzing thousands of individual petition signer entries at the Illinois Board of Elections in Springfield, the Board of Elections determined that at least 25,017 voter’s entries are VALID (exceeding the minimum requirement for ballot access).

Now, after another failed attempt to eliminate a free and equal election, they are attacking the Board of Elections staff. Republican attorneys have submitted an affidavit accusing a staff member of having a “cavalier” attitude. Just to put this into perspective, the staff had to spend the better part of 4 days reviewing petition signer information against the Board of Elections data base. Moreover, the Board of Election staff worked with one representative for the candidate and one for the Republican Party looking over their shoulder. A letter of gratitude would be more appropriate when one considers the staff’s patience and commitment for accepting this additional volunteer duty.

This “End Justifies the Means” philosophy is destroying Illinois. The Illinois Republican “End” is to eliminate voter choice by putting party over “We the people”. The Illinois Republican “means” is wasting tax payer dollars, spreading voter apathy and limiting our choice.

It’s up to you Illinois, contact the Illinois Republican Party and demand they stop the unwarranted objection against the Constitution Party, the petty accusations against state employees and the assault on our Liberty.

Let the Republican Party know how you feel
Springfield Office Phone: 217-525-0011 Email: info@ilgop.org
Chicago Office Phone: 312-201-9000 Email: info@ilgop.org

Supporting Information:

* What the Illinois Republican Party stands for – http://www.weareillinois.org/change/


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