MN Guv: Rob Hahn Launches Ad Campaign

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes about Rob Hahn‘s upcoming “No-Frills” ad campaign:

Hahn said about two dozen spots will air on cable T.V. Sunday and Monday and cost less than $5,000.

Labeled “Leadership and Honesty,” the ad features Hahn talking about how he dealt with a restraining order that his ex-wife got against him. “I talked about it openly on the steps of the Capitol earlier this year long before it ever made headline news,” he says.

Hahn has taken an interesting strategy. Rather than ignoring his largest negative as a candidate, he has attempted to turn it into a campaign issue for his benefit. This could definitely be a double-edged sword for the gubernatorial candidate.

In other news, Hahn continues to call for rival Tom Horner, a PR executive who is also running for the Minnesota Independence Party nomination, to release his client list from his days in business.

While most commentators believe Hahn will lose his August 10th primary to Horner, Hahn’s campaign claims polling to the contrary. It will be interesting to find out where Hahn’s fundraising has come from for this internal polling and ads when the next campaign finance reports are out; Horner claims Hahn is fuelled by Republican sabotage while Hahn vehemently denies the charges.

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