Ohio voting board office hides elephant, donkey after Libertarian’s complaint

Associated Press:

NEWARK, Ohio — The elephant and the donkey are going into hiding at an Ohio voting board.

A Libertarian candidate saw ceramic figurines of the Republican and Democratic symbols on the counter at the Licking County Board of Elections when he filed paperwork to run for county commissioner.

James Snedden Jr. says the display showed bias toward candidates for the two major parties. He filed a complaint with the board on Aug. 4.

Board director Sue Penick says the panel has since heard from the Ohio Secretary of State’s office. The state office recommended that the red, white and blue statuettes be kept out of sight, to avoid conflicts.

The animal figurines are now off the counter, but still in the office.

5 thoughts on “Ohio voting board office hides elephant, donkey after Libertarian’s complaint

  1. Kevin Knedler

    It is a violation of the Ohio Revised Code to have signs, stickers, badges, figures, etc for a candidate or political party near a polling place–Title 35. There is a polling place in that BOE in Licking County, Ohio. They took down the figures, and now know there is a new political party in town. The BOE may have been advised they were dealing with the same LPO that had taken the state of Ohio to federal court twice– and won both times. Whatever, they did the right thing on their own and matter is resolved.

    I sense there are a few Porcupine quills sticking in some R and D folks.

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