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OR Pacific Greens Fear Spoiling Race, Decline to Run Gubernatorial Candidate

Jeff Mapes of The Oregonian provides some interesting news from the recent Pacific Green nominating convention in Oregon:

The Greens met in Portland on Saturday and discussed having Eugene resident Candy Neville run for governor.  Instead, it was decided that a “US Senate run was best for her,” according the minutes of the meeting.

Seth Woolley, the party’s secretary, said in an email that, “A narrow majority seem too troubled by the differences between [Republican Chris] Dudley and [Democrat John] Kitz[haber] to nominate anybody for that specific race and spoil it.”

Neville has some experience at running for US Senate, the position she will now pursue. The article points out that

Neville, a real estate broker, first gained political attention in 2008 when she sought the Democratic nomination for Senate.  Although she lacked campaign funds or any organizational backing, she got a fair amount of attention in the race as a passionate opponent of U.S. involvement in Iraq.  She wound up participating in some of the televised debates and finished third (behind the eventual nominee, Jeff Merkley, and Steve Novick) with 7 percent of the vote.

Considering Woolley specifically said it was a narrow majority’s decision, there probably was some division on the issue. It could perhaps be motivated in part by another minor party hopeful trying to get on the ballot: Soloflex founder Jerry Wilson. A dusty SUSA poll had Wilson at 7% support in a three-way matchup with Dudley (R) and Kitzhaber (D), with the Republican leading by about 7 points.

Currently, Wilson has no ballot line. He recently lost the nomination of the Independent Party to Kitzhaber. Wilson is now petitioning to get the Progressive Party on the ballot, so we will see what happens in due time. UPDATE: In the comments, Mr. Wilson points out that the party successfully submitted their petitions, so he will be on the ballot in the gubernatorial race.

There are two minor party candidates in the gubernatorial race: Wes Wagner and Constitution Party candidate Greg Kord.

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  1. Jerry Wilson Jerry Wilson August 3, 2010

    The Progressive Party of Oregon did meet the deadline. I will be on the November ballot. Here’s a draft of my Voter’s Guide statement:

    Oregon’s Constitution grants the governor “Executive Powers.” That means the governor can do anything he wants – without the consent of the legislature and courts. This power is granted to deal with emergencies, or deadlock. It has never been used in Oregon for anything significant, by custom. I am explaining this because if elected I will use the Executive Power to do something VERY significant – I will
    ban all money from politics in Oregon. No contributions of any kind will be permitted to those seeking or holding public office. Money is the root cause of every ailment in our body politic. There will be no more “government-for-sale” in this state. Candidates for public office can publish their resumes and ideas in an expanded voter’s guide. We do not allow those who judge the law to be influenced by money. The same must hold true for those who make and enforce the laws. This is a truly revolutionary thing I will do if you elect me. It may be the last and only chance you will ever get as a voter to truly have an impact on politics. And what an impact it would be!

    I will also end the Drug War. No explanation necessary, you already know why.

  2. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN August 3, 2010

    Jerry Wilson

    Congratulations to you and to the Oregon Progressive Party. Some good old fashioned moral and political COURAGE.

    For curiosity I visited the Greens US Senate candidate. The same Greens that would not run a Gubnutorial candidate because of fear of the spoiler effect.

    She supports Barack OIL-BOMBER.

    Dear God. Only the Democrats (and their friends and allies in the GP) can make that whack job Sarah Palin right (as in correct-grin)

    So how is that hopey-changey thing working for ya?

    Congrats again to the Oregon OP.

  3. your words, my thots ………

    and please do not forget Maine’s Patricia ‘Don’t Vote For Me’ LaMarshe in the looney parade!

    Also, West Coast New Commer in the Corruption Gallery: Nightmare Nightingale, aka Chelene Ward Nightingale. She is a failed actress wanna be, whom, as a Phyllis Shaffley (Eagle Forum) wanna be, spouts motherly morality and defiance of the corrupt main stream.

    What a shame she is so devious that the local election officials had her first campaign ‘red flagged’! And the ditzy broad does not seem to know how many children she has given birth to!

    Actress? two 20th Century MEDIOCRE appearances, one so bad that the producer bought back all available copies. Up right citizen? CONVICTED of fraud!

    Like the Libs, the greenies look good up close,
    but ‘warts aplenty’ upon turning on the spot light

    At least the Libs, after the stupid, stupid ‘No Free Lunch’ era, developed GREAT set of icons.

    The greenies? The Kansas Sunflower proclaims to the world that this is the home of wishie washie, effeminate gardeners.

    Oh, given the histories of California, Oregon, and Maine’s ‘verdant army’ —– may be the limpy, wimpy symbolism is appropriate!

    The (1912) Bull Moose is the icon the Vermont /the Green Mountain Progressives. Their West Coast cousins use the American Elk!

  4. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN August 3, 2010

    Donald Lake

    You may be pleased to hear that the Verdant Party
    (great name BTW) will in all probability loose it’s ballot access in Minnesota and in state after state all over the country this election cycle.

    It is the political price one must pay for the safe states, don’t vote for me, should we run or not debacle and cowardice.

    Onward to build a real, unafraid alternative to the rotten corrupt pro-war two party system.

    Like we really mean it.

  5. In a parallel universe I would be a ‘Mad Man’ warming a stool on lower Manhattan Island gin mill (near Madison Avenue?).

    I would be working on my third martini and second wife —– or my second martini and third wife. I would be a devoted Dem or GOP and not seduced by my under developed hatred of the Establishment Duopoly.

    I did Three Peat B4 Coach Patrick Reilly. Probably with about 400 other smart mouth teen agers. He copy righted it and I wish him well.

    I yelled and screamed AS AN ELEMENTARY STUDENT that ‘big bang’ and ‘black hole’ were totally inappropriate. [Hey Astronomer Hoyle of Britain used the term ‘big bang’ as a snide, snarkie derisive barb —– and died near 2001 still believing in ‘Steady State’. ]

    It wasn’t big and there was no atmosphere to conduct sound waves [a ‘bang’ if you will]. ‘Genesis’ as in Star Trek Movie / clunker #3, is a much more appropriate moniker.

    Rabbit Hole, via Alice and Math Professor Lewis Carrol, trumps ‘black hole’ (and the Queen of Hearts?) especially since a gravity ‘singularity’ could be pure white light ——– IN SIDE! Each mega ‘black hole’ might also include a separate universe.

    Hey, ‘Irish Presence in America’ did you get the birf daze card and campaign endorsement for you at the hospital? Both personal and Citizens For A Better Veterans Home?

    You never wrote back or emailed. Is the romance over ——- at least Tish will be thrilled at the lack of competition.

    You seemed to have so much hope for the future. Having lived thru 1980, 1992, and 1996 I have been sooooooo disappointed since Nov 2008!

    Got any running friends in the American Siberia? [Winter: July 31st, August First!] Ask them about “LSD, Long Slow Distance training, the marathoner’s drug of choice’ ……

    My phrase, &#%$@# ‘Journalist’ and Drake U puke Joe (y) Henderson’s career. Lying, thieving rat! Books taller than his four foot two height, fame, fortune, the first ‘official’ editor of Runners World — every thing but ethics. Musta been a Poly Sci minor!

    send me a better postal address and or email

    [and mean it ——– we obviously, by our behavior, do not. And Opeach Obama? The only change he is connected with is the loose coins in the sofa cushions!]

  6. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN August 3, 2010


    Is our resident crazy person AKA Robert Milnes, PLASma Man hitting the sauce again? Or is it the multiple personality persona guy just tripping on wayyyyyy to much acid?

    Serious minds want to know.


  7. [a] Milnes would know that Don Lake sent you a birth day card at the hospital? [yes, yes, yes, most folks send a get well ………..]

    [b] Bobbie Poo would list Lake’s email?

    [c] On the way to trying to find your addies I came across :

    “Offices to Be Voted on in the 2010 General Election

    The filing period for federal, state, and county offices is Tuesday, May 18 through Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

    The filing period for offices in municipalities and school districts that hold primaries is May 18 through June 1, 2010.
    Municipalities and school districts that do not hold primaries file August 3 through August 17, 2010.
    Contact your clerk for the correct filing period for your municipality or school district.


    No matches found
    (via Don Lake’s search for Michael Cavlan ……..)

    Use of this site and services indicates your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Use
    ©Copyright 2010 , Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State. All Rights Reserved.”

  8. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN August 3, 2010

    Hey Don,

    Looks like the weirdo Robert Milnes is attempting to mail me some of his wacko weirdness.

    Can someone explain to him that since I have no primary challenger (being an independent) that my info will not be on the primary election info site on the MN SOS office?

  9. A Different Green Party Conservative A Different Green Party Conservative August 3, 2010

    Michael Kavlan, the Minnesota version of Robert Milnes, accuses people of being crazy. The Progressive idea of a socalled true progressive victory is even less likely to happen than the PLAS strategy, the Catholic Trotskyist strategy, or the Green Party Conservative strategy.
    i, your nemesis, the “multiple personality guy” originally known as Cathoilc Trotskyist, strongly suspect Michael Kavlan’s involvement in world right-wing control conspiracy, including spilling BP oil into Mexican gulf, the baseball steroid scandal, and other abominations.

  10. A Different Green Party Conservative A Different Green Party Conservative August 3, 2010

    Ralph Nader does not want true progressive victory; he is involved in masterminding the Bush, Wayne Allyn Root and Mark Seidenberg world control conspiracy.
    I am not involved in Don Lake and Robert Milnes’s confusing episode above; I have never and will never send mail to Michael Kavlan.
    And congratulations to the Green Party of Oregon Pacific Green Party, a great force in the true Green Party Conservative movement AKA Catholic Trotskyism.

  11. Don’t know of Milnes, I tend to stay away ……..

    I have been posting stuff at IPR ’bout you today as you have not responded to my private email(s).

  12. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN August 4, 2010


    Please try again. I never recieved them.

    As an aside, I am working on a new press release.

    A nice tasty one


  13. [a] months ago on your private email

    [b] months ago on the card to the H Zone

    [c] You are a personal hero of mine and if I get flippant with you, it is for comic affect, to bring tears of laughter ……….

    [d] when I get flippant with Don Grundmann, Cody Quirk, Nightmare Nightingale, it is to produce liquid of a different sort.

    [e] I admire rank, professions, positions. With your nursing, I admire your expertise. I have only two on going gripes:

    [f] smoking during surgical assist(s), and leaving the butts in side (I can still hear my tummy clinking …………)

    [g] typing with your elbows instead of your fingers (also same with surgical assist[s] )

    [h] apparently you already have Citizens and Lake as endorsees ($15 each —— kidding)

  14. paulie paulie August 6, 2010

    Barack OIL-BOMBER.

    Thanks for the translation 🙂

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