Republican Precinct Chair endorses Libertarian John Jay Myers for Congress

Libertarian Party blog:

John  Jay Myers on red couchTexas Libertarian John Jay Myers is running for U.S. Representative in the 32nd District. A local Republican Party precinct chair endorsed Myers recently, writing this:

As a Republican Precinct Chair, people have asked me why I am not supporting the party’s nominee and incumbent, Pete Sessions.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Sessions voted for the 2008 Wall Street Bailouttwice.
2. Sessions voted for the Patriot Act – twice.
3. Sessions voted for foreign aid  – numerous times.
4. Sessions voted for the second largest expansion of government healthcare.

Visit the Myers campaign website.

And forwarded to IPR by John Jay Myers:

The latest article from The Dallas Libertarian Examiner is below (News)

Republican Precinct Chair endorses Libertarian Myers
By Garry Reed
The good news just keeps coming for John Jay Myers, the Libertarian Party’s choice to wrestle GOP Pete Sessions’ US Congressional seat (Texas District 32) away from him. First it was D Magazine owner and publisher Wick Allison who had so soured on Sessions that he gave Myers a published back-pat and a “Send Money!” shout (and then sent money himself) in July. Then before that month was out distinguished Dallas attorney Eugene J. Flynn, another Sessions supporter, forsook that sinking ship and tipped his hat, and a check, to JJM. Now comes word from the LP candidate that “Prominent Republican Precinct Chair Joel Bailey generously endorses me over Sessions.”

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