Snitker at 3%, Crist at 32% in FL Senate Race

PPP released new polling on the Florida Senate race yesterday. From the pollster’s press release:

Rubio pulls ahead 40-32 if Meek wins tonight.

But Crist’s Democratic support tanks if Meek emerges victorious; Meek would get 17%, with Snitker at 3%, and only 8% undecided. Crist pulls a 48% plurality of Democrats, with a 2:1 lead over Greene’s 24%, Rubio’s 10%, Snitker’s 5%, and 13% undecided. But Meek narrowly edges Crist among Democrats, 39-38, with Rubio at 11%, Snitker at 2%, and only 10% undecided.

Rubio also does slightly better among Republicans with Meek in the race, 69-20 over Crist, versus 64-21 with Greene. Crist leads independents by the same 16-point margin over Rubio regardless of the Democratic choice. In fact, he gets a slim majority or near majority, 50% or 49%.In PPP’s last poll of frequent voters in July, Crist led Rubio 38-29-13 over Greene and 35-29-17 over Meek. But Republicans now have a 44-42 turnout edge in the likely electorate, versus a 40-40 tie in July, while the share of unaffiliateds has decreased from 20% to 14%.

PPP’s last poll of the race had Independent Crist at 35%, Democrat Meek at 17%, Republican Rubio at 29% and Snitker at 4%.

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