Snitker Congratulates, Warns Rubio and Meek

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As expected, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio has apparently won in a landslide over a handful of lesser know GOP challengers, while Democrat Kendrick Meek prevailed in a relatively close battle with billionaire Jeff Greene.

In addition to congratulations, Snitker also was quick to issue a challenge to his competition. “I look forward to open debates between me, Rubio, Meek and Crist,” said Snitker. “You’ve enjoyed the luxury of avoiding me during your primary battles; however, all bets are now off. Gentlemen, this is now officially a four-way race, and I am in it to win.”

The outspoken Libertarian says that he is the true tea party candidate, and has accused Rubio being “afraid” to debate him on the issues. In a recent press release, the Snitker campaign accused Rubio of cancelling several speaking engagements after learning that Snitker would also be there, most recently on August 21st at the U.S. Constitution Freedom Rally in Fort Walton Beach.

While many pundits continue to call Florida’s Senate race a three-way contest, Snitker has been busy pulling votes from all three of the better known candidates. Snitker has only received a fraction of the media coverage of the major party Senate hopefuls, but his poll numbers may turn out to be a big factor in the November 2nd general election.

Snitker is showing support at 3-5% depending on the poll. According to a poll released today by Public Policy Polling, Snitker is in a statistical dead heat with Kendrick Meek among 18-29 year old voters.

What most surprising is that he has achieved this with a war chest of only $35,000, compared to the millions of dollars spent by his rivals.

“This is a race between three career politicians who are tainted with corruption, and a one regular man who will uphold and defend the Constitution,” said Adrian Wyllie, Snitker’s media director. “Alex believes that it is our duty to restore or Republic to what our Founders envisioned.”

Snitker is considered by many to be the most consistent Constitutional conservative in the race. But he also enjoys considerable Democrat support due to his non-interventionist foreign policy and belief that the federal government should stay out of the personal lives of individuals.


2 thoughts on “Snitker Congratulates, Warns Rubio and Meek

  1. Pat

    Considering Snitker and his boss right-wing kook John Wayne Smith are Greer machine plants who’ve led the GOP takeover of the Florida LP what a laugh IMHO

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