Socialist Party on Ballot in Vermont for First Time Since 1952

Ballot Access News:

The Socialist Party has petitioned onto the Vermont ballot this year. It is the first time since 1952 that the Socialist Party has appeared on the Vermont ballot. The seven statewide nominees each needed 500 signatures, and they gathered them successfully.

This year’s Socialist Party nominees in Vermont are also the nominees of the Liberty Union Party. They will appear on the November ballot with their names, followed by “Liberty Union/Socialist.” The voters will not be able to choose which party label to support.

Various Socialist Party presidential nominees have appeared on the Vermont ballot in recent years, but in each case it is because the Liberty Union Party, a ballot-qualified party since the 1970′s, nominated them. These past Socialist Party presidential nominees in Vermont only had the ballot label “Liberty Union.”

Although many people commonly refer to Vermont’s U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders as a socialist, his ballot label, in all the years in which he was elected, has been “independent.”

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