Tom Clements Focusing on Demint as Threats Emerge on the Left

The staff of The State, a South Carolina newspaper, recently spoke with Green US Senate candidate Tom Clements. From the article:

“I do intend to focus on DeMint,” Clements said. “But I think it’s incumbent upon Alvin to present his positions and his views, and I will address them as necessary.

“I’m not leveling my gun at Alvin, as much as Mr. DeMint. But if Alvin comes out fighting on the issues,” Clements said, “then we’ll engage him. But I’m aimed at DeMint and trying to get him back to South Carolina to talk to the people of the state.”

Clements’ criticism of Demint focuses on his national presence in support of ‘radical’ candidates. He sees this as the Republican Senator ignoring his own constituents’ needs in South Carolina. However, even Clements has acknowledged that he hopes Democratic dissatisfaction will give him a boost in the polls. He recently secured the endorsement of the local AFL-CIO, which normally goes to the Democratic candidate. However, he may have received a setback with an upcoming write-in candidacy.

Dr. Mazie Ferguson of Sumter announced her run as a write-in Democratic candidate at the State House Monday. Ferguson, an inactive attorney, says her focus is on the poor and middle class, jobs and education.

Could this fracture some of Clements’ Democratic vote? It all depends how vigorously Ferguson plans to campaign and how much money she can gather in her bid. For the moment, it appears Clements must keep looking out both ways on the political spectrum.

16 thoughts on “Tom Clements Focusing on Demint as Threats Emerge on the Left

  1. Robert Milnes

    Losers, Losers,
    Dime a dozen losers.
    Readin & writin & rithmetic,
    Don’t seem to matter so aint worth dick.
    You’re gonna lose, so no boo hoos,
    & pass the lube!

  2. clay

    I’m not much of a fan of write-ins. To me, write-ins are usually candidates that either have failed to plan, or began the campaign late, or have egos to massage. Write-ins only are worth voting for in a race where due to a technicality or a legal the candidate that would have best representated the vast majority of the constituants has been removed from the ballot. But even then I’m not really a believer in doing this. Why doesn’t she just campaign for Greene or Clements? Of course there’s the possibility that she’s reached out to other campaigns and things haven’t gone so well. I once tried to join a Green Party campaign. Their ultimatum was that I come to all their vegetarian pot lucks. I don’t cook. Things didn’t work out as well as they could have.

  3. NewFederalist

    Wow! Quite the lyrics, Bob. Set that to music and make enough money to fund PLAS!

  4. Robert Milnes

    NF, the first is based on music I recall from childhood.
    School days, school days
    Rotten, rotten school days. etc.
    I don’t even remember all the lyrics.
    The second is from the old Nestles commercial.
    So copyrights probably already exist.
    No funding for PLAS.

  5. Robert Milnes

    Second verse-different from the first!

    Good Losers, Good Losers.
    Good old fashioned losers!
    Readin & ritin & rithmetic,
    3 Rs & practice makes perfect!
    Youre gonna lose, so might as well snooze!
    But first, pass the lube!

  6. tim

    Hey Clay, I know what you mean about the eccentricities of the Green Party, but Tom Clements is like the first real GP candidate I have seen, if he get’s elected maybe we can get the Green Party out of the Unitarian Church basement and feed them some meat.

  7. '..... tim, just look at the icon ' [Lake]

    Even in Kansas, the sun flower has nothing to do with vitality and virility!

    Item: I personally have been pitching the 21st Century Three Bladed Electricity Generated Wind Mill as the newest Peace Sign since 1991. The silence has been deafening!

    2012 is the centennial of the Bull Moose / Teddy Bear / Theodore Roosevelt effort. He is not the perfect 21st Century any thing, but (staring down from Mount Rushmore) he is a positive well known symbol. The sun flowered, effeminate gardeners of the USA , again the silence is deafening.

    They contacted me in 2005 about creating ‘working groups’ on abused veterans. Again, after my group did the heavy lifting, the lack of testosterone was ……….

  8. '..... tim, just look at the candidate (Jill Stein) ' [Lake]

    “Please join me TODAY in a major step MA citizens are taking to put a clean money candidate in the Governor’s office. We’re calling this effort “Democracy Days” – a series of one-day fundraising drives where many people join together in making small contributions that add up to a tidal wave of change. ”

    “Here’s all you do: Give $10, then tell 10 friends – by forwarding this email – and we’ll be on our way to a healthy, vibrant democracy that works for all of us.”

    “You made it clear that you wanted a voice in these critical debates over our future, and a choice for real change on November 2nd. You collected over 10,000 signatures that put us on the ballot.”

    “Now, a group of people just like you have organized a campaign to find 10,000 people by mid-September willing to contribute $10 or more to my campaign to help secure $125,000 in state matching funds. This would dramatically shift the public dialogue and infuse the debates with urgently needed solutions for our economy,”

    Tim, RedPhillips: Official Verbiage, Party Planks, Partisan Platforms (regurgitated cow poop!)

    The more viable ‘back story’! Race Director and large part of the Green staff is DEMOCRATS! Opeach Obama retreds by the ton! Obama my Yokohoma Momma!

    And folks whom send out third grade level promotionals! Don’t even know the day of the week or the day of the month!

  9. A Different Green Party Conservative

    In other Green Party news, we must say R.I.P. to the great future reen Party politician, Ted Stevens. I heard recently from the fourth grade teacher of a second cousin of a brother-in-law of a friend of a friend of Ted Stevens, and she said that Ted Stevens was thinking of endorsing Tom Clemments and coming to South Carolina to campaign for him; he was also in negotiations with Alven Greene to do a television appearance which would be a computer/Internet ligteracy contest.
    Ted Stevens was also thinking of seeking the Green Party presidential nomination in 2012, and offering the vice-presidential position to NewFederalist.

    So, RIP Ted Stevens, the greatest Green Party Conservative president we never had.

  10. Robert Milnes

    Greens should know-I contacted Greens & GP long ago & very recently about PLAS. Very little response. Same with libs & LP.
    Gravel/Ruwart may very well have come close to winning-if not squeak out a slim win. IF the fusion nature of that ticket was maximized.
    In retrospect in the very least it would have resonated SOMETHING in America.
    I wish the fool LP delegates hadn’t kicked the cool old guy to the curb. But rightists will do that.
    My hope that 2010 PLAS victories would set the stage for an Inclusive Progressive Movement & Progressive Party Centennial victory are fading.
    As the LP & GP waste time.
    Oh well…

  11. Mike Theodore

    I’m so confused. If we’re all losers, what has Bob Milnes done to make us feel like we’re not doing enough? Can’t wait for his campaign to show us how to win a race.

    But I am impressed with the AFL-CIO endorsement, though.

  12. Robert Milnes

    Mike, sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.
    That is a catch 22.
    I can’t be expected to do what Teddy Roosevelt failed to do with VERY little support.
    In 2008, 35 million went to Ron Paul, not me, OK?
    Let’s see some willingness to try & some support. Then see what I can do. Fair?

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