Vermont Progressive Party Chair withdraws from Governor’s Race

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Martha Abbott, the Progressive Party nominee for Governor, has declined the nomination, explaining that Progressives have decided not to run in the Governor’s race this year.

Dubie is a pale copy of Jim Douglas, likely to continue 95% of the Douglas policies with 95% of the Douglas advisors.

We need a new approach. The Douglas/Dubie administration had a pitiful record on job creation, much as they liked to give the impression that they were strong on that issue. We need some economic stimulus: building housing, building roads, building solar farms and windmill farms and biomass generating facilities. Our farmers can grow the biomass crops; we can bring back some manufacturing jobs to build the renewable energy facilities, and we can emerge with a whole new economy based on producing renewable energy components for the rest of the country once they wake up and realize the folly and the impossible costs of coal and oil and nuclear.

Despite the lack of cooperation by Democrats in 2008, when Gaye Symington entered the Governor’s race months after Anthony Pollina was already running, we feel it is important to do everything we can to ensure that Dubie is not elected. I am looking forward instead to spending the next four months working for Progressives running across the state for House and Senate seats.

August 27, 2010, WPTZ

MONTPELIER, Vt — The Vermont Progressive Party’s gubernatorial candidate says she won’t run and instead wants to focus on defeating the GOP nominee.

Martha Abbott, of Underhill, who won the nomination in Tuesday’s primary election, said Friday that Progressives have decided not to run in the general election campaign for governor this year.

Abbott says the party will instead do all it can to defeat Republican nominee Brian Dubie.

The Democratic nominee was still uncertain Friday after Tuesday’s primary election failed to produce a clear winner.

Jim Douglas seems like a nice guy. He remembers everyone’s name and often something about our individual story. But his economic policies have driven Vermont into a ditch. I’m sure he believes that if you give Entergy and IBM and other multinational companies what they want, it will benefit all of us in the long run. But, it hasn’t. The vast majority of new “jobs, jobs, jobs” come from small startups, not from big business.

I’m sure he believed that laying off 800 state employees and cutting programs was the right choice. But it wasn’t. Those 800 additional families on unemployment means the economy gets worse, those paychecks don’t go to pay bills in local communities any more, and 800 new families need unemployment and other benefits. We just keep digging the hole bigger and bigger.

So we need a new approach. And unfortunately, Brian Dubie, who is also a nice guy, is a pale copy of Jim Douglas, likely to continue 95 percent of the Douglas policies with 95 percent of the Douglas administration and advisors.

4 thoughts on “Vermont Progressive Party Chair withdraws from Governor’s Race

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Very wise decision by Vermont Progressives.
    I wonder if they read any of my comments, and that encouraged them to do this?

  2. Deran

    And thus the VT Progressive Party drops into the Democrats category, with Working Families, etc. Bye-bye.

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