West Virginia Constitution Party Submits Petition to be in U.S. Senate Race

Ballot Access News:

August 23 is the deadline for petitions for independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, for U.S. Senate in West Virginia. The only candidate who attempted to qualify by petition is Jeff Becker of the Constitution Party. It will be several weeks before the state can check the petition to see if he has the required 1,756 valid signatures.

If Becker’s petition succeeds, there will be four candidates on the November 2010 ballot for U.S. Senate. The three ballot- qualified parties have nominees that are being chosen in the August 24 special primary. Those three parties are Democratic, Mountain, and Republican. The Mountain Party is an affiliate of the Green Party.

In other Mountain Party news, the party lost one of its four candidates for the legislature. At the regularly-scheduled May 11, 2010 primary, Robert Bryan Mills was on the Mountain Party primary ballot for House of Delegates, 51st district. He received zero votes in the primary. The Secretary of State has ruled that candidates cannot be deemed nominated, even if they were unopposed, unless they get at least one vote. Mills would have voted for himself but on primary election day, he had car trouble and couldn’t get to the polls. He lives in a rural area.

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